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									                                National University of Ireland Galway

        Applications are invited for the following full-time temporary 3 year contract post:

                                    Director of Medical Education at
                                  LETTERKENNY GENERAL HOSPITAL

Essential Qualifications
Primary Medical Degree (MBBChBAO or equivalent)
MRCPI or equivalent post graduate qualification

Desirable Qualifications
Relevant post-graduate qualifications in one of the following areas : Medical Education, Healthcare
Management, Medical Informatics, Quality Assurance, Clinical Audit

Desirable experience

           Experience/Leadership in Medical Education, Information technology,
           Experience of staff and project management.
           Experience in research methods, healthcare outcomes, clinical audit, evaluation, project
            management and protocol/standards development
           Hospital-based professional experience

Please direct informal enquiries to:
Dr. Austin Stack MD                      Or              Prof B G Loftus,
Consultant Nephrologist,                                 Head, School of Medicine,
Regional Kidney Centre,                                  National University of Ireland, Galway.
Letterkenny General Hospital                   
Tel: 0749123776

Candidates will be asked to make a presentation during the course of the interview.

Salary: €101,670 p.a.

Closing date for receipt of applications is at 5.00 p.m. 27th February 2009.

Further information is available from the HR Office:;
Email:; Tel. 353 91 492151

Candidates should submit six hard copies of their application* (i.e. cv, application form, covering letter),
with the names and addresses of at least three and not more than five referees to: The Human Resources
Office, National University of Ireland, Galway, Galway.

    * It is suggested that the candidates indicate in their application/cv how their previous experience is
    relevant to this post. Candidates will be assessed on:-
             o Professional, Clinical and Related Skills
             o Experience in Medical Education and Leadership Skills
             o Vision/Strategic Thinking
             o Communication, Influencing and Interpersonal Skills

                       Please note that applications by email or fax will be rejected.

                 National University of Ireland, Galway is an equal opportunities employer.
                                       JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title:            Director of Medical Education at Letterkenny General Hospital
                      Campus: a Clinical Academy and Regional Affiliate of the National
                      University of Ireland (NUIG) Medical School

Responsible to:       LGH (Medical Board & General Manager),
                      & NUIG (Medical School)

Reports to:           LGH (Medical Board & General Manager),and
                      Head of School, School of Medicine, NUI, Galway.

Position:             3-year Fixed Term Appointment

Location:             Letterkenny General Hospital

Hours worked          40 hours per week (9am-5pm)

Purpose of the Post:
The Director of Medical Education spearheads the organization, implementation, quality assurance
and administrative oversight of the medical educational programs on the Letterkenny General
Hospital (LGH) campus.

Duties of Postholder:
1. To facilitate and co-ordinate the implementation of the undergraduate medical teaching programs
on the Letterkenny Hospital Campus. A key responsibility will be the delivery of the Undergraduate
Medical Education Curriculum as part of the newly established Clinical Academy at LGH, a
regional affiliate of National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG).

2. To facilitate, co-ordinate and provide quality assurance for post-graduate medical teaching
programs on the Letterkenny Hospital Campus. This will include the organization, implementation
and administrative oversight of all educational programs, professional development programs, for
all junior physicians in training (interns, senior house officers and registrars) on the hospital

3. To facilitate and co-ordinate the establishment of an internship- mentoring program for new
medical school graduates rotating through the clinical departments at LGH and provide quality
assurance at each stage of their training program.

4. To facilitate, and promote a culture of educational advancement for all physicians-in-training on
the Letterkenny Hospital Campus. Integral to this is the promotion of self-directed learning skills
rather than passive learning through a variety of innovative teaching modalities including: problem-
based learning (PBL), small-group tutorial discussions, telemedicine and distance-learning as well
as traditional didactic learning.

5. To ensure that current clinical training programs provided on the Letterkenny campus are quality
assured and are compliant with guidelines set forth by regulatory bodies within the state such as the
Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI), Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI),the
Medical Council and the Medical Schools at National University of Ireland, Galway.

6. To liase with the Medical School at NUI, Galway and the Forum of Post Graduate Training

7. To establish a Clinician scholar /Clinician Educator Programs that will serve to enhance the
quality of the educational experience offered to undergraduate and post-graduate trainees that rotate
through clinical programs on campus. The successful candidate will be expected to develop
embedded educational programs to prepare and train those involved in the delivery of medical
education at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

8. To report regularly to the Medical Board of Letterkenny General Hospital (Chairman or
designate for Medical Education), and the Medical Education Committee on the progress of the
educational programs and educational advancements on the hospital campus; proceedings of
educational meetings with external regulatory bodies, quality assurance programs and novel

The post holder will be expected to take a lead role in the overall development of educational
programs on the LGH Campus. This will include acting as the NUI, Galway and LGH
representative in discussions with external bodies. The post-holder may undertake additional
clinical duties within the hospital, that will be separately remunerated, and that can be tailored to the
specific skills of the individual, provided that such duties do not interfere with the discharge of the
principal duties of the post. The job description will be subject to periodic review as the role
                                Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh

              Director of Medical Education, Letterkenny General Hospital


1.   Application

     Candidates must lodge the following with the HR Office on or before
     5.00 p.m. on Friday 27th February 2009.

     (a)    Six (6) typewritten hard copies of their application (Curriculum Vitae, Covering
            Letter, Summary Application Form), including the names of at least three, and not
            more than five, referees.

            Please note that an application will ONLY be considered if
            the Summary Application Form is completed and if the designated number of
            hard copies of curriculum vitae/summary application form & covering letter is
            submitted prior to closing date.

     (b)    Enclosed Acknowledgement Card duly completed in the appropriate sections in
            respect of address for correspondence and title of post being applied for. The card
            will be stamped and returned to the applicant in an envelope marked Pearsanta /
            Personal as acknowledgement of receipt of application.

            Please note that applications by email or fax will be rejected.

     The successful candidate will be required to submit evidence of age, original qualifications
     and undergo a medical examination.

2.   Assessment Procedure

     (a)    Board of Assessors

            Applications will be considered by a Board of Assessors, which will shortlist and
            interview candidates and the interview report will be approved by the President.

            Candidates who are invited to attend for interview by the Board of Assessors will
            have their reasonable return travel and subsistence expenses paid.
(b)   Interview Dates

      Candidates will be advised of arrangements in due course.

(c)   Expenses

      Expenses are paid only to candidates invited to the Assessors’ Interview (see (a)

(d)   Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
      Please place your completed form in a separate sealed envelope and return
      independently to the Equality Manager, Human Resources Office, NUI, Galway.
      Alternatively you may download the Form from our HR website:
      The information will not be available for any purpose other than equal opportunities
      monitoring. Please do not put your name on this form.
                           National University of Ireland, Galway
                                   Ollscoile na hÉireann, Gaillimh

      Director of Medical Education at Letterkenny General Hospital (3 Years)

1.      The post of Director of Medical Education, Letterkenny General Hospital (fixed term) is full
        time temporary in accordance with the terms of these conditions.

2.      The duration of the appointment shall for a three year period.
        The purpose of this post is related to the provision being made in affiliated hospitals for the
        increased intake to the MB programme.
        Should this post fall vacant on a permanent basis, the University reserves the right to fill this
        post through our normal recruitment process for such a post.

3.      The Unfair Dismissals Acts 1977 to 2001 and Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment
        Act 1973 to 2001 shall not apply to your dismissal, consisting only of the cesser of the said

4.      Your appointment is subject to a probationary period of one year’s duration. During the
        probationary period the appointee shall be subject to conditions of probation which will
        include such tests as may be determined by the Head of School. The appointment shall not
        be finally confirmed unless the Head of School is satisfied that the appointee, has at the
        conclusion of the probationary period, fulfilled the conditions of probation. If the appointee
        has at the conclusion of the probationary period failed to fulfil the conditions of probation
        the probationary period may be extended or the appointment may be terminated if such an
        extension is not deemed beneficial.

5.      This post is pensionable in accordance with the terms of these conditions, the Statutes of the
        University and decisions of Údarás na hOllscoile. The pension scheme is a contributory one,
        whereby a total salary deduction of 6.5% is made, 1.5% of this deduction is in respect of a
        spouse’s and children’s pension scheme.

6.      The holder of the post shall undertake such teaching, examining, research and other duties as
        may be required by Údarás na hOllscoile, on the recommendation of the College/Colleges
        concerned given with the approval of the Academic Council. He/she shall carry out these
        duties under the direction of the Head of the School or of an authorised senior member of
        the staff of the School

7.      The salary attaching to the post shall be €101,670 per annum.

8.      The holder of the post shall not undertake paid work outside the University without approval
        of Údarás na hOllscoile given through the President of the University.

9.      The holder of the post will be required to live in such a place as will allow him/her to attend
        place of employment and discharge his/her duties on a full-time basis.

10.     Annual leave will be granted in accordance with the normal University practice and
        conditions. Annual leave must be taken within the contract period.

11.     Sick leave is granted in accordance with the University’s sick leave policy and procedure.
        Salary payable during periods of sick leave shall be abated, where appropriate, by the
        amount of Social Insurance sickness benefit received. Information is available on the
        Human Resources Office website:
12.   The holder of the post shall give at least one months’ notice to the Registrar and Deputy-
      President, in writing, of intention to resign, such notice to expire on the last day of a lecture
      semester (i.e. 31st December or 30th June). Notwithstanding the fact that this is a specified
      purpose contract, the University reserves the right to terminate this contract prior to the
      cessation of the purpose on the giving of the appropriate period of notice set down by the
      Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts, 1973-2001.

13.   Údarás na hOllscoile may, in accordance with due procedure, terminate the appointment at
      any time on one month's notice in the event of unsatisfactory discharge of duties, or for
      serious misconduct.

14.   Performance Appraisal

      A system of regular appraisal will be operated during your employment, which will involve
      discussions between you and your Head of School in relation to your performance and

15.   HR Policies & Procedures
      All University policies and procedures form an integral part of this employment contract and
      may be subject to update and revision, from time to time, in consultation with staff
      representatives as appropriate. Information is available on the Human Resources Office
      Employee Assistance Programme
      Substance Abuse Policy
      Grievance Procedure
      Disciplinary Procedure
      Anti-Bullying Policy
      Managing Absence
      Trade Unions
      Principle of "Natural Justice"
      Health & Safety
      If you do not have web access and wish to receive any or all of these policies or procedures
      in hard copy, this request in writing, should be forwarded to the Human Resources Office.
      All University policies and procedures form an integral part of this employment contract and
      may be subject to update and revision, from time to time, in consultation with staff
      representatives, as appropriate.
      Should any of your personal details change during your employment with the University,
      please advise the Human Resources Office in writing so that your records can be updated

NAME:      _________________________________________________

ADDRESS:   _________________________________________________




SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________

DATE:            _________________________________________________

SIGNED ON BEHALF OF THE UNIVERSITY: __________________________

DATE:                                          ____________________

(a)   Ní foláir curriculum vitae iomlán a sholáthar—A full curriculum vitae must be submitted.
(b)   Beifer ag cóipeáil na hachoimre seo lena scaipeadh; ba chóir, mar sin, í a chlóscríobh nó a líonadh isteach go soiléir de láimh i ndúch
      dubh—This summary will be copied for circulation; accordingly, it should be typed or clearly handwritten in black ink.

A     An Post—Post                          Director of Medical Education, Letterkenny General Hospital Ref: 006888

      Title          Sloinne—Surname                                      Réamhainm(neacha)—Forename(s)

      Seoladh (do chomhfhreagras)—Address (for correspondence)


      An náisiúnach den AE thú?                    Sa chás nach náisiúnach den AE thú, an bhfuil ceadúnas oibre de dhíth
      Are you an EU national?                      If not, do you require a work permit?

B     Sonraí faoi Oideachas Tríú Leibhéal—Details of Third Level Education
      Ollscoil agus/nó eile        Ó         Go           Cúrsaí, Courses                        Cáilíochtaí, Qualifications
      University and/or other      From      To

C     Scoláireachtaí & Gradaim (tabhair an bhliain & ainm an údaráis dámhachtana)—Scholarships & Distinctions (give year of award &
      awarding body)

D     Ballraíocht/Comhaltacht de Chomhlachtaí/d’Fhorais Phroifisiúnta—Membership/Fellowship of Professional Bodies/Institutions

E     Cuntas ar Fhostaíocht—Employment Record
      Fostóir—Employer          Ó          Go                Teideal an Phoist – Title of Post   Príomhdhualgais      an       Phoist   –
                                From       To                                                    Principal Duties

F     Gnéithe ar leith de do chleachtadh proifisiúnta agus/nó ábhair spéise phroifisiúnta atá agat; líon na bhfoilseachán, líon na bhfoilseachán
      measúnaithe, líon na bpáipéar comhdhála, más ann dóibh.
      Specialised professional experience and/or particular professional interests; no. of publications, no. of refereed publications, no. of
      books, no. of conference papers, if any.

G     Teangacha agus cumas iontu (, líofa, an léamh amháin, agus srl.) Knowledge of Language (e.g., fluent, reading knowledge only,

H     Moltóirí (ainmneacha, seoltaí agus mionsonraí ríomhphoist agus gutháin líon nach lú ná triúr moltóirí agus nach mó ná 5 moltóirí) –
      Tabhair faoi deara, le do thoil, go rachfar i dteagmháil le moltóirí roimh an agallaimh.
      Referees (names, addresses including email and telephone details of at least 3 but not more than 5 referees) – Please note that
      references will be sought prior to interviews
                                                         EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES MONITORING FORM
      Please complete
                                                                                    Post Reference: Director of Medical
      Do not put your                                                               Education at LGH, Ref: 006888
        name on this

                                       THE EQUALITY MANAGER, NUI, GALWAY

NUI Galway is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a policy of equal opportunities for its current staff and potential
staff. In order to monitor the operation of this policy, it is necessary to collect certain key information to be used solely for the
purposes of monitoring.

Access to this information will be strictly controlled by the Equality Manager and will not be available to those considering your
application for employment. Monitoring will involve the use of statistical summaries of information in which the identities of
individuals will not appear. The information will not be available for any purpose other than equal opportunities monitoring. Your
co-operation in the completion of this form is appreciated.

1.      Are you employed by NUI Galway at present? Yes                                     No

2.      Gender:                                                      Female                   Male

3.      Marital Status:              Single                Married                                       Separated

        Divorced                           Widowed                   Living with Partner                     Other

4.      Family Responsibility: Parent                   Guardian             Carer            None           Other

5.      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual                       Homosexual                Lesbian            Bisexual

6.      Religion (if none, please indicate):

7.      Age:

8.      Disability includes all forms of disability, do you have any of the following listed conditions:

        Yes                  No
        If Yes, please indicate which of the following apply to you:
          a) Physical Disability (e.g. disability affecting mobility)
          b) Sensory Disability (e.g. visual or hearing impairment)
          c) Chronic illness (e.g. heart condition, bronchitis)
          d) Blood disorders (e.g. haemophilia, chronic anaemia)
          e) Mental Health Difficulty (e.g. schizophrenia)
          f) Emotional Health Difficulty (e.g. depression, phobias)
          g) Severe or specific Learning Difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, intellectual/mental disability)
          h) Drug Dependency (e.g. alcohol abuse, soft drugs)
          i) Other please specify _____________________ (e.g. severe
9.      Ethnic Origin/Race, please state:

10.     Member of Traveller Community:                              Yes                  No

Date completed: __________________________________________
              Adhmháil ar Iarratas/Acknowledgement of Application

Is mian liom d'iarratas ar an bpost thíos a adhmháil/
I wish to acknowledge receipt of your application for the following post:

Scríobh d'ainm agus do sheoladh sa
bhosca thuas/Write your name and
address in the above box.
                                                        Achmhainní Daonna/Human

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