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									        WDNR Technical                               The Wisconsin DNR Technical Standard                  Step C: Evaluation of Specific Infiltration Areas
                                                     1002 – Site Evaluation for Stormwater
       Standard 1002 Site                            Infiltration consists of four basic steps:            If the field verification indicates potentially
         Evaluation for                                                                                    suitable areas for infiltration devices, a
     Stormwater Infiltration                                                                               minimum number of borings or test pits is
                                                     Step A: Initial Screening                             required for each type of infiltration device to
                                                                                                           be designed as indicated in Table 1 of the
                                                     The initial screening identifies potential            Standard. The soils information obtained from
                                                     locations for infiltration devices. The purpose       the borings or test pits determines if the
                                                     of the initial screening is to screen for             proposed locations are suitable for infiltration
                                                     exclusions and exemptions under Chapter NR            and provides the necessary information to
                                                     151 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code and          design the device(s).
                                                     to determine where field work is needed for
                                                     Step B.                                               For the design of infiltration devices, one of two
                                                                                                           methods can be used to determine a design
                                                                                                           infiltration rate. One option includes measuring
                                                     Step B: Field Verification of the Initial             the actual infiltration rate of the soil in the field.
                                                     Screening                                             This is most easily done if test pits are
                                                                                                           conducted. This option provides a more
                                                     Field verification is required for areas of the       accurate infiltration rate; however, the test can
                                                     development site considered potentially suitable      be very time consuming. The other option is to
Since October 1, 2004, the stormwater                for infiltration based on the initial screening.      select a design infiltration rate from Table 2 of
infiltration requirements established by the         This process consists of soil borings or test pits    the Standard based on the least permeable soil
Wisconsin DNR have become one more item              performed to verify soil infiltration capacity        horizon within five feet below the bottom of the
added to the already long list of things necessary   characteristics and to determine the depth to         selected infiltration device. This option is
to complete a construction project. Complying        groundwater and bedrock. This process can also        quick, but often results in a larger infiltration
with the infiltration standard doesn't have to be    include laboratory testing to determine percent       device as the values in Table 2 are somewhat
a difficult and time consuming process. This is      fines information and soil classification to verify   conservative.
because an infiltration pre-screening and field      any exemption and exclusion found in the initial
verification can be easily worked into a Phase I     screening.
environmental       site    assessment      and/or                                                         Step D: Soil and Site Evaluation Report
geotechnical exploration program.
                                                                                                           The site's legal description and all information
                                                                                                           required in Steps B and C are required to be
                                                                                                           included in the Soil and Site Evaluation Report.
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