“DECONSTRUCTING THE
                     IVORY TOWER”

“Your job is not to envision the future, but to enable it.”

       Antoine de St. Exupery

   Robert J. Shaffer
   Stanford Leadership Institute
   August 2001
QUANTITY ERA                   QUALITY ERA                      HARMONY ERA

Mechanical technology          Programmable control             Direct information access
Economies of scale             Economics of speed               Economics of convenience
Advance-planning emphasis      Customer feedback emphasis       Personalization emphasis
Hierarchical organizations     Team-based organizations         Architectural organizations
Value from volume              Value from performance           Value from coherence
Technology islands             Technology overlap               Technology merger
Environmental exploitation     Environmental concern            Environmental renewal

Source: Penzias A. Harmony (New York: Harper Business, 1995).
      The Eight Ps of Leadership in the Knowledge Age
1) Privacy
   2) Property
      3) Personalization
         4) Presentation
            5) Protection (Security)
               6) “Pretty Good” Percentage (info validity + source attribution)
                  7) Propriety (Includes both Porno + Social Taboo) [political correctness]
                     8) People (Personnel Diversity + Legal Requirements)

 Roberta Schaffer (anno. 2000)
      The Information Continuum in a Knowledge Utopia
                                   (Problem Specific) (Enterprise Wide) (Cultural or Social
                                                                        Value / Mindset
                                                                        shared by 5 pillars:
                                                                        1- Government
                                                                        2- Business
                                                                        3- Media
                                                                        4- Cultural /
                                                                        5- Religious

  Roberta Schaffer (anno. 2000)
                       Changing Face of “Library” Schools
 Name of School + Degree(s)
   “School of Information”
   Informatics Department
   Master of Info Studies (or SIM) [BA / PhD]

 Academic Affiliations
   Computer Science
   Instructional Design
   Engineering (Usability)
   Psychology
   Communications

 Faculty Credentials
   NOT “Library Degreed”

 Student Backgrounds + Demographics
   More Men
   Younger
   Technical Undergraduate
   First Career / First Advanced Degree
   Salary Motive
   NOT Minorities

 Roberta Schaffer (anno. 2000)
                                  Curriculum Trends
 Specialist
 Generalist
 Capstone
 More courses “outside” of the specific school or department
 Fewer skills
 More critical thinking
 Team learning
 Peer learning
 Co-teaching (academic with practitioner OR academics form different disciplines)
 More writing
 More active research
 Project based learning (community in the classroom / classroom in the community model)
 Customized course of study (yet more requirements
 Certification in lieu of or as part of actual degree

 Roberta Schaffer (anno. 2000)
                      “Deconstructing” the Ivory Tower
 Competition for students form non-traditional sources (distance “universities,” Professional
  Associations, in-house Corporate, AND geographically unbounded) !!FREE MIT!!

 Social need in both Higher Learning (thinking) and “lower learning” (doing + skills)

 Closer relations between Boardroom and Classroom

 Customer Focus (student) as opposed to Product Focus (degree)

 Associate + Bachelor’s Degrees AND PhDs  decline of the Master’s

 More diverse Student Body

 Life Learners

 Trans-disciplinary Study and the Horizonal Professional (Information Professional as forefront
 UT-Austin: “Intellectual Entrepreneurs”

 Accrediting Bodies (??who??)
 Roberta Schaffer (anno. 2000)
                     The Interrelated Educational Roles of:
   Institutions of        Institutionally         Professional          Vendors
     Higher Ed               Internal            Associations /
                                                 CE Providers
-Big Picture           -Enterprise Systems   -Skill Sets          -Product Specific
(Microscope Vs.        -Custom Learning      -Cutting Edge        Training
Telescope Debate)      -Just-in-Time         -Peer to Peer        -Product Integration
-Critical Thinking                           Learning             -Development
-Problem Solving                             -Product Vetting +
-Life Learning                               Review

                                     Duke B-School Model


 Roberta Schaffer (anno. 2000)
“Not far from the education building, I came across two
lizards, discussing their plans for the day. One of them
said. ‘I was told opportunity only knocks once.’ And the
other lizard replied, ‘My view is slightly different.
Opportunity knocks continuously. Occasionally we
recognize it, and once in a while we do something about

-William Davis, Lizard Tales: Observations about Life
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