Descriptive Writing about the one i admired the most by powellchevy


									                                      The person I admire most.

She is of Indian descendant. Her height is approximately 5 3inches. Her neatly shaved eyebrow stands in
her forehead when she gets angry. Her radiant smile brightens any room, she has a seductive yet fierce
look in the eyes, with the face of an oval her straight nose stands, and she has the hair of Rapunzel
(straight, black and soft). She is one of the most sophisticated people that I have ever met. She
possesses charming personalities any one would adore a kind that every young girl would want to
emulate. As a young lady she grooms herself well. Her punctuality outshines others. She distinguished
herself and has contributed immensely towards her lesson. She is young articulated and takes keen
interest in aiming to get a good education.

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