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					The Florida Everglades
       A Webquest
     Bridget Singleton
   Florida Everglades Webquest

Introduction Task   Resources Process   Evaluation   Conclusion
      The Florida Everglades, located in southern Florida,
       is one of the largest wetlands in the world.

      The Everglades received the name “River of Grass”
       because of the shallow sheet of fresh water that rolls
       slowly over the lowlands and through billions of
       blades of saw grass. As the water moves through the
       sawgrass it causes it to ripple like green waves.

      This wetland ecosystem has become a habitat for
       many unique species of microorganisms, plants,
       and animals.

      Many people worry that the destruction of the
       Everglades may ultimately lead to the
       extinction of many species.

             Do you agree or disagree?
                         The Task
      One of the main reasons that Jean Craighead George
       has written her Eco-Mysteries is to help make young
       people aware of endangered species and the habitats
       that provide them protection.
       We can also help to make sure that younger students
       are aware by providing them with information on this
       environmental dilemma.

         This will be the focus of our task.
                       The Task
  1.   Begin your task by gathering information from the
       Resources section of the Power Point.
  2.   Make a T chart of the pros and cons of maintaining
       environmental habitats like the Florida Everglades.
  3.   Take the role of a community member and make a
       poster persuading others of your opinion.
  4.   Make an environmental ABC book for younger
       children to educate them about the Florida
       Everglades and its inhabitants.
                         Background Information





       Alphabetical Listings

   Small changes in land elevation
    are responsible for the varied
    habitats with the Everglades

These habitats include:
Menu                    Resources
  pinelands: dominated by slash pines, this habitat has the richest
     diversity in the Everglades. Pinelands
cypress swamps: wet areas that contain cypress trees,
which are the most flood-tolerant trees in Florida.
 mangrove swamps: found where freshwater from the Everglades mixes with saltwater
   from the ocean and are colonized by mangrove trees with adaptive roots.
   Mangroves along a channel

      open-water sloughs: main routes of moving water through the Everglades.
Menu                  The Process
       Activity # 1
      Working within your four person group, visit the
       websites in the Resources section.

      Use this information to make a T chart of the pros
       and cons of maintaining environmental habitats such
       as the Florida Everglades.

      Have each person in your group take the role of a
       community member ( developer,
       conservationist) and make a poster (using Word) to
       persuade others to your community member’s
       Activity #2     The Process
      Work together with the people in your group to make
       a vocabulary list of many of the animals and plants
       that make their home in the Florida Everglades.

      Be sure to also include vocabulary related to the
       Florida Everglades and the habitats that exist there.

      Assemble all of your vocabulary into an ABC
       informational book about the Florida Everglades and
       the endangered animals that live there. Use Power
       Point to present your information.

 Here is an example for you to use for page number 1 of your
                 Everglades Alphabet Book.


An alligator is a reptile known for its crushing bite.
Alligators’ main prey are smaller animals. They can
kill and eat with a single bite.
You will be evaluated on this webquest by how
well you perform the assigned activities within
your small group. The major areas you will be
evaluated on are:

How much you contribute to the total group
and how responsibly you perform your duties
within the group.
Presentation of T chart and persuasive
Completion of ABC Book
                         Excellent        Rubric
                                             Good           Satisfactory             Poor
                      Environmentalist   Environmentalist   Environmentalist
                             4                 3                    2
  Contribution to     Communicates       Shares             Shares some         Keeps
  group               and shares all     important          information         information to
                      information        information        with the group.     self and does
                      with the group.    with the group.                        not share with
                                                                                the group.
  Responsibility to   Performs all       Performs nearly    Performs very       Does not
  the group           duties.            all duties.        little in the way   perform any
                                                            of duties.          duties.
  T Chart and         T Chart is         T Chart is         T Chart is neat     T chart and
  Persuasive          complete and       accurate and       and accurate,       argument are
  Argument            includes pro       detailed.          but lacks           inaccurate and
                      and cons.          Argument is        research            poorly done.
                      Argument is        factual.           information.
                      well prepared                         Argument is
                      and researched.                       satisfactory.

  ABC Book            ABC Book is        ABC Book           ABC Book is         ABC Book is
                      well prepared,     provides           complete and        not complete or
                      attractive, and    information on     provides some       lacking in
                      includes all       environmental      information.        environmental
                      information.       topics.                                topics.
Menu            Conclusion
 Congratulations! After participating in this
  WebQuest activity you should be better
  acquainted with the Florida Everglades. You
  should be able to discuss how the destruction
  of this ecosystem would adversely effect many
  of its inhabitants. You should also be
  acquainted with many of the characteristics of
  the Everglades (including habitats and
  animals). Was there a subject for every letter
  of the alphabet?
Below are some games and activities about the
    Florida Everglades that you can play.

   Word Searches
   Picture Puzzles
   Word Scramble
   Crossword Pages
   Mazes
See you later, Alligator!

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