Herbalife-Story-PUSO by wuyunyi


									My name is Puso Mohlala, originally from Mpumalanga. Bushbuckridge, but
now living in Johannesburg Central, Jeppe. I am 21 years old and am an
Engineer by profession. Although I had an Engineering diploma, I could not
find a job… so I found myself trying anything to earn money on a daily basis to
survive! I started selling “ DVD’s, laptops, etc which was in a BIG HEAVY
BAG.” I travelled by Taxi carrying this bag around, from place to place to try
and earn some money, trying to find someone who would buy – but days were
tough, as everyone already had the products I was trying to sel. If I was lucky,
I would earn R25 profit a day - this would give me Taxi money to get back
home to Lenasia where I was living in a SHACK…and a little left over money
for some food!! Life was tough and depressing I could not see a way forward
to make money!!! I was constantly being robbed by the bad guys and they took
what little money I had!! One day, I met a white lady in the Taxi while going
home , Laura Moggach, and she told me about a International Business
Opportunity – where I could start my own business, and if I worked hard, I
could earn a lot of money – and work towards becoming a Millionaire – I WAS
DEFINITELY, IMMEDIATELY INTERESTED!!! She invited me to a meeting in
Four Ways –I met Jonas from Witbank, who was 30 years old and earning
R30000 per month at the time WOW – and I said to myself if he can do it
“WHY NOT ME?”… I made a decision immediately and signed up with this
company called Herbalife in February 2010. (I had to loan the money R850 to
buy the bag to register, from my Father - who by the way was very unhappy
about my choice of job). He had paid a lot of money for my education – and
now he could not understand why I now wanted to buy a “bag” to do business
– as a career when I was an Engineer!!!

Before Herbalife, I had lots of health issues – my nose kept bleeding too
much, I was hyperactive ADD and was speaking so fast, that no one could
understand a word I was saying and I was very underweight. I was ill in bed
just before having to write my matric exams - my parents were very worried
and took me to Doctors, who could not find out what the problem was. The
Doctors said my blood was flowing too fast in my body and suggested that I
have a brain operation to solve the problems… I was not going to do that, I
was scared of what they wanted to do!! I battled on daily with the problems –
bleeding, my Hyperactivity improved – I started feeling fantastic, lots of            Right Here
energy… became healthy and put on 8kg in 2 months… my whole life
changed HEALTH AND MONEY WISE… and I became “teachable, attending                     Right Now
all the meetings” as my sponsor had told me to do… and 8 months later – in
October 2010 – I MOVED FROM THE SHACK IN LENASIA TO MY OWN                            Join Me...
FLAT IN JEPPE – I felt safe, had bathroom facilities, a kitchen….and life was
shining back at me… because I was now earning R10000 per month and
more…..on my way to Millionaires Team by just helping other people get what
they wanted.. I have started to build my own home in Bushbuckridge – and
will buy myself a car in 2012…. The stars are shining for me, I am happy with
my life…. It is bright – the future – and all I do daily is help and care for other
people, to get their health better – and talk to them about starting their own
business…. And the company pays me to say thank you!! WHAT A
OWNER – NO BOSS!!!                    CAN DO THIS BUSINESS IN 74
HERBALIFE AND MARK HUGHS for helping to change my life…….I am
blessed to have met this company… following their step by step training to get
to the top!!
                                                                  Thank you

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