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Illinois DOD Environmental Partnership Meeting notes from October by 6kMH18


									Illinois DOD Environmental Partnership Meeting notes from October 7, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 10:30

The minutes were accepted.

The award recommendation for Mark Stucko from the 88th Regional Readiness
Command, Area Maintenance Activity No. 48, in Bartonville, IL was approved. The
certificate will be presented at the next G4 meeting in Camp Snelling, MN.

It was agreed that the Annual Achievement reports will be submitted bi-annually instead
of annually.

The group meetings will continue to meet quarterly. Telephonic conference calling will
be tried at the next meeting. Both Phil Kaplan and Tony Nesky will investigate what
need to be done to set up this call and will forward the telephone number to call into to
Mike Springman for dissemination to the group members.

It was agreed by the members present that the meetings are important for information
exchange between the members. When asked what direction the group should head in, it
was voiced that the group members needed help due to personnel shortages and
additional workloads. The potential for a Group Compliance Assistance team was
discussed. The idea that group members could focus their efforts on a particular
installation to prepare reports, perform compliance audits and to submit permit
applications was voiced. Members agreed that pooling resources and working together
could relieve the pressure on facilities feeling the personnel pinch.

Members were asked to report their areas of expertise to Mike Springman so that this
could be disseminated to other group members.

Mike Springman agreed to review past achievement reports and P2 assessment reports to
try to determine the impact that the group has had and to report these accomplishments.

The next meeting will be held telephonically on January 13, 2005 at 0900. The telephone
number to call will be sent through email notification.

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