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                               Biographical Information
                                      Dr. Rod O’Connor
                                       1300 Angelina Ct.
                                  College Station, TX 77840
                                         (979) 693-5804

  B.S. in Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics, Southeast Missouri State College, 1955, summa
cum laude, with Honors in Chemistry; Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California @
Berkeley, 1958; Postdoctoral Research, University of Colorado, summer 1959.

Professional Chronology
   Proprietor, Chemical Consulting Services 1993 to date; Professor of Environmental Studies,
Baylor University 1996-99 [Retired 1999]; Instructor in General and Organic Chemistry,
Kaplan Educational Centers 1996-2002; President, Texas ROMEC, Inc. 1986-98; Professor
of Chemistry, Texas A&M University 1973-86; Visiting Professor, Washington State
University 1972-73; Professor of Chemistry, University of Arizona 1968-72; Visiting Associate
Professor and Staff Associate in the Advisory Council for College Chemistry, Stanford
University 1967-68; Associate Professor, Kent State University 1966-67; Visiting Professor,
Burdwan University (India) summer 1965; Assistant Professor 1960-63, Associate Professor
1963-66, Montana State University; Assistant Professor , University of Omaha 1958-60; NSF
Fellow 1955-57, Proctor & Gamble Fellow 1957-58, University of California @ Berkeley.

Honors & Awards
   National “Catalyst” Medal, Chemical Manufacturers Association; Faculty Distinguished
Achievement Award, Texas A&M University; Tour Speaker of the Year Award, American
Chemical Society; Teaching Excellence Award, College of Science, Texas A&M University;
Award of Merit for Teaching, Gamma Sigma Delta, Texas A&M University; Outstanding
Professor Award, Montana State University; Alumni Achievement Award, Southeast Missouri
State University; featured in news stories in TIME Magazine, US Magazine, the Dallas
Times-Herald, CBS News (TV) and Paul Harvey (radio); elected Fellow of the American
Academy of Sciences; elected Fellow of Sigma Xi Research Honorary; elected Fellow of The
American Institute of Chemists; nominated by the Texas A&M University Department of
Chemistry for the American Chemical Society Award in Environmental Chemistry.
Publications and Presentations
   42 patents, 38 books and booklets (including 6 foreign translations), 123 technical reports and
published papers, 3 book chapters, 35 instructional motion pictures, 76 instructional videotapes
(broadcast on University of the Air, New York and winning a Best of West Award for
Instructional Television), 97 technical presentations and invited lectures to colleges, universities,
industries, and professional societies in 47 states and 3 foreign countries.

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