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									Small                                    Remotely Piloted Stratospheric Aircraft
Business                                                           Aurora Flight Sciences
Innovation                                                                  Manassas, VA

  Remotely piloted aircraft and propulsion system capable of low-speed stratos-
  pheric flight for the in-situ measurements of atmospheric chemistry


Development of a liquid oxygen/gasoline powered, closed-cycle engine
Design and fabrication of high-temperature heat exchanger for exhaust gas
                                                                                                                  Perseus Aircraft
Extensive flight program for Perseus and Theseus aircraft

                         COMMERCIALIZATION                                                   GOVERNMENT/SCIENCE APPLICATIONS
 On the basis of Phase II results, Aurora was awarded two contracts by NASA-           As part of the Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor
Ames (NAS2-13481 AND NAS2-13842) to develop and build two Perseus A                     Technology (ERAST) Program, the Perseus and Theseus aircraft are
aircraft with high altitude (up to 55 thousand feet) capabilities by dint of a closed   being used in the study of ozone depletion, the effects of jet exhaust
cycle LOX/gasoline engine                                                               from high-altitude supersonic aircraft on the atmosphere, and basic
Successful operation of Perseus A aircraft resulted in additional funding              research into atmospheric chemistry
(ERAST Cooperative Agreements) for development and construction of a
Perseus B aircraft - a turbocharged version of Perseus A                                Hurricane tracking and analyis through in-situ measurements and
Additional NASA funds plus additional SBIR contracts from the National                 through the dispensing of dropwindsondes from high altitude
Science Foundation were given to Aurora for development and construction of
Theseus, a more advanced version of Perseus aircraft with twin engines and with         Development of a high-altitude, long-range aircraft to act as a military
three times the payload of Perseus                                                       telecommunications platform or reconnaissance vehicle
Total post-Phase II NASA funding for development, construction, and
operations of Perseus and Theseus aircraft amounts to $28.9 million, making it
the largest NASA Phase III on record. In addition to the revenue, the project has
also generated new jobs for 24 people
     Ames Research Center
     SS # 2-008 - Contacts:
     Aurora - Bill Bryant (703) 331-1050                                                1989 Phase 2, Contract No. NAS2-13255
     NASA - Jenny Baer-Reidhart (805) 258-3689

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