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									                            Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association (EPA)
                         Research and Professional Development Committee
                    Pharmacists training/continuing education (CE) need assessment

Pharmacists are expected to meet certain patient’s requirements of safe and effective health care as
well as the use of the latest evidence-based approaches to deliver such care. In this context,
pharmacists should stay competent throughout their career and to update their knowledge and skill to
be able to meet the new responsibilities occurring naturally in their profession through training/CE.
This survey is conducted by EPA/RPD committee with major objective of determining training/CE
needs and preferences of pharmacists practicing in Ethiopia.
Please be honest in filling this questionnaire, as the results of this study can be used as a basis for
further developing and studying the training/CE needs of pharmacists by EPA/RPD. Your
confidentiality will be protected as your name and other identifying information will not be recorded
on the survey form, and any information collected in this study will be kept in a locked file and will
be available only to the research staff involved. If you have any questions about the study, you can
call Mr. Kebede Abera (Mobile: 0911693375, e-mail:, RPD committee
secretary or Mr. Asmamaw Sileshi (Mobile: 0911-449065, Office Tele: 0114667621), EPA project
   I) Demographics and practice patterns
   1. Gender         a. Male                        b. Female
   2. What is your age? ---------------- years
   3. Where is the country of your pharmacy first degree graduation?
            a. Ethiopia                   b. Other, specify--------------------
   4. Type of University/College from which you get your first degree in pharmacy?
            a. Public/Governmental University/College
            b. Private College/University
            c. Other, specify--------------------------------
   5. Year of graduation of first degree in pharmacy? ______GC or _______EC
   6. What is your highest level of education completed?
            a. BPharm/ BSc                          d. PhD
            b. MSc/MPharm                           e. Other, specify----------------
            c. PharmD
   7. Are you registered /licensed/ pharmacist?               A. Yes            B. No
   8. In which region do you currently practice? ---------------------------------------------
   9. What is your area of current practice?
            a. Private hospital pharmacy                                 g. Regulatory institution
            b. Public hospital pharmacy                                  h. Pharmaceutical distributor
            c. Public retail pharmacy                                    i. Industry
            d. Private retail pharmacy                                   j. Drug procurement/supply agency
            e. Public primary care facility (health centre)              k. NGO
            f. Tertiary education institution/research institute         l. Other, specify………………
   10. Years at current practice--------------------------------years --------------months
   11. Total years of pharmacy practice------------------------years---------------months
   12. Are you working in full or part time basis? A. Full time B. Part time
   13. How many hours per week do you practice in your current organization? ----------- hrs.

14. What is your primary position in your current organization?
         a. Dispenser                            e. Production pharmacist
         b. Head pharmacist                         f. Lecturer, professor or researcher
         c. Medical Store head                    g. Clinical pharmacist
         d. Sales/medical representative          h. Other, specify-------------------------------
15. Are you a member of Ethiopian pharmaceutical association (EPA)? A. Yes B. No

      If your answer is no to question # 15, why you didn’t become a member of EPA?

II) Trainings/CE views, attitudes and needs
16. Have you ever attended trainings/CE or seminars on pharmacy-related topics?
         a. Yes                B. No
    If your answer is yes to # 16, how did you be communicated about the availability of trainings/CE by
    the organizer(s)?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      If your answer is no to # 16, please skip to question # 20.

17. When was the last time you attended pharmacy-related trainings/CE?

      a) < 3 months ago                 c. 6-12 months ago
      b) 3-6 months ago                 d. More than one year ago

18. Was the training/CE organized by one or more of the following agencies? (Circle all that apply)

      a) Federal Ministry of Health                                 e) Regional Health Bureaus
      b) DACA/FMHACA                                                f) Local Universities
      c) EPA                                                        g) Others, specify ___________________
      d) Non-Governmental Organizations
19.   Does trainings/CE you participated in affect the way you practice? A. Yes B. No
      If your answer is yes, please tell us how? ---------------------------------------------------------------
20.   Do you like in the future to take trainings/CE in your area of practice? A. Yes B. No
21.   Would you be willing to pay trainings/CE fees that meet your need if organized by EPA?
          a. Yes                 B. No                  C. Not sure
22.   What value your employer places on your participation on CE/Trainings?
           a. High               B. Less                 C. Not sure

23. I support the idea of establishing continuing education program as a requirement for health
    professional license renewal.

      a) Strongly Agree         b) Agree c) No Opinion d) Disagree e) Strongly Disagree

24. What is your preferred mode of delivery for training/CE? (check all that apply)
          a. Live in person presentations (lectures, role play, etc)
          b. DVD/VIDEO/audio/ E-learning/CD ROM
          c. Live video conference presentations
          d. Hands on workshops and with small group discussions
          e. Web/internet based learning
          f. Print-based study or correspondence programs
          g. Others, specify----------
25. What prevents (or has prevented) you from attending live trainings/CE? (Check all that apply)
          a. Cost                                h. Easier to receive electronic/printed materials
          b. Family commitments                  i. Coinciding with other (sports, ...) activities
          c. Registration requirements           j. Lack of time
          d. Interest in the topic                k. Too specialized approach of subjects
          e. Distance to travel                  l. Reluctance to make the trip to the training sites
          f. Work responsibilities               m. Other, specify--------------------------------
          g. Communication gap
26. What factors affect your decision to attend training/CE? (Check all that apply)
        a. Relevance to current work priorities                    i. Keeping up professional ethics
        b. Access/locality                                         j. Learning is pleasant
        c. Keeping in touch with colleagues                        k. Perceived need
        d. To gather practical knowledge                            l. Cost
        e. To Keep scientific knowledge up to standard m. Job satisfaction
        f. Curiosity about new scientific information               n. To meet current patient need
        g. Receiving product information                             o. Other, specify………
        h. Availability of time
27. Which days of the week do you prefer for training/CE schedules?
          a. Working days
          b. Weekends
          c. Any days of the week
          d. Other, specify-----------------------------------------
28. What is your most preferable duration of training/CE?
          a. < 1 day                    d. 5-7 days
          b. 1-2 days                   e. > 7 days
          c. 3-4 days
29. Please rank trainings/CE that covers the following topics you would like to receive according to your
    needs, on a scale of 1 to 5. (Where 1= most needed; 5 = least needed)
        a. Drug Supply management----                                    L. Immunization ----
        b. HIV/ AIDS /ART----                                            M. Pharmacoeconomics----
        c. Family planning ----                                          N. Regulatory affairs----
        d. Rational use of drugs ----                                    O. Substance abuse----
        e. Pharmaceutical care ----                                      P. Nutritional support
        f. Chronic disease management----                                Q. Public health----
        g. AMR----                                                       R. Pharmacovigilance/ADRs----
        h. Drug Information Services----                                 S. Promotion & advertisement----
        i. Poison prevention / management ----                           T. Communication skills ----
        j. Ethics and law in practice ----                                U. Pharmacy management ----
        k. Drug formulation and compounding----

30. Please rank trainings/CE that covers the following diseases you would like to receive according to
     your needs, on a scale of 1 to 5. (Where 1= most needed; 5 = least needed)
          a. Tuberculosis ______                          h. Diabetes ______
          b. Malaria      ______                          i. Hypertension______
          c. Reproductive and child health ______         j. Cardiovascular diseases______
          d. Asthma/COPD ______                           k. ENT and Ophthalmic diseases _____
          e. HIV/AIDS______                                l. Common Psychiatric illness______
          f. Common cancers ______                        m. other, specify----------------------------
          g. Hepatitis A/B/C______
III) Computer Access and Knowledge
31. Do you have IT access at work?              A. Yes          B. No
32. How much you are confident in relation to using computers and software packages?
          a. Very confident
          b. Quite confident
          c. Neither/nor
          d. Not very confident
          e. Not at all confident
33. Are you aware of Ethiopian pharmaceutical Association website? A. Yes                 B. No


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