Interview with the Roommate of an alcoholic

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					                                                Interview with the Roommate of an Alcoholic

                                                This interview was obtained with permission from the interviewee.

                                                What made you decided to have an alcoholic roommate?

                                                  It was not a conscious decision. I moved in with him and he was reliable
                                                concerning home repairs and money, so I stayed. It was not until later on that I
                                                found out that he is an admitted drunk. He doesn’t try to cover it up at all.

                                                What are some of the drawbacks of having an alcohol roommate?

                                                   Well, this one is pretty reliable with money, like I said, but he keeps allowing
                                                really trashy girls into the house, who are not trustworthy or reliable, and they
                                                can just take whatever they want from my room when I’m not home. I feel like,
                                                when my roommate allows this kind of person into their own house, they’re
                                                allowing them into my room, as well. That is not acceptable to me.

                                                So, their lack of personal boundaries is, to some extent, leaving you open.

          Yeah. Exactly. They do not seem to realize that, when they are not watching these girls, the girls have full and easy
access to my personal belongings, and some of them have already proven that they do not recognize personal boundaries with

Are there are any other problems which you have with your alcoholic roommate?

          They’re really unsocial, unless they’re drunk, and they really only clean their house when they have a hot date coming
over. They do not, however, do anything with their home in between those times, and the place looks abandoned the rest of
the time. As if someone hasn’t lived there for years.

Do the two of you ever spend any time together? Socializing?

          No, we do not. Often, I feel as if we are not actually friends, but simply live in the same house. I am frequently ignored
or left out of the festivities, and sometimes it almost feels as if its personal. I do not even know how to get along with my
roommate anymore, and will probably be moving out soon.

Will that cost them a great deal in money?

          Yes, I have paid them several thousand dollars for rent in the year plus that I’ve lived here.


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