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Issues Paper on a Sustainable Population
         Strategy for Australia
           Emanuele Paletto
           Sydney Australia
             Sunday, 27 January 2011
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Submission Template
Issues Paper on a Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia

Insert your comments in the text box that follows each question. You may answer as many or as few
questions as you like.
A Sustainable Population Strategy

Q1:   What issues do you think a Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia should address?

The Economics of population growth.

1 The Economic profession. Of course economics is in favour of population growth, because there are
no qualitative empirical tools for generating economic growth WITHOUT population growth. Simply,
economics professionals DON’T KNOW HOW to generate predict report etc. on economic growth and
wealth without population growth. This is THE single major flaw in our government and industry
policies addressing population growth. It is also one of the new frontiers of economics, which no-one
as far as I know has succeeded in reaching.

2 Business and population growth. See above. As a business owner myself I would be expected to
have an interest in promoting population growth. It is, however, innovation including technological
advancement and productivity which drive my future business profitability and wealth.

Population and the Environment

Q2:   What do you think are the key indicators of an environmentally sustainable community?

Balanced IMPROVING quality of life.

This includes the natural environment. By all measures this life quality example is deteriorating.
Improving from a damaged / poor base does not count. More people naturally (pardon the pun)
mean degraded environment and greater need for resources.

Another measure is per capita economic wealth (current and updated measures – refer above) ,
which is also deteriorating. Your personal wealth is actually being degraded with every additional
person. Further improvements are less in volume now that we are focusing on servicing
underdeveloped large population countries e.g. China, India.

Q3:   How have changes in the population impacted on your local environment?
Awfully in multiple ways. Natural environmental degradation e.g. land clearing, costlier resources,
      overcrowding e.g. higher density schools etc.

Q4:   How might technological or governance improvements mitigate the environmental impacts of
      population growth?

Significantly and one could say, critically. Quality not quantity is the key and that means focusing on
       technology to improve life not consumption of resources including the natural environment is
       the solution blah-blah etc.

Q5:   How do population driven changes in your local economy affect your environment?

Again, so many ways e.g. do you drive to work? Just look at the traffic.

Q6:    What lessons have we learnt that will help us to better manage the impacts of population
      change on the environment?

Very little to none. In fact Only now is the population reaching the mainstream psyche. Even on “Top
       Gear” population was mentioned – James May approximately Feb 2011 episode.

Population and the Economy

Q7:   What do you see as the defining characteristics of a flourishing and sustainable economy?

Fostering of higher level domestic education training and employment. Fostering domestic
      development and growth of new and smart technologies and industries. Less focus on ‘larger’
      corporations but on longer term results (yes that’s asking a great deal).

Q8:   Is your community, business or industry facing skills shortages or other immediate economic
      pressures, and how are these best managed?

Skills shortages yes. Needs internal / domestic development or, outsourcing. We should focus on
        what we can be good / best at. These need to be in important or critical areas e.g. power
        generation industries, medical sciences.

Q9:   In the decades to come, what challenges and opportunities will our economy face, and how
      will they interact with changes in our population?

Q10: How should we measure the sustainability of our local, regional and national economies?

See above
Population and Communities

Q11: What are the things that make your community a good place to live?

Q12: How have changes in the population changed the way you live your life?

Again many ways on my and my family’s life quality.

Q13: What sustainability issues need to be addressed in order for your community to accommodate
     a changing Australian population?

See above.

Q14: What are some useful indicators to help measure the liveability and sustainability of our

Additional comments

Money and economics are at the heart of the problem and solution. We need to upgrade our
    economic theories (yes our global economies and policies are based on ‘old’ theories) and
    understanding for a new world.

Submissions will be accepted until 5pm on Tuesday 1 March 2010.
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