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					Minutes of Meeting of Kirkmahoe Community Council on Wednesday 15 August 2012 in Kirkton
Village Hall at 7.30pm.

PRESENT – KCC Members - Jean Muir, Peter Landale, Derek Ivy, Fiona Meikle-Latta, John Young.

NON KCC – Councillor Ted Thompson, Suzanne Hayward, Trevor Hayward, Gordon Bissett.

   1. Apologies – Neil Munro.
   2. Minutes of last meeting on 20 June 2012. Agreed – FML and JSY.
   3. Matters arising. Noted the race night would now take place on 12 October 2012 and not
      2 November as previously stated.

   4.Windfarms – Community Benefit. Noted that year 5 grant application form submitted.

    5. Kirkton Enhancements – Noted the proposed pilot scheme to install edging to part of the
village green would be considered at the next meeting on 19 September 2012.

    6 Police Report – No report was submitted. There was discussion regarding several alleged
incidents of theft and damage to property in the area.

    7. Treasurers Report. - Noted the Annual Accounts would be presented to the AGM in October
2012 and would be presented to the external scrutineer. Noted insurance cover woud be arranged
for the race night in October.

   8. Councillors Report – Noted that the Council had recently refused 2 planning applications for
windfarm developments, and that there was no other business to report due to the summer recess.

   9. – Planning Matters – No notifications received from the Council.

   10. – Events – Noted the Race Night to be held on 12 October 2012 in Kirkton Hall at 7.30pm,

with the hall to be set up at 2.00pm that day, and the licence requested was from 7.00pm

Sponsors had been found for the races and the task of selling horses needed to be progressed.

   11. – Correspondence –

11.1 - Constitution – Noted the new constitution had finally been approved by the Council, and that
the forthcoming Periodic Review of CCs will look at Constitutions as part of the remit.

11.2 - Supported Employment Scheme – Noted request from the Council Social Work Department
seeking nominations for awards to supported employment schemes.

11.3 - Royal Mail Letter Delivery – Noted information from Royal Mail explaining measures designed
to make mail delivery services more efficient.
11.4 - Grit Bins – Noted that FML and JSY had completed an inventory of grit bins and that JSY would
contact the Council to install a grit bin at the top of the school brae, which had previously been
requested but not received.

11.5 - Kirkton Waste Water Treatment Works – Noted report from NM and that Scottish Water had
acknowledged that there had been a significant plant failure requiring replacement measures and
agreed that NM advise all interested parties, previously notified, of the current position and
subsequent progress on improvement works.

11.6 - Administration Grants – Noted receipt of application forms from the Council for Admin Grant

12 Any Other Business –

12.1 - War Memorial Railings Replacement. – GB reported that the funding application to replace
the War Memorial Railings was now with the Council Works DG First Dept and would be referred to
the Nithsdale Area Committee in September, since the request to the War Memorial Trust had been
rejected as being too expensive.

12.2 - Bench on Village Green – Noted comments regarding the colour of the wooden bench on the
village green and that JSY would report to the next meeting on measures to address the matter.

12.3 - Vandalism – Noted that windows had been broken in a local domestic property which had
been reported to the Police.

12.4 – Community Council Elections. Noted that nominations for election to Community Councils
were now open and the deadline was Friday 7 September 2012 for submission of nominations to the
Returning Officer Jackie Bodell.

13 - Date and time of next meeting – 7.30pm on Wednesday 19 September 2012 in Dalswinton
Village Hall.

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