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									Environmental Coordination Group of Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen)

Minutes of Meeting No 3
Date: November 18, 2010, at 09.00-16.00 CET.
Place: Nordic Genetic Resource Center, Smedjevägen 3, Alnarp, Sweden.

Participants: Lars Landbo (LL) DK, Mats Ekenger (ME) NCM, Carina Knorpp (CK) SE, Lars Berg (LB) SE, Nina
Vik (NV) NO, Mari Rusanen (MRu) FI, Erik Persson (EP) NordGen, Lena Ansebo (LA) NordGen. Morten
Rasmussen (MRa) NordGen participated in point no 5.

Absent: Grethe Helene Evjen NO, Trondur Leivsson Faroe Isl, Adalsteinn Sigurgeirsson IS, Sigurdur Armann
Thrainsson IS.

    1. The chairman opens the meeting and wishes everyone welcome
    The meeting was opened, and members presented. EP informed that the Danish participant from the
    environment sector Bjerne Ditlevsen is to be retired and is not yet replaced in this group.

    2. Approval of the agenda
    Upon request it was decided to switch point 5 and 6 of the agenda. After this the agenda was

    3. Approval of the minutes from last meeting
    The minutes were approved.

    4. Presentation
    The presentation was done under point 1.

    5. News from NordGen
    MRa presented information about NordGen’s financial situation from the NordGen director Jessica
    Kathle, who was unable to attend the meeting.
    MRa also informed about on-going activities of NordGen Plants.
    A comment about the Food Unique project – the promotion of the link between use of locally produced
    food and conservation of genetic resources is interesting for this group.

    6. News from the participants
    The participants informed about news and activities on national level and at the Nordic Council of
    Ministers (NCM).

    7. International developments
    Discussion about the form of this point.
    Decision: a table is to be included in the meeting report, showing currant international developments,
    date, place, possible suggestions for national or Nordic actions, and levels of urgency. LL sends LA an
    example of a table.
    The Nagoya meeting on Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)
    The Nagoya meeting is too recent to discuss the outcome.
Decision: Deeper information and discussion about the Nagoya outcome and national implementations
will be held at the next meeting; MRu can at the next meeting inform about the project of NordGen
Forest regarding forestry ABS in the Nordic region.

    International                                                      Joint Nordic
                                     Date         Place                                    National actions
    development/action                                                 action
    Nagoya meeting on access         October
                                                  Nagoya, Japan        Follow up           Follow up
    and Benefit Sharing, CBD         2010
    External review of ECPGR
    finished, upcoming               Autumn
                                                                       Follow up           Follow up
    Committee meeting will           2010
    decide further development
    EU directive for
                                                                       Follow up           Follow up
    conservation varieties
    EU frame program 7 for GR
    runs out, the Program            December
                                                                       Follow up           Follow up
    Comm. meeting will discuss       2010
    if prolonged.
    FAO information campaign
    about climate change and
    adaptation to it, and the
    role of genetic resources.

8. Activities 2010 – status
The tasks in the working program for 2010 and the minutes from last meeting were reviewed and
status reported.
Work Program 2010, tasks for 2010
In situ conference: Conclusion – presentations and discussions were of good quality and formed a
meeting platform for different sectors of expertise, but there was a lack of representatives from the
management side. The on-line broadcast worked well, presentations and discussions are available on-
line, via NordGen web pages.
Genetic resources and climate change: EP has circulated a draft of a short report about GR and climate
change, aiming at policy makers and indicating the importance of GR in the respect of climatic change.
The report is further in these minutes referred to as the ‘policy paper’, and discussed under point 9.
‘International development’ permanent point on the agenda: implemented.

Minutes from last meeting
Clarification of NCM’s different working groups: EP and NCM will discuss which groups can be relevant
for collaboration with this group. Invited coordinators of the Terrestrial Ecosystem Group (TEG) and the
Environment and Economy group were unable to attend.

9. Work plan for 2011
The proposed work plan for 2011 was discussed, suggestions from the 2nd GRIPA workshop were
included. The same category grouping as last year is used. Category 1: to be completed this year; Cat 2:
can be started but not finished this year; Cat 3: issues to be dealt with in later discussions; Cat 4: issues
that should not be dealt with by this group (this category is not included in the final work plan).

        1. The value of genetic resources as an ecosystem service
     It is important to get an overview on what is done in the working groups of NCM regarding this
     topic, and to mediate to them what NordGen can contribute with.
     Decision: Cat. 2. To the next meeting EP and ME will make an overview of NCM working groups
     touching the areas of this group, inform what the groups are working on. The meeting will
     discuss how this group can contribute.

     2. Ex situ versus in situ conservation
     This task was considered to not be of immediate need, it could be part of task no 7.
     Decision: Cat. 4. The task is removed from the work plan.

     3. Meadow and landraces
     It is relevant that this group is informed by NordGen Farm Animals and invited to participate in
     activities within this topic.
     Decision: Cat. 3. NordGen Farm Animals is encouraged to initiate activities and invite this group
     for potential collaboration.

     4. Current status of the Nordic brown bee.
     NordGen Farm Animals will make a proposal for a research project, and invites EP to participate
     and have this group giving input. It was concluded that this group needs more information
     before taking a decision.
     Decision: Postponed to the next meeting, NordGen Farm Animals will be invited to inform
     about the project and the potential role of this group in the project.

     5. Changes in disease carrying vectors due to climate change
     The task was considered to have no direct need for this group’s participation. Comment: input
     from NordGen Farm Animals on the policy paper regarding this matter would be valuable.
     Decision: Cat 4. The project should be done by NordGen Farm Animals.

     6. Follow up on the ABS discussion
     There is a need to follow up the development. It is not clear whether different sectors have the
     same views on the meaning of ABS.
     Decision: More information needed. The ABS discussion will be followed up on the agenda
     under the point National reports and under International developments. Regarding the
     meaning of ABS, someone from the Animal genetic resources sector can be invited to the next
     meeting to give a presentation.

     7. Follow up on the in situ discussion I: Models
     The meeting considered this pilot project valuable. As a starting point, keywords are needed for
     the group members to be able to take the issue further on national level.
     Decision: Cat. 2. EP makes a draft proposal and circulates it in the group.

     8. Follow up on the in situ discussion II: Taking the mountain to Mohammed
     It was concluded that at the last GRIPA conference authorities and persons working with
     practical aspects of conservation and protected areas were lacking; it is important to make the
     results from the conference visible, targeting potential partners.
     Decision: Cat. 3. The lacking practitioners shall be contacted and informed about the outcomes
     of the GRIPA workshops, and invited to visit the web links of the last conference.

The following tasks for this group are suggested by the 2nd GRIPA workshop.
        9. The ‘Dirty hands proposal’
        This proposal is already discussed under task no. 7.

        10. PGR-Secure, and the project in 1995
        This point was a reminder to have in mind what has been and is being done.

        11. Lists of CWR – Nordic list
        Decision: Cat. 4.

        12. A European genetic resource day
        Decision: Cat. 4.

        13. Inventories of very old trees
        Decision: Cat. 4.

        14. GRIPA 3
        Decision: Cat. 3. Possibly for 2012 or after the pilot project.

        15. FAO PGRFA+CBD
        This has been discussed earlier.

        16. Status in the Nordic countries – in situ conservation
        The meeting considered this should be part of the pilot project.

        17. Protection and conservation of GR and use (GR and wild flora – Nordic compilation)
         This can be further discussed when the areas for conservation and the species within them are
        Decision: Cat. 4.

  EP will distribute the revised work plan for 2011 to the group. Deadline for giving input is two weeks
  after the distribution.
  The policy paper will be discussed on-line before and during the spring meeting.

10. Any Other Business/Next meeting
The annual report of this group is planned to be ready in the end of January.
Decision: the annual report will be published in the NordGen annual report, on the web page of this
group, and in the NCM annual report.

Next meeting was suggested to be in week 15: April 14, 2011, in Stockholm.

11. Conclusion of the meeting
The next draft of the policy paper will be distributed after the Christmas holidays.
The rough draft of the proposed pilot project on in situ conservation will be distributed to the group in
January for discussion.
Finland (Mru) will take over as chair of this group next year.
The meeting was ended.

Meeting secretary:                                     Meeting chair person:
___________________________   ___________________________
Lena Ansebo                   Lars Landbo

Group Coordinator:

Erik Persson

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