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									This brochure is meant as a reference guide to basic         use) the state will reimburse the traveler for half the       International                       11.75
travel questions. It assumes the user is familiar with       price of the ticket. Reimbursement requires the                 or actual expenses not to exceed $81/day
the "Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement                   passenger copy of the airline ticket or a copy of the
Handbook" which can be found in its entirety at the          booked itinerary from the Internet.                       Reduced Meal Allowance for meals provided at no
following Internet site:                                                                                               cost to the employee:
                                                                                    Car Rental                                                                                              Breakfast     Lunch     Dinner
                                                             Car rental reservations should be made in accordance
Terms, policies and procedures have been shortened in        with the agency’s travel policy. Reservations for in-
                                                             state car rental should be made with Enterprise and       In-state                    $ 7.50     $ 8.50    $ 16.00
order to fit within this guide.
                                                             charged to the agency’s Business Travel Account           Out-of-state                  7.50       8.50      16.00
Out-of-state and international travel requires               (BTA). Employees renting cars out-of-state are            Out-of-state (high)           8.50       9.50      18.00
approval as prescribed by the agency head.                   reimbursed by submitting the official receipt for the     Out-of-state
                                                             rental or charter with the travel claim form. Personal    xxspecial high cost          10.50      11.50       22.00
       TRANSPORTATION EXPENSES                               accident insurance (PAI), personal effects insurance      International                11.25      12.25       23.50
                                                             (PEI), and other supplemental liability insurance are
                                                             considered personal expenses and are not                  Meal reimbursement for same-day travel may be
                Mileage reimbursement                        reimbursable.                                             authorized by the agency in limited situations at the
     Motorcycles                       $ .305/mile                                                                     reduced meal allowance rates. See Paragraph 4100(E)
                                                             Information on insurance can be found at                  of the Travel Handbook for detailed guidelines.
     Automobiles                       $ .43/mile  
     Planes                            $1.07/mile            nsurance/.                                                Maximum lodging allowed including tips (traveler is
                                                                                                                       reimbursed for single occupancy only). Taxes
Mileage allowed within Kansas for motorcycles and            Information on accident reporting can be found at         associated with lodging may be reimbursed in addition
automobiles is based on the most direct route as listed      to the established maximum allowance:
on the Kansas Department of Transportation distance          ccidents/.
chart. Travel by privately owned airplane should use                                                                       In-state, and border city travel     $ 71.00
air mile distances (as the crow flies). An acceptable                    SUBSISTENCE EXPENSE                               Out-of-state                           89.00
site for verifying the air mileage is                                                                                      Out-of-state, high cost area          131.00                                               Meal Expense Reimbursement
                                                                                                                           Out-of-state, special high cost       146.00
                         Airfare                             Quarter Day Determination:                                    Conference Lodging qualified          Actual
                                                                                                                             under K.A.R. 1-16-18a(e) *
Airline tickets for travel within the United States may           Qtr I      12:01 A.M.   - 6:00     A.M                   International                          Actual
be purchased using the agency’s Business Travel                   Qtr II      6:01 A.M.   - 12:00    Noon
                                                                                                                       The daily lodging expense limitations above may be
Account (BTA) and in accordance with the agency’s                 Qtr III    12:01 P.M.   - 6:00     P.M.              exceeded by the lesser of either: (1) An additional 50%
travel policy. In addition, airfare can also be charged           Qtr IV      6:01 P.M.   - 12:00    Midnight          of the applicable lodging expense limitation; or (2) the
to an employee’s personal credit card. If airfare is
                                                                                                                       actual lodging expense incurred. Either of these must
charged to a traveler’s personal credit card, the traveler
                                                                  No meal allowance is allowed for the quarter in      be approved in accordance with the guidelines
will NOT be reimbursed for that airfare prior to the
                                                                  which the employee returns to the official station   established by the employee’s agency.
completion of the related travel. As travelers are
                                                                  or domicile.
making reservations through ticket outlets other than                                                                  *Actual conference lodging may be paid without limit
the State Travel Center, they need to be aware that air                                                                if approved by the appropriate agency official.
                                                             Meal Allowance Rate per quarter day (includes all tips
carriers have varying policies regarding the
                                                             associated with meals):
presentation of the actual credit card used to purchase                                                                               MISCELLANEOUS
airfare at the airport. When a traveler is combining              In-state, and border city travel       $ 8.00        Receipts are not required (except as required by the
personal travel and business travel, the employee must            Out-of-state                             8.00        paying agency) for taxi fare, shuttles, or turnpike
pay for the airline tickets and be reimbursed for the                                                                  receipts .
                                                                  Out-of-state, high cost area             9.00
business portion of the trip. For example, when buying
two for one tickets (where one ticket is for personal             Out-of-state, special high cost         11.00
                                         Philadelphia, PA
                                         Phoenix, AZ                                                 STATE OF KANSAS
      OUT-OF-STATE HIGH-COST AREAS       Pittsburgh, PA
                                         Portland, OR
Afton, OK, including Shangri-La Resort   Princeton, NJ                                           Department of Administration
Anchorage, AK                            Salt Lake City, UT
Aspen, CO                                San Antonio, TX                                        Division of Accounts and Reports
Atlanta, GA                              San Diego, CA
Atlantic City, NJ                        San Francisco, CA
Austin, TX                               San Jose, CA                                           EMPLOYEE TRAVEL EXPENSE
Avon and Beaver Creek, CO                San Mateo, CA                                          REIMBURSEMENT SUMMARY
Baltimore, MD                            Santa Barbara, CA
Barrow, AK                               Santa Cruz, CA
Boca Raton, FL                           Seattle, WA
Boston, MA                               South Padre Island, TX
Cambridge, MA                            Stamford, CT
Carmel, CA                               St. Louis, MO
Chicago, IL                              Sun Valley, ID
Cleveland, OH                            Tampa, FL
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX                    Tom's River, NJ
Denver, CO                               Tuscon, AZ
Edison, NJ                               Vail, CO
Fairbanks, AK                            Wailea, Maui, HI
Fort Meyers and Sanibel Island, FL       White Plains, NY
Hershey, PA                                                                                        Revised July 1, 2006
Hilton Head Island, SC                     SPECIAL HIGH-COST GEOGRAPHIC AREAS
Honolulu, Oahu, HI
Houston, TX                              New York, NY                                              KATHLEEN SEBELIUS
Indianapolis, IN                                                                                        Governor
Juneau, AK                               Washington D.C., including the cities of Alexandria,
Kaanapali Beach, Maui, HI                   Fairfax, and Falls Church, the counties of
Kailau-Kona, HI                             Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun in Virginia, and          DUANE GOOSSEN
Kaunakakai, Molokai, HI                     the counties of Montgomery and Prince Georges         Secretary of Administration
Keystone, CO                                in MD
King of Prussia, PA                                                                                 ROBERT L. MACKEY
Kodiak, AK                                                                                      Director of Accounts and Reports
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Los Angeles, CA                          Note: Specific questions regarding travel should be
Las Vegas, NV                            directed to your agency's business office.
Miami, FL
Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
Monterey, CA
Morristown, NJ
Nashville, TN
Newark, NJ
New Orleans, LA
Newport, RI
Nome, AK
Oakland, CA
Ocean City, MD

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