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									                                                   Revive our Wetlands 2004-2006

                                                      Activity monitoring sheet

Revive site name:                     Southern Rivers-Illawarra (B)
Common or local name for site:        Tom Thumb Lagoon Wetland

Partner agency details:
Agency:                               The Friends of Tom Thumb Lagoon Wetland
Contact persons                       Susan McGregor
Contact details:                      Telephone: 02 4274 1424 Mobile phone: 0411 490 340 Email:

Supporting agency details:
Agency:                               Wollongong City Council
Contact person:                       Tony Miskiewicz
Contact details:                      Telephone: 02 4227 7574         Email:

Indigenous contact details:           N/A
Contact person:
Contact details:                      Telephone:    Email:

To be completed by the person filling in this form:
Name:                                 Susan McGregor
Agency:                               Friends of Tom Thumb Lagoon Wetland
Contact details:                      Telephone: as above Mobile phone: Email:
Date form completed:                  December 2005

Once completed please email this form to:
Libby McIntyre ( and Bill Phillips (
                                                      2005 performance monitoring
1.      Volunteering details:
Days completed and category of CVA volunteers that worked at the site during this monitoring period:

Dates                             Days                                 Volunteers                                Total volunteer days
January - November                66                                   Locals                                    291

2.      Activities information:
Management issue –     2005 targets                2005 achievements                Assessments
baseline condition
Weed control or eradication
Weed infestations      Mapping of target weed      Mapping and identification       ● All Targets achieved or exceeded
                       in saltmarsh and            of priority weeds completed
                       fringing upland areas       by CVA team leader and
                       (10 hectares) in            volunteers
                       conjunction with
                       University of
                       Wollongong 1/2              Internet site on-line
                       Mapping of target
                       weeds                       Bluescope staff training
                       - list species              done biweekly by
                       - locate “weed hot          bluescope
                       spots” on a map done ½
                       with program                Two University of
                       - identify priority weeds   Wollongong Environmental
                       – internet site
                                                   science honours students
                       - BlueScope Steel staff     undertaking projects at site.
                       - University of             Slag, Steel & Swamp;
                       Wollongong Honours          Perceptions of restoration
                       Program                     of an Urban Coastal
                       - articles for journals     Saltmarsh – Nic Gill
                       - primary school            “Ecological Management &
                       participation               Restoration Vol 6 No 2
                                                      August 05

                                                      Coniston Primary School
Saltmarsh – mudflat        Primary removal kikuyu
                                                      1216 m                         ● Target achieved or exceeded
protection for migratory   grass 500 m
birds (7 Hectares)                                             2
                           Secondary weed             2418 m Turkey rhubarb          ● Target achieved or exceeded
Target weeds – kikuyu      removal turkey rhubarb          2
                                                      200 m Madeira vine
grass; bitou bush;         / Madeira vine – 350 m

Madeira vine; turkey
rhubarb; baccharis;
Norfolk Island Hibiscus
                           Selective removal          20 kg of water borne rubbish
                                                                                     ● Target achieved or exceeded
                           woody weeds – lantana,     2670 m Lantana
                           laganaria, bitou bush
                           15 bags water borne                 2
                                                      1400 m Bitou bush
                           rubbish pa

                           For all three above,       Established: YES / No          ● Target achieved
                           photo point(s)             Photo(s) taken on: / /2005
                                                      Photo(s) sent to Revive
                                                      Coordinator : Yes / No
                                 2                            2
Threatened species         500 m removal              1400 m Bitou bush              ● Target achieved or exceeded
habitat protection –       Baccharis & Bitou bush           2
                                                      200 m Baccharis
(Green and golden bell
frog – Litorea aurea)
                           Photo point(s)             Established: Yes/ No           ● Target achieved
                                                      Photo(s) taken on: / /2005
                                                      photo(s) sent to revive
                                                      coordinator : No
Gross pollution cleanups
Rubbish and litter     Participation in the       Clean-up days                      ● Target achieved or exceeded
pollution              Clean up Australia Day
                       “Rise and Shine”           Won Rise and Shine
                       program.                   Environmental Award 2005
Water quality improvement/monitoring
Chemical and nutrient  Provide training in the    Obtained Streamwatch Kit,          ● Target almost achieved (>75% of numerical target)
pollution of water     use of the Streamwatch awaiting training in Jan-Feb
                       water quality testing kit. 2006
Education and awareness raising, community/stakeholder empowerment
Low levels of        Consult and engage          Port Kembla Harbour                ● Target almost achieved (>75% of numerical target)
community            catchment landusers         Environment Group Meetings
involvement          through the monthly         (PKHEG) attended, progress
                     meetings of the PKHEG       of project reported on at
                     (20 members)                monthly meetings.
                     Primary School
                     participation – hands on    Primary School hands on
                     involvement / adopt and     participation.
                     care for a section of the
                     wetland (60 students).      Adopt and care for a section.
                     BlueScope Steel staff
                     training days (15 per       Bluescope staff training
                     week)                       done bi-weekly by
                     Link with WCC
                     education centre.           Promotion with CMA launch.

                                                 Education centre not built, site
                                                 too unstable.
Community leaders,   Recruiting and training     Two University of                  ● Target achieved or exceeded ongoing results
managers             of next generation of       Wollongong Environmental
                     leaders and managers –      science honours students
                     target industry through     undertaking projects at site.
                     PKHEG and University
                                                 Three University of
                                                 Wollongong lecture

                                                 Two University of
                                                 Wollongong class tours.

                                                 PKHEG meetings attended
                                                 and progress reported at
                                                 monthly meetings.
3.      Co-funding and in-kind support:
Details of cash or in-kind resources that were generated to support, or value-add to the Revive efforts.

Source of resources         Business, organisation, program          Form of contribution                  Estimated value ($) of resources
Local                       Wollongong city council                  Plants (tubestock)                    $1800
                            Wollongong city council                  Funding                               $15000 (Plan of Management &
                                                                                                           Wetland Officer position)
Regional-catchment          Southern Rivers CMA                      Funding                               $24500 (7 weeks on site)
State -Territory
Others                      Sue McGregor (Friends of Tom             Time, expertise, advice, works        $1050 @ $35 per hour
                            Alan Lugg (NSW Fisheries)                Expertise                             $35 @ $35 per hour
                            Volunteers                               Time, on ground works                 $5140 @ $20 per hour
                            Caragh Threlfold (UoW student)           Honours                               $5140 @ $20 per hour
Total                                                                                                      $49,065

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