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Valley of Flowers is tucked in the Himalayan Ranges in the Garhwal Mountain Ranges in Uttrakhand, the newly formed State from Uttar Pradesh.

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  Valley Of Flower A Fairy Land Tucked In The Garhwal
  Mountain Ranges
  By animasharma99 on September 6, 2012

  Valley of Flowers is tucked in the Himalayan Ranges in the Garhwal Mountain Ranges in
  Uttrakhand, the newly formed State from Uttar Pradesh. You will be bowled out by the beauty
  of the nature. The whole surroundings appear to be like a dream land with mighty snow
  capped mountains, beautiful blowing and snow feed rivers flown down the plains. In short you
  can called the whole place as a wonder land or fairy land

  Valley of Flowers or Fairy Land is spread about an area of 87. 5 sq kms. having more than
  500 verities species of flowers. It is tucked in the district of Chamoli in Uttarakhand. You can
  reach to this little paradise by trekking 16 kms. from Govindghat. As you trek you will come        Featured Stories
  across so of the most beautiful sights perhaps you can ever see in your life time. Dew drops
  lying on the flowers & grass, birds singing melodious song in the nearby forest and the air full
  of floral smells is enough to mesmerize you. This littler paradise was lost from the civilization
  for ages due to poor accessibility. But in the year 1931 it was re-founded again by Frank S.
  Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth British mountaineers who by chance reached here.
  Actually they were on their way to Mt. Kamet but got lost their way and reached this little
  fairyland. They were so much attracted towards the valley with its beautiful flowers in it that
  they named it as “Valleyof Flowers”. Earlier it was called Bhyundar Valley.

  When you go to this enchanting Valley of Flower you will come across a graveyard. This
  graveyard is of Miss Margaret Legge a botanist who came here in the year 1939. This young
  botanist came from all over England actually she was sent here to study about the plants and
  flowers of the valley by Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. But she died as slipped down
  while picking flowers. Later on when sister visited she erected a memorial in the same place        Most Impressive Post-Baby Bods
  where she slipped.

  This majestic Valley of Flowers is located between the mountain ranges of Zanskar
  Mountain of Ladakh and Great Himalayas. In the year 1982 this beautiful picturesque valley
  was declared as National Park and now it is World Heritage Site. According to our epic it is
  said that fairy from heaven came here and danced. Not only this it is also said that Hanuman
  collected Sanjeevani herbs from here to revive the life of Lakshmana brother of Lord Rama.

  This little paradise is rich with flora and fauna. It is a home to tahr, snow leopard, musk deer,
  red fox, common langur, bharal, serow, Himalayan black bear, Himalayan brown bear, Pika
  (Mouse hare) and a variety of butterflies. Among the important birds and pheasant are,
  Himalayan Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Snow Partridge, Himalayan Snowcock, Himalayan
  Monal, Snow Pigeon, Sparrow Hawk etc. You will number of flowers like poppies, primulas,
  marigold, daisies and anemones carpet and different types of wild orchards.
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  You will find no settlement here. So you will find no accommodation facility here. You have to      in Other Languages
  track down 16 km to Govindghat to find suitable accommodations. Here in Govindghat you will
  number of camps and forest guest house where you can put up for the night. The best period
  to visit to fairy land is during the month of June to October and rest of the years it remains
  covered with white layer of snow. So whenever you plan to travel here make sure to ask your
  tour operator to give you best packages with all the facilities.

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  is writing on various topics related to Adventure companies like: adventure in
  india, alaknanda rafting, adventure tours India, rafting rishikesh, trekking himalayas etc.

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