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					                          Education, Public Awareness
Name             Project/Thesis Title                         Year    Advisor       Proj/
Schuyler, S.     A Study of the Impact of CEQA Mandated       2006     Kim, S.        P
                 Public Participation Programs on Planning
Heming, E.       Tahoe and Mono Lakes : A Comparative         2005    Briggs, C.      P
                 Study of Water Policy and Community
Hearst, M.       Volunteer Naturalist Training: A Training    2004    Voeks, R.       P
                 Manual for Wilderness Tour Leaders
Hughes, B.       Business and Management Plan for Inside      2004     Hall, J.       P
                 the Outdoors Science Study Programs
Swearengin, J.   Components of an Effective Environmental     2004 Thomas, B.         P
                 Education Presentation
Berg, S.         Transitioning from Graduate School to        2003 McMahan,           P
                 College Instructor                                  S.
Miller, M.       Kids for Tahoe Environmental Education       2003 McMahan,           P
                 Program                                             S.
Siminuk,S        A Survey of Techniques in Outdoor            2003      Cox-          P
                 Environmental Education and an Evaluation           Peterson, A.
                 of an Inside The Outdoors Science Study
Crosbie, F.      Inquiry Based Learning in Environmental   2003 Guillaume,            P
                 Studies: An Analysis of Community College          A.
                 Environmental Studies Classes
Katsumata, C.    Project – Green Works: An Organization       2002    Voeks, R.       P
                 Helping Students Find Careers in the
                 Environmental Science Field
Wernecke, B.     A Comparative Analysis of California State   2002 Thomas, B.         P
                 University Biological Field Stations and
                 Marine Laboratories
Galaz, D.        An Environmental Science Course Can          2002 Thomas, B.         P
                 Change the Attitudes of Inner-City
Slames, D.       An Analysis of Tobacco, Our Youth, and       2002     Fey, R.        P
                 How Tobacco Companies are Contributing
                 to the Delinquency of Minors: A Dangerous
                 Game for Our Society
Hogarth, M.     Environmental Studies Program Website        2002   Voeks, R.    P
Buss, T.        The Effect of Environmental Education on     2000   Not Listed   P
                the Environmental Attitudes of Second
                Grade Students
Abdul-Samad,    Environmental Education in Malaysian         1999 Thomas, B.     P
Z.              Polytechnics: Curriculum Development
Goddard, A.     Modern Teaching Techniques and Styles and 1999 Thomas, B.        P
                Their Correlation with Student
                Understanding On Environmental Education
Kolbezen, M.    The Status of Environmental and Ecological   1998 Weintraub,     P
                Education for Elementary & Secondary                  J.
                School Students in Los Angeles County
File, C.        Demographic Characteristics, Environmental 1997 Weintraub,       P
                Values, and Learning Styles of Docents at           J.
                Three Southern California Ecological
Katabazi, L.    Sustainable Development Through              1997   Long, S.     P
                Environmental Education in Uganda
Marco, P.       Barriers to Environmental Education:         1997 Guillaume,     T
                Perceptions of High School Teachers in                A.
                Orange County, California
Mukhopadhyay, The Role of Education in Environmental         1997    Saint, P.   P
S.            Awareness in Calcutta, India
Baird-Wireman, Volunteer Management in the                   1996 Thomas, B.     P
E.             Environmental Arena
Kuper, D.       An Examination of Environmental              1995 Thomas, B.     P
                Education Programs at Nature Centers in
Leichter, M.    Public Participation in the Water Supply     1995   Ficaro, M.   P
                Planning Process: A Case Study
Lew, K.         The Public Acceptability of a Sludge-Based   1995 Thomas, B.     P
                Product for Home Garden Use
Plaga-Heagney, Earthquake Preparedness Planning in           1995 Sutphen, S.    P
T.             California’s Public Elementary Schools
Cox, C.         Framework for a Comprehensive Volunteer      1994 Thomas, B.     P
                Docent Program
Howard, J.      The Status of Environmental Education in     1994 Not Listed     P
Allebach, R.    The Importance of Communications for         1994 Bayliss, L.    P
                  Nonprofit Environmental Organizations and
                  Its Effect on Public Awareness of
                  Environmental Issues
Moore, L.         Incorporating Environmental Education into     1993   Not Listed   P
                  Existing Natural History Programs
Keller, R.        Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary: Gateway to the      1992    Burk, J.    T
                  Santa Ana Mountains for Environmental
                  Education and Research
Flint, K.         Outdoor Environmental Education: Its Effect 1991 Thomas, B.        T
                  on High School Students’ Knowledge and
Sodestrom         Study Fifth Grade Children’s Knowledge         1983                T
                  Local/Exotic Wildlife
Beams, B.         An Analysis of Mosquito Control Agency         1982   Not Listed   T
                  Public Education Programs in the United
Ogbonna, C.       An Analysis of Mosquito Control Agency         1982   Mend, M.     T
                  Public Education Programs in the United
Kidd, B.          Environmental Education in California – An 1977 Thomas, B.         T
                  Evaluation of Environmental Programs in
                  Elementary and Secondary School Districts
Westling, A.      The Environmental Awareness of Fifth           1977 Thomas, B.     T
                  Grade Rural and Suburban Students
Teffeteller, J.   The Environmental Education Guide, K-12        1975   Not Listed   T
Kim, H. &         Subject Indicators to Present the Nature and    ?     Not Listed   P
Dixon, J.         Limit of Environmental Studies in US
                  Graduate Schools

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