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									APWH Ch. 20-22 Test Review
Ch. 20
1. In the late 1200s, Marco Polo         7. Hugh Capet was crowned King of           12. Which of the following factors did
   visited the court of                     France in 987                                not help explain the increased
   A. Khubilai Khan                         A. And immediately turned                    agricultural production of the High
   B. Chaghatai Khan                            France into a powerful,                  Middle Ages?
   C. Chinggis Khan                             centralized state                        A. The expansion of arable land
   D. Hung Wu                               B. And was immediately                       B. Government financial
                                                excommunicated by Pope                       support
2. In 962 C.E., Pope John XII                   Gregory VII                              C. The use of new tools
   presented the imperial crown to          C. And was eventually                        D. The introduction of new crops
   A. Charlemagne                               overthrown by the Holy
   B. Hugh Capet                                Roman emperor                        13. By the year 1300, the population
   C. Otto of Saxony                        D. But it took centuries for the             of Europe had risen to around
   D. William of Normandy                       French kings to build a                  A. 24 million
                                                powerful, centralized state              B. 47 million
3. In the High Middle Ages, the state                                                    C. 79 million
   that seemed to have the most          8. Which of the following states                D. 92 million
   potential to re-create centralized,      developed the most centralized
   imperial rule was                        political structure in its early         14. The High Middle Ages witnessed
   A. France                                stages?                                      A. A resurgence of
   B. Spain                                 A. England                                      urbanization
   C. The Holy Roman Empire                 B. France                                    B. A decline in urbanization
   D. England                               C. Holy Roman Empire                         C. A marked decline in trade
                                            D. Italy                                     D. A strengthening of noble
4. The single biggest obstacle to the                                                       feudal control in the
   rise of a powerful Holy Roman         9. In 1066, William of Normandy                    countryside
   Empire was                               conquered
   A. Continual invasions by the            A. England                               15. The revival of urban society was
        French                              B. France                                    most pronounced in
   B. The reoccurring appearance of         C. Italy                                     A. England
        epidemic diseases                   D. Spain                                     B. Italy
   C. Occasional invasions from the                                                      C. France
        Huns                             10. In Italy, the political structure was       D. Spain
   D. An ongoing conflict with the           marked by
        papacy                               A. A tightly centralized                16. The Hanseatic League was a
                                                  government                             trading network that operated in
5. The quip that the Holy Roman              B. A series of city-states and              A. The North Sea and Baltic
   Empire was, "neither holy, nor                 principalities                             Sea
   Roman, nor an empire," is                 C. Consolidated rule by the popes           B. The Indian Ocean
   attributed to                             D. Unification imposed from the             C. The Mediterranean Sea and
   A. Voltaire                                    outside by the Holy Roman                  Black Sea
   B. Pope Gregory VII                            Empire                                 D. The Atlantic Ocean
   C. William of Normandy
   D. Hugh Capet                         11. The re-conquest of land from the        17. The phrase usually associated with
                                             Muslims occurred in                         the medieval social structure is
6. In 987, the French nobles chose           A. Italy                                    A. "Those who fight and those
   which of the following men as             B. Sicily                                       who work."
   their king?                               C. The Iberian peninsula                    B. "Those who pray, those who
   A. William of Normandy                    D. The Byzantine Empire                         fight, and those who work."
   B. Frederick Barbarossa                                                               C. "Every man united in god and
   C. Hugh Capet                                                                             king."
   D. Henry IV                                                                           D. "King as father of the
18. The guilds of the High Middle       24. The Waldensians                      31. Pope Urban II
    Ages                                    A. Were the most important of            A. Led the fight against the
    A. Were exclusively male                   the crusading orders during              Albigensian heresy
    B. Were designed to fight for              the first crusade                     B. Excommunicated Henry IV
       better wages from the factory        B. Advocated modest and                  C. Launched the crusades in
       owners                                  simple lives                             1095
    C. Almost always admitted               C. Stressed the primacy of the           D. Was forced to step down after
       women as members                        Roman Catholic clergy                    a confrontation with Henry IV
    D. Were designed to fight against       D. Sailed to Newfoundland under
       the increasing materialism of           the direction of Leif Ericsson    32. The only crusade that recaptured
       the age                                                                       Jerusalem was the
                                        25. Newfoundland was discovered              A. First crusade
19. Central to the philosophy of the        around the year 1000 C.E. by the         B. Second crusade
    High Middle Ages was the                Scandinavian seafarer                    C. Third crusade
    rediscovery of                          A. Leif Ericsson                         D. Fourth crusade
    A. Socrates                             B. Robert Guiscard
    B. Hippocrates                          C. Eric the Red                      33. Jerusalem was captured in 1187 by
    C. Virgil                               D. Harold Hardrada                       A. Richard the Lion-Hearted
    D. Aristotle                                                                     B. Saladin
                                        26. The reconquista occurred in              C. Frederick Barbarossa
20. St. Thomas Aquinas                      A. Italy                                 D. Peter the Hermit
    A. Stressed the importance of an        B. Spain
        emotional, unquestioning            C. Holy Roman Empire                 34. Which of the following was NOT
        devotion to God                     D. England                               a consequence of the fourth
    B. Founded the Dominicans                                                        crusade?
    C. Believed that it was possible    27. Which of the following was not a         A. The establishment of a Roman
        to prove rationally that God        crusading order?                             Catholic regime in
        exists                              A. Templars                                  Constantinople
    D. Looked to the Cathars for            B. Franciscans                           B. A new spirit of cooperation
        inspiration                         C. Hospitallers                              between Constantinople and
                                            D. Teutonic Knights                          western Europe
21. During the High Middle Ages, the                                                 C. The sacking of Constantinople
    most popular saint was              28. During the eleventh century,             D. The beginning of a long period
    A. St. Peter                            which of the following locations             of decline for Constantinople
    B. St. Dominic                          was captured from Muslims?
    C. St. Francis                          A. Sicily                            35. Which of the following fell to the
    D. The Virgin Mary                      B. Holy Roman Empire                     Turks in 1144?
                                            C. North Africa                          A. Constantinople
22. The Dominicans and Franciscans          D. England                               B. Jerusalem
    A. Were openly criticized during                                                 C. Edessa
       the High Middle Ages because     29. The last surviving Islamic outpost       D. Palestine
       of their vast wealth                 in Spain was
    B. Were dangerous heresies              A. Castille                          36. The Crusades
       during the High Middle Ages          B. Aragon                                A. Stopped all trade between the
    C. Attacked materialism and             C. Granada                                  eastern and western
       would allow no personal              D. Portugal                                 Mediterranean because of the
       possessions                                                                      constant warfare
    D. Played a key role in financing   30. The first attempt, in response to        B. Had virtually no impact on
       the crusades                         Pope Urban II's appeal for a                trade whatsoever
                                            crusade, came from                       C. Increased trade between the
23. Who founded the orders of               A. Saladin                                  eastern and western
    mendicants?                             B. Frederick Barbarossa                     Mediterranean
    A. Gregory VII and St. Francis          C. Richard the Lion-Hearted              D. Led to a slight decline in trade
    B. William of Normandy                  D. Peter the Hermit                         in the Mediterranean
    C. St. Dominic
    D. St. Francis and St. Dominic
Ch. 21
1. Teotihuacan was                     7. The word Aztlán means                 13. Rulers among the Mexica were
   A. The greatest Toltec king            A.     "The place of the seven            chosen by
   B. The largest early                          legendary caves."                  A. Trials of combat
       Mesoamerican city                  B.     "The great feathered-              B. Matrilineal descent
   C. The Aztec god of the dead                  serpent."                          C. A council made up of the
   D. The Inca goddess of fertility       C.     "The hungry ghosts."                  most successful warriors
                                          D.     "The sun god."                     D. Land ownership
2. Bernal D'az del Castillo was
   A. The conquistador who             8. The capital of the Aztec empire       14. Women in Aztec society
      defeated the Inca                   was                                       A. Played a much more important
   B. The founder of the Jesuits          A. Tula                                      role than in Inca society
   C. A Spanish missionary who            B. Teotihuacan                            B. Played almost no public role
      made his way to India               C. Cuzco                                  C. Determined the identity of the
   D. The Spanish solider who left        D. Tenochtitlan                              emperor
      detailed records of the                                                       D. Played a dominant role
      Aztecs                           9. The chinampa system refers to
                                          A. The process by which the           15. The primary role of women in
3. The most important city of the            Aztecs determined the victims          Mexica society
   Toltecs was                               for ritualistic sacrifice              A. Was to serve as attendants in
   A. Tula                                B. The Aztec practice of                     temples dedicated to the
   B. Teotihuacan                            dredging fertile muck from                warrior cult
   C. Cuzco                                  the lake's bottom                      B. Was to serve as priestesses in
   D. Cahokia                             C. The core of the Inca imperial             the mysterious Chavin cult
                                             administrative structure               C. Was to serve as unofficial
4. The influence of the Maya on the       D. The Inca system for                       political and social leaders
   Toltec can be seen in the                 memorizing facts without the              while the men served as
   similarities between Tula and the         use of a written language                 warriors
   Maya city of                                                                     D. Was to bear children
   A. Tenochtitlan                     10. By the middle of the fifteenth
   B. Teotihuacan                          century, the Mexica had formed a     16. A Mexica woman who died in
   C. Cuzco                                triple alliance with                     childbirth
   D. Cahokia                              A. The Maya and Inca                     A. Suffered the greatest shame
                                           B. The Toltecs and Maya                      for her inability to serve the
5. The Toltec state collapsed by           C. The Inca and Iroquois                     state
   around 1175 because                     D. Texcoco and Tlacopan                  B. Was denied the right to pass
   A. They were conquered by a                                                          on to the afterworld
       powerful Aztec army             11. The Aztec expansion began under          C. Won the same fame as
   B. Of a combination of civil            A. Motecuzoma I                              warriors who died valiantly
       conflict and nomadic                B. Motecuzoma II                             in battle
       invasion                            C. Itzcóatl                              D. Was seen as a sign of the gods'
   C. Of the resurgence of Maya            D. Quetzalcoatl                              displeasure with the tribe
   D. Of the spread of smallpox        12. In the Aztec social hierarchy most   17. Mexica priests
                                           of the honors and rewards went to        A. Played a very limited role in
6. Mexica                                  the                                         society
   A. Was the region that originally       A. Priests                               B. Had great power as advisors
      gave rise to the first Aztecs        B. Women                                    to the rulers
                                           C. Farmers                               C. Made up the bulk of sacrificed
   B. Was the name of the lake             D. Military elite                           victims
      where the Aztecs established                                                  D. Spent the majority of their
      their capital                                                                    time working to improve the
   C. Were the people who were                                                         lives of slaves
      later called Aztecs
   D. Was the principal god of the
      early Aztecs
18. Most Mexica slaves                     24. The Aztecs viewed human              29. Cahokia was
    A. Were captives of war                    sacrifice                                A. The legendary founder of the
    B. Were purchased from the Inca            A. As a means of mass                       Inca people
    C. Were not foreigners, but                    entertainment                        B. The dominant South American
        Mexica                                 B. As a form of state terrorism to          society before the rise of the
    D. Lost their free status because              terrify their enemies into              Incas
        of their refusal to participate in         submission                           C. The North American mound
        the sacrificial ceremony               C. As an essential ritual to                that was the third largest
                                                   ensure the world's survival             structure in the pre-
19. When the Mexica migrated to                D. As a primitive act that their            Columbian Americas
    central Mexico they                            ancestors had ignorantly             D. The Aztec god also known as
    A. Adopted cultural and                        preformed                               the "Smoking Mirror."
        religious traditions shared
        by the peoples of                  25. North American societies             30. The North American Indian
        Mesoamerica                            A. Developed on a relatively             societies
    B. Imposed their own traditions                small scale                          A. Possessed no form of writing
        on the societies of                    B. Were much larger than the             B. Invented a style of writing that
        Mesoamerica                                Mesoamerican or South                    was much more complex and
    C. Were not influenced by the                  American societies                       useful than that of the Aztecs
        traditions of the societies of         C. Were mainly influenced by the         C. Copied their writing system
        Mesoamerica                                Aztecs                                   from the Aztecs
    D. Dramatically improved the               D. Were mainly influenced by the         D. Used a series of hieroglyphics
        limited cultural achievements              Incas                                    that were very similar to the
        of their Mesoamerican                                                               Mayan script
        predecessors                       26. The Pueblo and Navajo peoples of
                                               the American southwest               31. The kingdom of Chucuito was
20. Tezcatlipoca was                           A. Were the most nomadic of the          located in
    A. A god that the Aztecs                       North American Indian                A. Southwest North America
        introduced to Mesoamerica                  societies                            B. Northeast North America
    B. The patron deity of warriors            B. Formed a political partnership        C. Mesoamerica
    C. The main god of the Aztecs                  with the Iroquois nations            D. South America
    D. The Aztec god that supported            C. Lived a settled, agricultural
        the arts and agriculture                   existence                        32. The capital city of Chimu was
                                               D. Eventually fell under Aztec           A. Chanchan
21. Tezcatlipoca was also known as                 control                              B. Tula
    A. "The Feathered Serpent."                                                         C. Teotihuacan
    B. "The Fire From Above."              27. The five Iroquois nations were the       D. Cahokia
    C. "The Devourer of Children."             A. Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga,
    D. "The Smoking Mirror."                       Seneca, and Cahokia              33. The most important ruler in the
                                               B. Oneida, Pueblo, Navajo,               expansion of the Inca empire was
22. Most Aztec human sacrifices were               Seneca, and Onondaga                 A. Atahualpa
    in honor of                                C. Mohawk, Oneida, Cahokia,              B. Itzcoatl
    A. Quetzalcóatl                                Seneca, and Onondaga                 C. Pachacuti
    B. Tezcatlipoca                            D. Mohawk, Oneida,                       D. Quetzalcóatl
    C. Itzcoatl                                    Onondaga, Cayuga, and
    D. Huitzilopochtli                             Seneca                           34. The Inca imposed order
                                                                                        A. Through the use of extreme
23. The capital of the Inca empire was   28. The Hawaiian class of high chiefs             terror
    A. Teotihuacan                           were known as the                          B. Through the spread of a
    B. Tula                                  A. Kapu                                       common written language
    C. Cuzco                                 B. Ali `i nui                              C. By forcing the worship of their
    D. Chimu                                 C. Marae                                      main god, Huitzilopochtli
                                             D. Heiau                                   D. By taking hostages from the
                                                                                           conquered tribes' ruling
35. The Inca quipu was                    Ch. 22                                 6. The marriage of Fernando of
    A. A mnemonic aid consisting          1. The most important of the              Aragon and Isabel of Castile
       of small cords with knots             humanistic thinkers was                A. Led to the creation of the
    B. The underground irrigation            A. Erasmus                                Spanish state
       system that allowed for an            B. Petrarca                            B. Marked the end of the
       agricultural surplus                  C. Donatello                              Hundred Years' War
    C. The head priest in charge of          D. Masaccio                            C. Led to the unification of
       determining victims for human                                                   France
       sacrifice                          2. Humanist moral philosophers            D. Resulted in the suspension of
    D. The underworld                        believed that                             the inquisition
                                             A. People should withdraw from
36. Rulers of which group deliberated            the world and dedicate          7. The reconquista
    state policy in the presence of the          themselves to prayer               A. Was the Portuguese trade
    mummies of their predecessors?           B. The thought of the Middle              route around the tip of Africa
    A. Inca                                      Ages was much more pure            B. Was the reestablishment of
    B. Aztec                                     than the scandalous ideas of          native Chinese rule by
    C. Chimu                                     the Renaissance                       defeating the Mongols
    D. Pueblo                                C. People could lead morally           C. Was the failed Islamic attempt
                                                 virtuous lives while                  to win back control over
37. The Inca sun god was                         participating in the world            southern Italy
    A. Viracocha                             D. The ideals of the Greeks and        D. Was the Spanish Catholic
    B. Huitzilopochtli                           Romans should be shunned              attempt to win Spain from
    C. Cuzco                                     because they were pagan               Islamic control
    D. Inti
                                          3. Zheng He was                        8. Central to Renaissance thought
38. The cultural and religious               A. The founder of the Ming             was
    traditions of the Australian                dynasty                             A. A fascination with the
    aborigines                               B. The last powerful ruler of the          ancient world
    A. Spread throughout Australia as           Yuan dynasty                        B. A deeply religious desire to
        the aborigines conquered             C. A Chinese envoy who met                 withdraw from the world
    B. Died out completely before               with the pope and the kings of      C. A desire to re-create the glory
        the arrival of the Europeans            France and England                      of Byzantium
    C. Eventually spread to the              D. The Chinese admiral who             D. An appreciation for the art and
        islands of Oceania                      made seven journeys of                  thought of the middle ages
    D. Did not diffuse much beyond              exploration
        their own regions                                                        9. The dome on the cathedral of
                                          4. The nation that led the way in         Florence was designed by
39. The massive stone palace at Nan          early European exploration was         A. Erasmus
    Madol was located                        A. England                             B. Brunelleschi
    A. In the Caroline Islands               B. France                              C. Petrarca
    B. In southwest America                  C. Portugal                            D. Da Vinci
    C. In the Inca empire                    D. Spain
    D. In the Aztec empire                                                       10. Which of the following was not
                                          5. The Portuguese mariner who              representative of Renaissance art?
40. A marae was                              reached India in 1498 was               A. Introduction of abstract
    A. A Pacific island temple               A. Prince Henrique                          painting as an artistic genre
    B. A member of the priestly class        B. Vasco da Gama                        B. Use of linear perspective to
       in Hawaii                             C. Bartolomeu Dias                          represent three dimensions
    C. A Polynesian sun god                  D. Cristóforo Colombo                   C. Representation of the
    D. The type of open boat that                                                        emotions of artists' subjects
       allowed for continual trade                                                   D. Inspiration drawn from
       between the Pacific islands                                                       classical Greek and Roman
Ch. 22
11. Ibn Battuta was                        16. The spread of Mongol control         21. When Pope Innocent IV sent
    A. A Morrocan legal scholar                A. Laid the political foundation         envoys to invite the Mongols to
        who traveled extensively and              for a surge in long-distance          join in an alliance against the
        recorded his observations                 trade                                 Muslims,
    B. The sultan of Delhi                     B. Resulted in a slow but                A. A treaty was signed that
    C. The leader of the central Asian            permanent decline in trade                forged a long-lasting political
        kingdom that dominated all             C. Stopped all trade along the old           partnership
        trade along the silk roads                silk roads immediately                B. The khans declined and in
    D. Marco Polo's traveling                  D. Had little impact on trade at             turn told the Christians to
        companion                                 all                                       submit to Mongol rule or be
12. In the five centuries after the year   17. Marco Polo's stories                     C. The resulting war brought
    1000 C.E., the peoples of the              A. Convinced other Europeans                 about an end to Islamic
    eastern hemisphere                            that trade with China was far             influence in central Asia
    A. Cut off contact with the rest of           too dangerous to pursue               D. It so angered the Islamic
         the world because of the              B. Were a product of forced                  kingdoms that they rose up
         ravages of disease                       propaganda by Khubilai Khan               and crushed the Mongols
    B. Fell under the control of the           C. Influenced other Europeans
         expanding empires of the                 to visit China                    22. Rabban Sauma's journey was
         western hemisphere                    D. Played no role in the                 designed to
    C. Traveled and interacted                    expansion of European trade           A. Invite the Europeans to join
         more intensively than ever               because they were lost until              the Persian Ilkhans against
         before                                   the twentieth century                     the Muslims
    D. Fell dangerously behind the                                                      B. Open up trade between China
         rest of the world in science      18. Khubilai Khan employed Marco                 and Persia
         and technology                        Polo in administrative posts             C. Open up trade between China
                                               A. Because he did not entirely               and Europe
13. Luxury goods of high value                     trust his Chinese subjects           D. Spread Islam into central Asia
    relative to their weight                   B. As an indirect means of
    A. Always traveled the sea lanes               holding Polo hostage             23. The sharia
    B. Were exclusively trusted to             C. Because of Polo's long history        A. Were Islamic mystics who
        Islamic merchants                          of administrative service back          traveled the trade routes to
    C. Were under a monopolistic                   in Venice                               spread the faith
        control by the Chinese                 D. As a form of punishment after         B. Prescribed religious
    D. Usually traveled overland on                Polo was caught spying                  observances and social
        the silk roads                                                                     relationships based on the
                                           19. According to Marco Polo's                   Quran
14. Which of the following cities was          account, he was made governor of         C. Was the Persian term for the
    not a major participant in long-           the large trading city of                   changing monsoon winds that
    distance trading in the immediate          A. Khanbaliq                                dominated trade across the
    centuries after the year 1000 C.E.?        B. Melaka                                   Indian Ocean
    A. London                                  C. Samarkand                             D. Called for an Islamic holy war
    B. Melaka                                  D. Yangzhou                                 against the nonbelievers
    C. Constantinople
    D. Khanbaliq                           20. Rabban Sauma was                     24. Ibn Battuta was able to travel so
                                               A. A Mongol prince who traveled          extensively because
15. The important trading city of                 to China                              A. His military might made
    Melaka is located in modern-day            B. The founder of the Ming                   conquest easy
    A. France                                     dynasty                               B. His religious and legal
    B. India                                   C. The eunuch admiral who                    training allowed him to
    C. China                                      sailed for the Chinese emperor            serve as qadi
    D. Malaysia                                   Yongle                                C. He held a position as an envoy
                                               D. A Nestorian Christian priest              for the Mongols
                                                  who served as an envoy for            D. He traveled with Marco Polo
                                                  the Ilkhans
25. Cotton was introduced to west        32. Hongwu's philosophy for ruling
    Africa by the                            China was
    A. Europeans                             A. To continue the highly
    B. Muslims                                  successful Yuan policies
    C. Chinese                               B. To completely break with the
    D. Bantus                                   past
                                             C. To return to the model of
26. Which of the following was not              traditional Chinese dynasties
    one of the products that had a new       D. To modernize on a European
    impact during this period of                basis
    increasing interaction?
    A. Silk                              33. Which of the following was not a
    B. Gunpowder                             hallmark of Hongwu's rule?
    C. Sugarcane                             A. The reestablishment of
    D. Cotton                                    Confucian education
                                             B. Extensive use of the
27. Gunpowder had its origins in                 mandarins
    A. China                                 C. The reestablishment of the
    B. India                                     civil service system
    C. France                                D. The move to a more
    D. Persia                                    decentralized governmental
28. The outbreak of the bubonic
    plague in the fourteenth century     34. The Yongle Encyclopedia
    began in                                 A. Signified a radical break with
    A. England                                  the past
    B. Africa                                B. Is the only direct historical
    C. India                                    evidence remaining that
    D. China                                    catalogued the journeys of
                                                Zheng He
29. As a result of the bubonic plague,       C. Firmly entrenched the Yuan
    the population of Europe dropped            traditions in Chinese history
    from seventy-nine million in 1300        D. Represented the Ming
    to around ________ in 1400.                 rulers' interest in supporting
    A. Seventy-five million                     native Chinese cultural
    B. Sixty million                            traditions
    C. Forty million
    D. Fifteen million                   35. The rise of powerful states in
                                             Europe in the fifteenth century
30. Which one of the following was           was dependent on
    not a common result of the               A. The reestablishment of
    bubonic plague?                             imperial unification
    A. A decline in trade                    B. The combination of new
    B. A temporary decrease in                  taxes and large standings
        workers' wages                          armies
    C. A decline in population               C. The European invention of
    D. Peasant rebellions caused by             gunpowder
        efforts to freeze wages              D. Papal leadership in a new
                                                round of crusades that gave
31. The Ming dynasty was founded in             purpose and inspiration for the
    1368 by                                     Europeans
    A. Yongle
    B. Hongwu
    C. Rabban Sauma
    D. Khubilai Khan

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