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									  A short tAlk on Generic Medicines
           And Generic druG Products
The mainstream market these days are filled with generic medicines and drugs. There
are gazillions of men and women out there who use them and spend tons over them.
This is because, you get them over the counter easily and they don’t rip your wallets
as well. This is why Generic Drugs have gained popularity these days like never
before. But with so much popularity about these drugs, wouldn’t they be questions
about its authenticity in the consumer’s minds? Yes, they would and that’s why today
we would like to answer some of them for you, so please read on and be well informed
for the same.

What are generic medicines and drugs?

They are known to be replicas of branded medicines, and the only difference here is
that they have no brand names attached to them. Such medicines are cheap to
obtain and when the patent is over for the original company, the FDA can be contacted
by the Generic Medicine manufacturer to make that certain medicine or drug. The
manufacturer doesn’t need to invest money at all, and he only has to make a replica
of the same with the help of the same ingredients and formula as the branded

Why are generic medicines so cheap?

Since they don’t need investment and they don’t need much technology or research to
make them, money saved for you. Moreover, the manufacturer doesn’t need to patent
the drug, since the earlier company’s patent has already expired. Hence the cost
which is saved is low and you get to buy the medicine for cheap.

Is it safe to use Generic Medicines?

Yes, completely but speak to your doctor first and then consume them. Your doctor
would be the best judge for you, he would tell you what to take for which ailment and
also how many doses as well. You can even ask the doctor if the drug would result in
any side effects or not, and the doctor will inform you about the same. The ingredients
used by the generic drug manufacturer would be clinically tested and approved as
well, much like how it was with the branded versions.

In conclusion

Thanks to technology, using Generic drugs is now for real and you can sit at home and
order them online. There are many reputed online pharmacies that help you obtain
the drugs you need, and you can also choose to go to a brick and mortar outlet to do
the same.

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