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Issues Paper on a Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia

Name: Stochelli, Glenn
Suburb and State: Melbourne VIC
Date of Submission: 24/2/11

After reading Kelvin Thomson’s newsletter, the population issue is one that caught my attention.
Australia & the world is spiraling out of control with the population increase. We are seeing it on the
front line with wars, unemployment, starvation, environmental consequences, homelessness, crime,
greed, riots etc.
The world population must stabilize if it is to continue. We should only be reproducing ‘mum & dad’
to stabilize the human population. Families, particularly of middle eastern background who see
nothing wrong with having large families of 5 or more offspring are obviously oblivious to our or
even their children’s futures.
World leaders must take a firm stance in stabilizing the human population, just as laws have been
introduced to slow the pest & domestic animal populations in the way of culls & desexing, laws must
also be introduced, as I believe it has in China, to stop large families.
With so many abandoned & unwanted babies & children in the world & with desperate would be
parents who are unable to have their own offspring, adoption for these people & not just the rich
celebrities could perhaps be made a little easier without so much red tape leading to
The world will starve of sustainable resources if it continues on the path it is currently on. We only
need ‘one for mum, one for dad,’ but we don’t need one for the country, as one previous high
profile Politian suggested. The country & the world, with this help, will take care of itself.
Come on leaders, help the population make some noise on this issue.

Sincerely, Glenn Stocchelli, Melbourne.

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