USCATs Environment Team Role Description by 9h9O9MR


									                       USCATs Environment Team Role Description


Why we want you:
   USCATs seek to promote and support community action and volunteering and this role is part of
      a project to enhance the work of the Salford Ranger Team and the University of Salford’s
      Environment & Sustainability Team.

Potential time commitment:
    Team/Project: USCATs Environment Project
    Duration: 1 academic year
    Hours per week: 3 - between 1.30pm and 4.30pm on Wednesday afternoons. Activities won’t be
       limited to Wednesday afternoons so there’ll be lots of opportunities for you to get stuck in with
       these too if you want, but you need to be available on most Wednesdays to register as an
       USCATs Environment Volunteer.
    Location: Salford
    Responsible to: USCATs

Role responsibilities:
     To undertake this role in conjunction with the rights and responsibilities outlined in the USCATs
        Volunteer Agreement explained during the Introduction to USCATs workshop.

Person specification/skills required:

This project is open to anyone who would like to get involved.

Generic Skills
Commitment                      Discretion                       Enthusiasm
Friendly and caring             Good communicator                Honesty
Initiative                      Motivated                        Passionate
Perseverance                    Reliability                      Punctuality

Specific Skills
This is an excellent opportunity for students studying degrees related to environment, wildlife or
conservation to gain relevant practical experience.

Training required:
     Introduction to USCATs workshop
     USCATs Induction
     Health and safety training
     Equipment training
What you will gain from the role:
Alongside getting to work with a fun, motivated and enthusiastic team you will also gain the following:

Communication                                   Punctuality
Determination                                   Reliability
Flexibility                                     Team working/co-operation
Mentoring                                       Time management

Build on skills relevant to the sector          Meet new people
Community Engagement                            Relevant training
Inter-Agency Working                            Working with partner environmental agencies

Other benefits
Certificate of recognition                      Reference
Reasonable travel expenses                      Satisfaction of giving back

Health and Safety Responsibilities
To be responsible for your own health and safety and that of others with whom you volunteer, by
reporting all potential and actual health and safety matters including accidents using the correct
procedures as outlined to you.

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