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									      Comparison of NGA and
       Western Approaches
NGA Task Force                WGA approach
• Form MSEs                   • Build on CREPC
  – MSE provide RTOs            framework
    with planning               – States participate in
    guidelines                    RTO interconnection-
                                  wide planning
  – Protocol on permit          – Protocol on permit
    reviews                       reviews
  – Project teams               – Project teams
     • Approve need finding        • Provide information to
       by RTOs                       enable agencies to make
                                     need determination
           Comparison cont’d
NGA                        WGA
• Endorse best practices   • Not addressed
• Explore incentives/      • Not included
  penalties on states
• Promote “common
  good” approach           • Exists through CREPC

• No federal eminent       • No federal eminent
  domain                     domain
Western Governors’ Initiatives (1)
• May 2001 – Governors’ Transmission
  Roundtable finds inadequate answers to
  key questions
  – What transmission is needed?
  – How can needed transmission be financed?
  – How can needed transmission be expeditiously
Western Governors’ Initiatives (2)
• August 2001 –
  – Conceptual Transmission Plans report issued
  – Governors endorse proactive transmission planning
  – Governors direct development of permitting protocol
• February 2002 – WGA transmission financing
  – Robust interconnection-wide “proactive”
    transmission planning process needed
  – Information developed in such a planning process
    will be valuable to market participants regardless
    of the financing model used for a particular
Western Governors’ Initiative (3)
• April 2002 – Governors’ Environmental Summit
   – Conclusions:
      • Adequate information and planning system needed to enable
        expeditious permitting of energy infrastructure
      • Draft transmission permitting protocol was workable
• June 2002 – Governors and federal agencies sign
Proactive      Transmission   Transmission
transmission   financing      siting/permitting

• Bedrock upon which Permitting Protocol
• Essential to be able to finance new
• FERC using “proactive” terminology in its
  Standard Market Design papers
Proactive            Transmission           Transmission
transmission         financing              siting/permitting

• No state in the Western Interconnection has ever
  denied a permit for an interstate transmission line
• Major challenges are securing permits from
  federal agencies
   – This may be true in the East as well
• There can be good grounds to deny a permit for
Features of the Western Protocol (1)
 • Executed by governors and key federal
 • Goal is collaborative reviews of interstate
   transmission proposals
 • Does not preempt existing authorities of
   any agency
Features of the Western Protocol (2)
 • Permit review process
   – Designate Project Teams
   – Develop information to allow decisions on
   – Joint activities, records, environmental
     reviews, timelines, information requests
   – Transparency of information
 • Web site -- http://www.westgov.org/wieb/
                 Next Steps
• Begin discussions with Western Canadian
• Implementation details
  – Only triggered by interstate transmission
     • Nearly all pending Western transmission proposals
       are within one state
  – Working sessions among BLM/Forest

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