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									               Indiana Environmental Health Association, Inc.
                  P.O. Box 457• Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-0457

Dear Sir/Madam:

Each year, the Indiana Environmental Health Association (IEHA) hosts a Fall Educational Conference where
current public and environmental issues are presented and discussed. This year’s conference will be held September
29 – October 1, 2008 at Belterra Conference Center, located in Florence, Indiana and the theme is “Dealing with
Today’s Environmental Disasters”. The IEHA Fall Conference is an essential tool for bringing the very latest in
environmental and public health education to our members. For 2½ days, members are introduced to the latest ideas
and strategies for protecting the public from environmental and health threats.

You have an opportunity to participate and/or support IEHA in this endeavor:

     Participate as a sponsor; See Sponsorship categories and form.
     Represent your organization and/or industry by exhibiting products and services of interest to members;
      See Exhibitor form and package shipping label.
     Advertise your organization and/or industry in our conference program; See Advertiser form.
     Donate complimentary materials for door prizes, silent auction items and conference bag promotions;
      See Complimentary Materials information.

If you are interested in the environmental field, we strongly urge you to support IEHA. IEHA members routinely
come in contact with thousands of people with environmental and public health problems and those people are in
need of your services. Enclosed you will find our 2008 Conference information. Please consider all of these
opportunities as a way to support IEHA and the State of Indiana. The revenue generated is essential in attaining our

For more information about IEHA, please visit our website at If you have questions, contact me or
Tami Barrett, Board Secretary at 317/233-7168 (day), 812/597-4778 (evening) or via e-mail
at Thank you for taking time to consider our request. We look forward to hearing back
from you and seeing you in September.


Mark Mattox

Mark R. Mattox, President-Elect
IEHA Fall Conference Chair


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  2008 Fall Conference - Sponsorship Categories & Form

          2008 Fall Conference - Exhibitor Form

   2008 Fall Conference - Belterra Shipping Label Form

          2008 Fall Conference - Advertiser Form

2008 Fall Conference - Complimentary Materials (letterhead)

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