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									                                 Dry Greening LLC

                       For more information or to arrange an interview,
           please call Kim Manning at Taylor Johnson & Olesker: (312) 267-4527

DESCRIPTION:       The Dry Greening™ reusable dry cleaning bag offers consumers and the
                   dry cleaning industry an environmentally safe, convenient, and cost-
                   effective solution to eliminate the billions of single-use plastic bags
                   currently used for dry cleaning throughout the world.

                   A dual-purpose water-repellant bag, Dry Greening™ allows consumers to
                   easily transport soiled garments to the dry cleaners when the bag is in the
                   tote position. Unfold the sides of the Dry Greening™ bag and it turns from
                   a tote to a garment bag. Dry cleaners can place clean garments into the
                   Dry Greening™ bag allowing customers to take clothes home without
                   plastic bags. It is also the only reusable dry cleaning bag on the market
                   where clean and dirty clothes don't touch the same side of the bag.

                   Dry Greening’s™ non-woven polypropylene design is made of 100
                   percent recycled content.

SIZE/CAPACITY:     In the tote position, the bag is 24”W x 20” L x 5”D. In the garment bag
                   position, the size is 24”W x 40”L x 5”D. The clear identification pocket is
                   5½" W x 6½" L.

                   The Dry Greening™ bag can carry up to 45 lbs when used as a tote. As a
                   garment bag, Dry Greening can easily hold three suits or 12 standard-
                   sized shirts or pairs of pants.

MAINTENANCE:       It is recommended that the bag be cleaned with antibacterial wipes or
                   spot-cleaned with a wet cloth. It can be machine-washed occasionally in
                   cold water. No drying necessary. The bag is 100 percent recyclable at the
                   end of its lifespan.

BEGAN:             December 2008

PRICES:            Suggested retail price is $9.99 per bag. For custom orders over 10 bags,
                   please contact sales@drygreening.com.

HISTORY:           Dry Greening™ was founded by Ann Foley, an eco-conscious stay-at-
                   home mom who wanted to protect not only the environment, but also
                   children’s safety from the hazards of plastic bags.

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RECOGNITION:   The Dry Greening™ bag will be featured as the “swag bag” in the Gifting
               Lounge of the 10th Annual Billboard Magazine/Children Uniting Nations
               Oscar Viewing Party and Oscar After-Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in
               Los Angeles on Feb. 22.

INFORMATION:   Call 630.660.6168 or visit www.drygreening.com

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