AP Environmental Science Course Application by 6kMH18


									                    AP Environmental Science Course Application
                               Science Department

Student Name: _______________________________________________________

           COURSE                                  LEVEL          GRADE
           Biology I, 321                             1           B- or better
           Chemistry I, 328                           1           B- or better

 Advanced Placement Course Requirements: The School Committee requires
 that any student enrolled in an Advanced Placement course must sit for the AP
 examination. It is expected that the student or his or her family will bear the cost of
 the examination, as they do for other College Entrance Examination Board exams.
 However, scholarship help is available for any student where this condition might
 create a hardship. See School Committee Policy ICDG.

 Any student who does not complete an AP course, including the examination, will
 have the “AP” designation removed from his or her transcript, and rank in class
 will be re-computed with the grade for the course weighted as a level 1 course.
 These students will also be required to take a departmental final exam which will
 count as 10% of the final grade for the year.

 Student’s Signature: ___________________________________________

 Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________

 Please RETURN APPLICATION to GUIDANCE by Friday, February 10, 2012.

To be completed by the Guidance Dept. and Science Dept. after submittal of

Guidance Office:
Biology, Level 1 Grade: ______________
Chemistry, Level 1 Grade: ____________

Department Recommendation:           YES      NO     INITIALS_____ DATE______

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