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									                                        Cookie Mining
The mining of our country’s natural resources is not just a simple matter of finding the desired ore and
digging it up. Important economic and environmental considerations are involved in any mining
venture. These include property costs, mining equipment costs, operational costs, and land reclamation
costs. Fines for violations of environmental regulations may also be incurred. If a mining corporation
is to make a profit, the value of the recovered ore must be greater than the sum of all of its mining
costs plus any environmental fines. In this lab you will create a mining corporation and attempt to run
a cookie mining operation that is both profitable and environmentally sound.

1. First, you will create a corporation to run your cookie mining operation. You will decide the mining
style of your corporation and use that information to select your cookie and the proper tools for the
mining operation. All information regarding your mining venture will be recorded on your Cookie
Mining Worksheet. You will have $19.00 to fund your operation.

2. Next, you will purchase your cookie (mining property). Each cookie contains minable ingredients
(ore): chocolate chips.
    o Property A – $3.00
    o Property B – $5.00
    o Property C – $7.00

3. Before the mining operation can begin, you will need to determine the original size and topography
of your cookie using a sheet of graph paper. You will make two accurate drawings of the original
cookie. For one drawing you will trace the outline of the intact cookie on the graph paper. For the other
drawing you will look at the side profile of the cookie and then make a cross-sectional diagram that
will estimate the original topography. After mining is completed, the “Inspector” will use both of these
drawings in order to assess fines.

4. You will then mine your cookie for its ore using only the rented tools (i.e. no hands). Choose the
proper tools for your mining operation. Mining tools include items such as toothpicks and paper clips.
You can choose any two tools out of a choice of three. Damaged or broken tools must be replaced at
double the initial cost. The mining operation will be timed in order to determine its cost. The
maximum time for mining is 5 minutes. Each minute will cost $1.00.
    o Flat Toothpick – $2.00
    o Round Toothpick – $4.00
    o Paper Clip – $6.00

5. After removing the ore from your cookie you must determine its value. The value of the ore is $2.00
per chocolate chip. Small pieces of chocolate chips can be put together to make a complete chip.

6. Next you will perform a reclamation operation on your cookie so that it matches its original size and
topography as closely as possible. The reclamation operation will be timed in order to determine its
cost. The reclaiming cost is $1.00 per minute. Upon completion, an "inspector" will evaluate the
reclamation and assess fines for any deviations from the cookie's original state. The fines will range
between $2.00 and $10.00.

7. Finally, you will use the information on your Cookie Mining Worksheet to determine the costs of
your mining operation, the costs of any fines and the income you received for the ore. By combining
these figures, you will determine whether or not your corporation made a profit or a loss.
                                Cookie Mining Worksheet

1. Name of cookie mine corporation = ______________________________

2. Price of cookie = __________($3.00, $5.00, or $7.00)

3. Equipment:

      Flat Toothpick __________ x $2.00 = __________
      Round Toothpick __________ x $4.00 = __________
      Paper Clip __________ x $6.00 = __________

4. Mining: __________ minutes x $1.00 Cost of removing chips = ____________________

                      Total Cost of Mining = ____________________

5. Chip removal: Number of chips: __________x $2.00

                         Value of Chips = ____________________

6. Reclamation: __________minutes x $1.00 = ____________________

                                    Total value of the mine:

        Value of the Chips – Total cost of Mining – Reclamation Cost = Total Profit or Loss

       __________________- ________________ - ________________ = ________________
Questions and Conclusions
                            Answer the following questions on loose-leaf.

1. Were your ore materials evenly distributed throughout the cookie mine? Do you think this is a
realistic simulation?

2. Explain the process that you used to extract your mineral (i.e. Chocolate Chip).

3. Were you able to restore the mined cookie to exactly its original size and topography?

4. What do you think the results of an actual mining reclamation operation would be? Be sure to
consider the internal integrity of the land. How does a reclamation operation impact the plant
populations, animal populations, water cycle and soil?

5. Is the additional expense of mine reclamation necessary? Why or why not?

6. Changing the way we extract a mineral resource from the environment could mean that we could not
mine as much of the resource.
    o What would the reduced amount of resources mean to consumers, the mining company and
       society overall?
    o Discuss some ways you can reduce your need for mined resources?

7. According to your Cookie Mining Worksheet, was the total value of your mining operation positive
or negative? What does this mean?

8. Write a summary and conclusion of your results. You may want to include the following:
    o What were your results?
    o What was the easiest and most difficult part of the mining process?
    o If you were to mine a cookie again what changes (if any) would you make so that you could
       turn a greater profit?
    o What are your views of mining now? Have they changed?

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