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									                           Curriculum Vitae

Hemapriya.R                             Permanent Address
                                         NJQ 2A,

                                         Contact No: +91 9842309066 (Mobile)


  To utilize my education, experience and other relevant talents for the
development of academic as well as advanced research through whole hearted and
sincere efforts. To provide myself an enriched career in the demanding field of
Environmental Science and Technology through learning & training of various
sound technologies and innovation in the current world of Science.

Personal Profile:
Date & Place of Birth :     09-04-1984; Neyveli
Sex                   :     Female
Father’s Name         :     C.V.Rajan
Marital status        :     Single
Nationality           :     Indian
Educational Qualifications:

   Degree/ Examination                Board / University        Year       % / CPI
       & Discipline
 Ph.D                         Tamil University,                 2011       Awarded
(Environemtal Sciences)       Thanjavur -613010,
                              All India Institute of Safety     2011        60%
 Diploma in Industrial Safety Management
 M Sc.                          Bharahidasan University,
 (Environmental Sciences)       Thiruchirappalli – 620017,                  79%
                                Tamilnadu, India.

 B Sc.                          Madras University,
 (Environmental sciences)       Neyveli- 686560, TamilNadu,
                                                                2004        69 %

Project Work:

Ph.D                :    Groundwater Resource and Environmental Impact with
                         Special Reference to Water Geochemistry in the Gadilam
                         River Basin Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques.

Guidance            :       Dr.K.Sankar,
                            Associate Prof,
                            Department of Industries and Earth Sciences,
                            Tamil University,
                            Thanjavur – 6130 010.

M.Sc                :       Assessment of Groundwater quality in Uyyakondan
                            Thirumalai, Village Based on [HWQI1].
Guidance            :       Dr.C.Raja,
                            PG and Research Department of Chemistry,
                            Bishop Heber College,
                            Trichirapalli – 620 017.

B.Sc                :    Rain water harvest in Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited

Guidance            :    P.Premalatha,
                         Head of the Department,
                         Department of Environmental Management,
                           Jawahar Science College,
                           Neyveli – 607 803.

Major Areas Studied under M.Sc.:

    Fundamentals of Physical Environment
    Environmental Biology and Biochemistry
    Environmental Chemistry
    Environmental Microbiology, Biotechnology and Toxicology
    Statistics for Environmental Sciences
    Computer Applications in Environmental Sciences
    Instrumental Monitoring of Environment
    Environmental Pollution
    Environmental Engineering
    Environmental Impact Assessment
    Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Environmental Sciences
    Sustainable Development
    Energy and Environment
    Industrial Pollution and its Control

Laboratory Experience:

    Environmental Engineering (Waste Water Engineering and Air Quality
    Environmental management practices with EIA
    Detailed Chemical and Microbiological Analysis of Air, Water and Soil
    Experience in using Gas Chromatography, Atomic Absorption
      Spectrophotometer, UV- Visible Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer,
    GIS Analysis using GIS Softwares

Work Experience:
JRF (2007 – 2009) in Tamil University
SRF (2009 – 2010) in Tamil University
Scope E-knowledge from Chennai as a consultant (Technical Analyst)
Taxonomy creation (mapping and indexing in environmental domain) (1 Year)
Computer Knowledge
    Knowledge of operating system Windows
    MS-Office, SPSS, Adobe Photoshop,
    MapInfo, ArcInfo 9.3, Erdas Imagine 9.3 (GIS Softwares)

Languages Known:

           Speak                        Read                         Write

           English                     English                       English
           Tamil                        Tamil                         Tamil

Trainig Program:

Company              :      Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd,
Guidance             :      Dr.M.S.R.Swami (Senior Manager)
                            Environmental Cell,
                            CPCL, Chennai.

2).I had completed a Professional Training in “Application of Remote Sensing and
GIS for Mineral Exploration (GSI-ISRO Collaborative Programme) conducted by the
Geological Survey of India Training Institute, Hyderabad, from 22nd January to 5th
April 2007.

Paper Presentation:
      Presented a paper in National Conference on “Recent Trends in Biological
       Scenario” – Study of Garbage Disposal and utilization in NLC Township.
      Assessment of Ground water Quality in Uyyakondan Thirumalai Village
       based on HWQI1.
Paper Publication:
      Geologic and Geomorphologic Investigation of Gadilam River Basin (India).
       -   International Journal of Environmental Research and Development.
      Evaluation Of Ground Water Potential Zones In The Gadilam River Basin
       Using Geospatial Technology - National Workshop on GEODIMMS, Dept. Of
       Industries and Earth Sciences, Tamil University, Thanjavur.
      Groundwater Quality Assessment in Gadilam River Basin, Tamil Nadu (India)
       - National Workshop on GEODIMMS, Dept. Of Industries and Earth Sciences,
       Tamil University, Thanjavur.
      Assessment of Nitrate Contamination in Gadilam River Basin, Tamil Nadu –
       International Journal of Hydrological Sciences
      Hydrogeochemical and Groundwater Quality in the Gadilam River basin,
       Tamil Nadu – International Journal of Hydrological Sciences

Under Communication:
1. Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Geochemical Data of Groundwater in Gadilam
River Basin, TamilNadu, (Submitted): Geological Society of India.
2. Groundwater Quality in the Uyyakondanthirumalai Village based on HWQ1,
TamilNadu (Submitted): Journal of Water Quality Index
3. Land use / Land Cover in the Gadilam River Basin, TamilNadu (Submitted):
Journal of Remote Sensing

List of Journals acted (acting) as a Reviewer
           1. Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Reviewer)
           2. Journal of Hydrology (Reviewer)

Areas of Interest
1. Biodiversity Conservation
2. Natural Resource Management
3. Hydrological Remote Sensing
4. Disaster Management
5. Environmental Impact Assessment

    Dr.K.Sankar
     Associate prof,
     Dept. of Industries and Earth
     Tamil University, Thanjavur.
     Phone: +91 9842633753                    Dr.C.Raja, Lecturer,
                                               Dept. of Chemistry,
        Sri. Alagappa Moses,                  Bishop Heber College,
         Head,                                 Tiruchirappalli.
         Dept. of Environmental Sciences,,     Phone:+919443532163
         Phone: +91 9842490051

      I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of
my knowledge and belief.

Place:                                                 ( Hemapriya.R )

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