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									Personal Protective Equipment:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) mentioned in this section addresses eye,
face, head, hand and foot protection. Respiratory protection and hearing
protection are found in separate programs. PPE is not used to substitute for
engineering, administrative controls, or safe-work practices, but used in
conjunction with these controls.
Departments shall provide employees the proper PPE used for their specific
tasks, and the employees must use them, as they are trained, to reduce risks of
an injury and/or illness.

PPE for eye or face protection is recommended when employees are exposed to
hazards of flying objects, projectile particles, liquid chemicals, acids or caustics,
chemical gases or vapors, or injurious light radiation. Protective eyewear shall
meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 standard, especially the
eyewear with side protectors for protecting from flying objects.

PPE for protection of the feet is recommended when employees working in areas
with risks of foot injuries due to falling, rolling or piercing objects. Safety
footwear shall meet ANSI Z41-1991 standard.

PPE for head protection is recommended in the areas where there is a danger of
impact and/or penetration from falling objects, or there is a possibility of hitting
one's head on protruding objects or pipes.

PPE for protection of the hands is recommended when employees are exposed
to hazards of skin absorption of harmful substances, chemical burns, abrasions,
cut, punctures or extreme temperatures. Not all types of gloves will meet all
types of hazardous situations. Glove selection is carefully evaluated based on the
characteristics, duration and conditions of each hazardous situation. Latex gloves
have been proven to cause latex allergies, nitrile gloves are recommended as a
substitute by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH.

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has a major role in
the developing, implementing and administrating the PPE Program such as:
Conducting hazard assessments. Determining if a need for PPE is justified.
Providing guidance for the selection of PPE. Assisting in the purchase of approved
PPE if necessary. Providing training on the proper use and maintenance of the
Department's Supervisors have these responsibilities:
Contacting EH&S for assistance of hazard assessment in work areas. Maintaining
records on hazard assessments. Ordering the approved PPE or necessary
equipment. Submit a request to EH&S for PPE approved before purchased.
Ensure that employees have PPE training of its proper use before wearing. Ensure
that employees wear PPE as instructed at training. Replacing defective or
damaged equipment immediately.
Employees' responsibilities consist of properly wearing and regularly maintaining
the assigned PPE in accordance with the training received.


Selection of PPE is based primary on the characteristics of the identified hazards
and the performance characteristics of the PPE in relation to the hazards
encountered. Ease in maintenance may be considered in PPE selection process.
Selection of equipment that meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
standards and/or Occupational Health and Safety Standards is strongly
recommended. Training is required prior to using PPE. The purpose of the PPE
training is for employees to know:

When and which PPE is necessary. The limitations of the PPE. To properly wear
the PPE, and how to adjust the PPE if adjustment is needed. The proper care and
maintenance of PPE. The proper disposal of the PPE.

Training is also needed when:

An employee changes job duties that require different PPE. An employee is found
to use PPE incorrectly. New PPE is approved and assigned. Assigned / approved
PPE is changed to a different style or type. It is for compliance purposes.

Training record will be kept at EH&S and made available upon request from the
trained employees, their supervisors or departments. The training certificate will
contain the name of the trained employee, date of the training, and the PPE
covered in the training.
                     Department of Environmental Health and Safety

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