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									  Quality Management Plans (QMPs)
Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs)

            Danny France and Greg Noah
               EPA Region 4, SESD
                 December 6, 2006
               The Quality System

   A quality system is the sum total of the policies
    and procedures that are developed and
    implemented to ensure that quality is built into
    programs and work products. Thus a quality
    system covers both policy and process.
   This includes the Quality Management Plan and
    the Quality Assurance Project Plan.
What is a Quality Management Plan?
“A quality management plan (QMP) documents
how an organization structures its quality system
and describes its quality policies and procedures,
criteria for and areas of application, and roles,
responsibilities, and authorities. It also describes
an organization’s policies and procedures for
implementing and assessing the effectiveness of
the quality system”.
What is a Quality Assurance Project Plan?

   A QAPP is a planning document for
   environmental data collection that describes the
   necessary quality assurance and quality control
   activities that must be implemented to ensure
   that the results of the study or investigation will
   be adequate to meet the established
   performance criteria.
    What’s the Difference Between a QMP
                and QAPP??

   A QMP documents the organizations structure and
    overall quality system as it relates to their
    environmental program.
   A QAPP is a project-specific document that details
    the project management, data acquisition,
    assessment/oversight and data
    verification/validation/review activities for an
    environmental project only.
                 In Other Words…

   “The QMP may be viewed as the ‘umbrella’
    document under which individual projects are
    conducted. The QMP is then supported by
    project-specific QAPPs. The QAPP is the
    ‘blueprint’ by which individual projects involving
    environmental data collection are implemented
    and assessed and how specific quality assurance
    (QA) and quality control (QC) activities will be
    applied during a particular project”.
Are QMPs and QAPPs Good Forever??
                        Yes and No…
An EPA approved QMP is good for 5 years.
When the five years are up, the grantee or consultant must
resubmit a QMP for a new round of review and approval
by EPA.

An EPA approved QAPP is good forever!! Unless…
If the project changes, (DQOs, design, data validation process, etc)
a revision reflecting the changes must be submitted to EPA for
     QAPPs and QMPs Are Required
EPA Requirements for Quality Management Plans –
EPA QA/R-2 (March 2001).
Requirement Document: USEPA Requirements for
Quality Assurance Project Plans for Environmental
Data Operations EPA QA/R-5 (EPA/250/B-01/003 –
March 2001)
Guidance Document: USEPA Guidance on Quality
Assurance Project Plans, EPA QA/G-5 (EPA/240/R-
02/009 – December 2002)
Guidance Document: USEPA Guidance on the
Systematic Planning Process using the Data Quality
Objectives Process EPA QA/G-4 (EPA/240/B-06/001
– February 2006)
    Executive Order 5360.1 A2, May 5, 2000
   Agency policy requires participation in an Agency-
    wide Quality System

   It is EPA policy that all environmental programs
    performed by EPA or directly for EPA through
    EPA-funded extramural agreements shall be
    supported by individual quality systems that
    comply fully with the American National Standard
    ANSI/ASQC E4-1994, Specifications and
    Guidelines for Quality Systems for Environmental
    Data Collection and Environmental Technology
              The OAQPS Stance
In 2000, the Region was under the impression that the
gaseous pollutants (O3, SO2, CO, NO) would be
grandfathered into the Quality System, and no new
QAPPs covering these activities would be required.
OAQPS was audited by headquarters, and was told
that agencies (state, local and tribal) that receive
funding directly from EPA to operate gaseous
pollutant monitoring programs DO REQUIRE
         What Does This Mean?

Agencies receiving EPA grants for monitoring
programs must have Quality Assurance Project
Plans for each type of monitoring that they
          QAPP Status in Region 4

SESD informed the agencies in spring of last year of
this requirement
SESD has assisted in this effort and sent out a
template for the gaseous pollutants QAPP
Contact Jerry Burger for the template.
We presently have 7 out of 24 back
              Closing Remarks

Agencies that have not submitted a QAPP for
approval are overdue and need to be submitted by
February 1, 2007.

   QA Section Chief                  QAPPs
   Marilyn Maycock                 Jerry Burger
    Region 4, SESD               Region 4, SESD
      706-355-8553                 706-355-8739

                    Todd Rinck
                 Region 4, APTMD

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