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                                           Seventh Grade Social Studies
                     History/Government & Civics/Geography/Culture & Society/Economics
 Kentucky                7th Grade         Vocabulary             Concepts Seventh Grade                    Suggested Open
   Core                  Program                                   Students Should Know                        Response
 Content                 of Studies                                                                        Questions/Answers
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History Strand           Students will     Domesticate       Early people lived in groups and            Discuss how Hammurabi and
SS-M-5.1.1               develop a                           cooperated to hunt animals and gather       Moses were similar and their
Different                chronological     Sumerians         plants.                                     long term effect on human
perspectives             understandin                                                                    civilizations.
(e.g., gender,           g of early        Israelites        Early people learned to domesticate plants (Possible answer:
race, region,            world                               and animals.                                Hammurabi and Moses were
ethnic group,            history.          Ten                                                           leaders who are remembered
nationality, age,                          Commandments      The domestication of plants and animals let for the connection to a set of
economic status,         Students will                       people settle and caused great changes in   laws. Hammurabi believed
religion,                use a variety     Phoenician        their ways of life.                         in the idea that laws should
politics) result         of tools (e.g.,   alphabet                                                      be written down for all to
in different             primary and                         As populations increased, some farming      see. Moses believed that
interpretations          secondary         Lydians’ use of   villages grew into cities.                  people should live by the Ten
of historical            sources, data,    coined money                                                  Commandments. Both of
events.                  artifacts) to                       The ancient Sumerians developed creative    these ideas are in effect
                         understand        Egyptians         ways to solve the problems of city life.    today.)
History Strand           the
SS-M-5.1.2               interpretive      Nile River        Unlike many other early cultures, the       Discuss how the Sumerian
Primary                  nature (how                         ancient Israelites believed in one          cuneiform and the
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum      9/14/2012                                                       2

sources,             perceptions      Hieroglyphic     God. They lived by the teachings of the       Phoenician alphabet were
secondary            of people and    writing          Ten Commandments.                             similar and their long term
sources,             passing of                                                                      effect on human civilizations.
artifacts, and       time             Middle Kingdom The Phoenician alphabet and the Lydians’        (Possible answer: Sumerian
time lines are       influence                       use of coined money brought about great         cuneiform symbols were
essential tools in   accounts of      New Kingdom    change.                                         wedge-shaped markings on
the study and        historical                                                                      soft clay. The Phoenician
interpretation       events) of       Persians         The early Egyptians lived in villages along   alphabet was made up of
of history.          world history                     the Nile River. The Nile shaped life,         letters that stood for single
                     from early       Romans           farming, trade, and religion in Egypt.        sounds. The use of these
History Strand       civilizations                                                                   writing systems made it
SS-M-5.1.3           prior to 1500    Nubian culture   Huge building projects were completed         easier to trade, keep records,
History is a         A.D.                              during Egypt’s Old Kingdom.                   and pass on information to
series of                             Kingdom of       Hieroglyphic writing also developed at this   new generations and peoples.
connected events     Students will    Kush             time.                                         Written alphabets are in use
shaped by            analyze the                                                                     today around the world.)
multiple cause-      social,          Kushite          Egypt expanded its borders and traded
and-effect           political, and   pharaohs         with distant lands during the Middle          List some advantages of
relationships,       economic                          Kingdom and New Kingdom.                      living in bands.
tying the past to    changes in       Meroe                                                          (Possible answer: Living in
the present.         human                             Egypt weakened after the New Kingdom.         bands made it easier to meet
                     societies in     Kushites         Persians, Romans and others controlled        needs for food, clothing, and
History Strand       historical                        Egyptian lands at different times.            shelter. It also provided the
SS-M-5.2.1           eras prior to    Indus Valley                                                   benefits of shared experience
America’s            1500 A.D.                         Nubian culture developed south of Egypt,      and protection.)
diverse society      (Early           Hinduism         in what is today Sudan. Nubian and
began with the       Human                             Egyptian culture influenced each other.       Explain how migration
“great               Communities      Buddhism                                                       changed the population of
convergence” of      , Early                           The Nubian kingdom of Kush conquered          the world.
European,            Civilizations    India            Egypt in 730 B.C. Egypt’s twenty-fifth        (Possible answer: Each new
African, and         and Empires,                      Dynasty was made up of Kushite pharaohs.      band generation expanded its
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum       9/14/2012                                                     3

Native American      Western         Gupta Empire                                                    range two or three miles in
people beginning     Europe and                         The production of iron helped Kush           order to find adequate food.
in the late 15th     Feudalism,      King Darius        establish a vast trade network centered in   Eventually, by this process,
century.             Middle Ages,    Persian Empire     Meroe. Kushites were among the first         humans spread throughout
                     Age of                             ironworkers in Africa.                       the world.)
History Strand       Exploration).   Philosopher
SS-M-5.2.2                                              The physical setting of the Indus Valley     Discuss how agriculture
The ideals of        Students will   Confucius          civilization affected the development and    changed early societies.
equality and         examine the                        survival of its well-planned cities.         (Possible answer: People
personal liberty     impact of       Warring                                                         stayed in one place, built
(rise of             significant     Kingdoms           The religions of Hinduism and Buddhism       year-round shelters, and
individual rights,   individuals     Period             began in ancient India. These religions      formed small villages. Food
economic             and groups                         have affected life in Asia for centuries.    production increased, as did
freedom,             on world        Shi Huangdi                                                     the rate of population
colonial             history prior                      The Gupta Empire in India brought about      growth. People became
governments,         to 1500 A.D.    Great Wall         a time of growth in the arts, writing,       vulnerable to loss from bad
religious                                               mathematics, and medicine.                   weather and war. Cleared
diversity,           Students will   Minoans                                                         land decreased the
Declaration of       recognize                          Strong leaders such as King Darius helped    population of wild animals.)
Independence,        cause-and-      Mycenaeans         the Persian Empire grow.
Constitution of      effect                                                                          Discuss how food surpluses
the United           relationships   Greece             The beliefs of the ancient Chinese people    led to a division of labor in
States), as          and multiple                       affected the growth of their civilization.   Sumer.
developed during     causes of       Spartans                                                        (Possible answer: Because
the colonial         events in                          The Chinese philosopher Confucius lived      fewer people were needed to
period, were         early world     Athenians          during a time of disorder known as the       produce food, some were free
motivations for      history.                           Warring Kingdoms Period. Confucius           to develop ideas for
the American                         Democratic         taught that certain virtues were needed to   inventions. With the advent
Revolution and       Students will   government         bring order in society.                      of new inventions, people in
proved               examine the                                                                     Sumer learned to control
instrumental in      essential       Greek city-state   The emperor Shi Huangdi united many          water by building dikes and
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                                                     4

forging a new      roles of                        independent states to create China’s firstdigging canals.
nation.            government      Athens          empire. Shi Huangdi is remembered for     Technological advances led
                   in early                        his Great Wall and for bringing           to the invention of the wheel,
History Strand     civilizations   Alexander the   standardization to China.                 which enabled people to
SS-M-5.2.3         (establishing   Great                                                     move heavy objects, creating
The growth of      order,                          The seagoing Minoans and the Mycenaeans new jobs.)
democracy and      providing       Mediterranean   were among the earliest people to live in
geographic         security,                       the land now known as Greece.             Explain why early societies
expansion were     achieving       Monarchy                                                  needed governments.
significant in     common                          Later, the peoples of ancient Greece      (Possible answer: Early
American history goals).           Republic        developed different ways of life. The     societies became too large to
(e.g., Louisiana                                   Spartans built a military culture. The    keep order informally. Laws
Purchase,          Students will   Empire          Athenians developed a democratic          and organization were
Manifest           compare and                     government.                               therefore needed.)
Destiny, impact    analyze         Christian
on Native          various         religion        Times of peace in the Greek city-state of    Discuss how the Israelites,
Americans, early forms of                          Athens led to growth and the development     the Phoenicians, and the
industrialization, government      Olmec culture   of new ideas.                                Lydians changed society.
early women’s      in early                                                                     (Possible answer: The
rights             civilizations   Mesoamerican    The conquests of Alexander the Great         Israelites gave the worship of
movement).         prior to 1500   civilizations   introduced Greek culture to the peoples of   one God and the Ten
                   A.D.                            the Mediterranean.                           Commandments. The
History Strand                     Mayas                                                        Phoenicians gave the first
SS-M-5.2.4         Students will                   Roman government changed from a              alphabet. The Lydians were
Political, social, investigate     Aztecs          monarchy to a republic to an empire.         the first to use coined money
economic, and      the                                                                          issued by the government.)
cultural           development     Incas           Augustus united many groups of people
differences (e.g., of human                        under the Roman Empire.                      Discuss how life might be
slavery, tariffs,  rights prior    Environment                                                  different today if we
industrialism vs. to 1500 A.D.                     The Christian religion spread throughout     bartered instead of using
agrarianism,                       Government      the Roman Empire.                            money.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum     9/14/2012                                                        5

federal vs. states’   Students will    systems                                                       (Possible answer: We would
rights) among         recognize the                   As the great animal herds disappeared,         be able to “buy” something
sections of the       importance       Technologies   early people began hunting smaller game        only if we had a good or
U.S. resulted in      of physical                     and foraging for food. In time, bands          service that the owner
the American          environment                     settled in different parts of the Americas.    wanted.)
Civil War.            (e.g., natural
                      resources,                      Olmec culture, religion, and government        Discuss how Egypt and
History Strand        natural                         influenced later Mesoamerican                  Nubia influenced each other.
SS-M-5.3.1            disasters,                      civilizations.                                 (Possible answer: Egypt and
As early hunters      natural                                                                        Nubia influenced each
and gatherers         barriers) in                    The Mayas adapted to change in many            other’s religion, culture, and
developed new         the                             ways. They used unique ways of farming         government. Both groups
technologies,         settlement                      to grow food in the rain forests.              lived along the Nile River.
they settled into     and                                                                            Some Egyptian gods were
organized             development                     The Aztecs conquered other Mesoamerican        first worshipped in Nubia.
civilizations.        of early                        peoples. The conquered peoples gave the        Kings of the Kushite dynasty
                      world                           Aztecs tribute to keep peace.                  learned to write in Egyptian
SS-M-5.3.2            civilizations.                                                                 hieroglyphics. Egypt and
The rise of                                           The Incas created a strong central             Nubia traded peacefully with
classical             Students will                   government by building roadways and by         one another. Both groups
civilizations and     examine how                     making sure their conquered subjects           were ruled by pharaohs.)
empires, and          technology                      learned Inca customs.
the development       influences                                                                     Discuss how the Kushite
of major              modifications                   People’s lives are affected by their culture   pharaohs helped restore
religions had         of the                          and the places they live.                      Egypt to its former glory.
lasting impacts       physical                                                                       (Possible answer: The
on the world in       environment.                    People interact with their environment to      Kushite pharaohs rebuilt
government,                                           meet their needs, and those interactions       Egyptian temples that had
philosophy,           Students will                   affect their environment.                      been destroyed, built new
architecture,         explore                                                                        temples, brought back
art, drama, and       migration                       People changed when they went to new           forgotten religious
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                                                      6

literature.        and                             places and affected the lives of the people   ceremonies, and copied and
                   settlement                      they met.                                     saved ancient Egyptian
History Strand     patterns in                                                                   books.)
SS-M-5.3.3         early world                     As new nations come into being,               Discuss how the Egyptian
The rise of non-   civilizations.                  relationships between all the world’s         control affected the people of
Western                                            nations adjust and change.                    Nubia.
cultures           Students will                                                                 (Possible answer: The
continues to       examine                         People take actions to better their lives     Nubians adopted many
influence the      cultural                        within different kinds of government          Egyptian customs, including
modern world       aspects (e.g.,                  systems.                                      the Egyptian religious
in government,     language,                                                                     beliefs, writing, and ways of
philosophy, art,   art, religious                  New technologies are affecting the lives of   dress.)
drama, and         beliefs) of                     people today.
literature.        major past                                                                    Discuss how immigrants
                   civilizations.                                                                affect cultures today.
History Strand                                                                                   (Possible answer: Countries
SS-M-5.3.4         Students will                                                                 like the United States are
Developments       investigate                                                                   made up of people from all
during the         the                                                                           over the world. This
Middle Ages        emergence of                                                                  diversity enriches lives as we
(feudalism,        social                                                                        learn about life in other
nation states,     institutions                                                                  cultures.)
monarchies,        and how they
religious          responded to                                                                  Discuss the effects of the
institutions,      human                                                                         conflicts of China’s Warring
limited            needs.                                                                        Kingdoms Period on Chinese
government,                                                                                      society.
trade, trade       Students will                                                                 (Possible answer: Loyalty to
associations,      give                                                                          a powerful king was lost and
capitalism)        examples of                                                                   society was in chaos,
influenced         cooperation,                                                                  however, new governing
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                         7

modern               conflict, and                                  systems arose to control this
societies.           competition                                    chaos. Many people turned
                     that resulted                                  to philosophers and teachers
History Strand       from the                                       for a sense of order. One of
SS-M-5.3.5           interaction of                                 the most important of these
The Age of           cultures.                                      teachers was Confucius.)
produced             Students will                                  Explain how Pericles
extensive contact    understand                                     improved democracy during
among isolated       the concept                                    the Golden Age of Athens.
cultures and         of scarcity                                    (Possible answer: During the
brought about        (imbalance                                     Golden Age, Pericles allowed
massive political,   between                                        more citizens to take part in
economic, and        unlimited                                      government. He also
social changes.      wants and                                      ordered that jurors be paid a
                     limited                                        salary for their service. This
Government &         resources) in                                  meant that poor citizens as
Civics Strand        civilizations                                  well as rich ones could afford
SS-M-1.1.1           prior to 1500                                  to take part.)
Governments          A.D.
may take                                                            Discuss how the Maya,
different forms      Students will                                  Aztec, and Inca Empires all
(e.g.,               examine                                        used their environment to
constitutional,      strategies                                     meet their needs and
totalitarian,        used by                                        improve their lives.
democratic,          individuals,                                   (Possible answer: Mayas
republic).           societies, and                                 used the tropical rain forest
                     governments                                    to meet their needs for food.
                     in early                                       To provide land for farming,
                     world                                          they used slash-and-burn
                     civilizations                                  farming, using the ashes to
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                         8

Government &        to address                                      fertilize the soil. They built
Civics Strand       scarcity.                                       raised fields and terraces,
SS-M-1.1.2                                                          and they used intercropping
Democratic          Students will                                   to grow more crops. They
governments         recognize                                       used the bark of wild fig
function to         that all                                        tress to make paper. When
preserve and        societies                                       the Mayan people moved
protect the         must address                                    from the rain forest to the
rights (e.g.,       the questions                                   Yucatan Peninsula, they
voting), liberty,   of                                              built their cities near deep
and property of     production,                                     natural wells called cenotes.
their citizens by   distribution,                                   The Aztecs had to change
making,             and                                             their environment to live.
enacting, and       consumption.                                    They built causeways to
enforcing                                                           connect their capital to the
appropriate         Students will                                   mainland. They built
rules and laws      explain how                                     chinampas to have enough
(e.g.,              resources                                       farmland, forming floating
constitutions,      were used in                                    gardens. The Incas used the
laws, statutes).    early world                                     rich soil in the Andes
                    civilizations                                   mountain valley to grow a
                    to produce                                      variety of crops. They used
                    goods and                                       stones for buildings and for
                    services and                                    mountain roads. They used
                    explore ways                                    mountain animals, such as
                    productivity                                    llamas and vicunas, for
                    was                                             carrying loads.)
                                                                    Explain how scientists think
                    Students will                                   the first people reached the
                    examine                                         Americas.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                          9

                     relationships                                  (Possible answer: Scientists
Government &         between                                        think the first people came to
Civics Strand        personal and                                   the Americas across a land
SS-M-1.1.3           national                                       bridge that connected Asia
The Constitution     economic                                       and North America during
of the U.S. is a     activities.                                    the Ice Age.)
document that        Students will                                  Explain how the Incas
changes              examine how                                    overcame the problem of
(amendments)         culture in the                                 high mountains dividing
and is interpreted   United States                                  their empire.
(judicial review)    has been                                       (Possible answer: The Incas
over time to meet    influenced by                                  built roads connecting all
the needs of its     language,                                      parts of their empire, and
citizens.            literature,                                    built stairs into the roads to
                     arts, beliefs,                                 enable travelers to get over
Government &         and behavior                                   the mountains.)
Civics Strand        of people in
SS-M-1.2.1           America's                                      Describe the effects of the
The U.S.             past.                                          environment that people
Constitution                                                        have had on it over the years.
separates power      Students will                                  (Possible answer: People
among the            investigate                                    have changed the
legislative,         how social                                     environment to meet their
executive, and       institutions                                   needs for food, shelter, and
judicial branches    addressed                                      clothing. Often by changing
to prevent the       human needs                                    the environment, people have
concentration of     in early                                       damaged it. Air, water, and
political power      United States                                  soil pollution are some of the
and to establish a   history.                                       damages done to the
system of checks                                                    environment. Air pollution
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                         10

and balances.    Students will                                      has led to acid rain and
                 analyze                                            smog. Pesticides and
Government &     social                                             chemicals have polluted
Civics Strand    interactions                                       water and soil. The
SS-M-1.2.2       among                                              destruction of the rain forest
Federal          diverse                                            has also affected the
(national) and   groups and                                         environment.)
state            individuals in
governments      United States                                      Describe how improved
have both        history.                                           communications and
separate and                                                        transportation have affected
shared powers.   Students will                                      world cultures.
                 analyze                                            (Possible answer: Improved
                 social                                             communication and
                 interactions,                                      transportation have brought
                 including                                          the world’s cultures closer
                 conflict and                                       together and blended them
                 cooperation,                                       together.)
                 individuals                                        Identify an effect of the
                 and groups                                         crusades.
                 in United                                          (Possible answer: The
                 States                                             crusades helped Christians
                 History.                                           and Muslims learn about
                                                                    each other and encouraged
                 Students will                                      trade.)
                 relate the
                 concept of                                         Describe ways the Industrial
                 scarcity                                           Revolution of the 1800s and
                 (imbalance                                         today’s revolution in
                 between                                            technology are alike.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                        11

                    unlimited                                       (Possible answer: Both the
                    wants and                                       Industrial Revolution and
Government &        limited                                         the present-day technological
Civics Strand       resources) to                                   revolution brought profound
SS-M-1.3.1          the                                             changes to the world. Both
The United          development                                     involved technological
States              of the United                                   advances.)
Declaration of      States as it
Independence,       applies to
the Constitution,   individuals,
the Bill of         societies, and
Rights, and state   governments.
guarantee certain   Students will
rights (e.g.,       analyze
freedom of          economic
movement and        systems and
residence,          economic
freedom of          institutions
religion, freedom   that
of expression       developed in
and association,    early United
personal privacy)   States
for all citizens.   history.

Government &        Students will
Civics Strand       recognize
SS-M-1.3.2          that
In order for the    government
U.S. government     regulation
to function as a    impacts the
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   12

democracy,           economy in
citizens must        decisions
assume               about
responsibilities     productive
(e.g., performing    resources
community            (e.g., natural,
service, voting in   human,
elections) and       human-
duties (paying       made).
taxes, serving in
the armed forces)
for its

Maps (e.g., map
projections -
Mercator and
models, and
satellite images
of Earth with
and uses.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   13

factors (e.g.,
rivers, dams,
affect where
human activities
are located and
how land is used
in urban, rural,
and suburban

Places can be
made distinctive
by human
activities (e.g.,
building houses,
stores, roads,
irrigation) that
alter physical
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   14

Places and
regions change
over time as
resources, and

Regions can be
different in size
and defined in
different ways.

develops in
different ways
based on the
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   15

culture and
needs of settlers.

may change
and/or migrate
because of
factors such as
war, famine,
and technology.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   16

assists human
modification of
the physical
(e.g., damming
a river,
irrigating a
desert, cooling
or heating a
living area).

The physical
both promotes
and limits
human activities
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   17

The natural
resources of a
place or region
impact its
political, social,
and economic

impact the use of
natural resources
(e.g., watering
lawns, planting
recycling paper).
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   18

Culture &
Society Strand
Culture is
influenced by
literature, arts,
beliefs, and
behaviors and
may result in

Culture &
Society Strand
All cultures
customs, beliefs,
and holidays
reflecting their
situations, and
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   19

Culture &
Society Strand
Various human
needs are met
interaction in
and among
institutions and
groups (e.g.,
family, schools,
teams, clubs,

Culture &
Society Strand
Conflict and
(e.g., political,
ethnic) may
occur as
cultures emerge
and develop.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   20

Culture &
Society Strand
and cooperation
are possible
choices for
positive social
interaction and
resolution of

resources (land,
labor, capital)
are limited and
do not satisfy all
the wants of
societies, and
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   21

To make
consumers must
consider personal
finances, and
examine the
opportunity cost.

systems include
command, or
economies use a
“mixed system”
that has
features of all
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   22

The hope of
earning profit
businesses to
take the risks
involved in
goods and

Prices of goods
and services are
determined by
supply and
demand. The
market price is
reached when
quantity supplied
equals quantity
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   23

Money (unit of
account) can be
used to express
the market value
of goods and
services. Money
makes it easier to
trade, borrow,
invest, and save.

Competition among
buyers and sellers
impacts the price of
goods and services.
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012   24

The basic
economic issues
addressed by
producers are
consumption of
goods and

Productivity can
be improved by
new knowledge,
Nicholas County Elementary & Middle School Curriculum   9/14/2012                                   25

national, and
activities are

Resources: Everything You Need to Know About American History Homework, Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly
Harcourt Brace, Ancient Civilization

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