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1. Technical: Composition (layout), use of colour, use of media (How the student has
   manipulated the material on paper)

2. Presentation: Quality, wording on poster (relate to drawing)
3. Originality: Creativity, not a direct copy of a previous work

                          RULES AND REGULATIONS

1. The Poster competition should be individual work only for all three categories:
   primary, secondary and post secondary schools.

2. All posters must respect the theme of the competition:
   ‘Sustainable Energy for all’

3. All posters must be original. Any suspected reproduction will be disqualified.

4. All entries must be submitted to the Environmental Education Unit, PE/Co-
   curriculum Section, Ministry of Education, on or before 3rd August 2012.

5. Participants must write his/her name, age, class, school on the reverse side of the
   poster and not at the beginning/end of his/her works.

6. Poster should be portrait format on A2 size paper.

7. Wording on poster is maximum 10 words.

8. No computer graphics will be accepted on poster.

9. Poster should be in 2D, using wax, crayons, paints, charcoal, markers or collage (2D)

10. No limitation of colours to be used on poster.

11. Poster should be simple and clear in representational form.

12. Ensure that a summary of 50 words describing the poster is attached.

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