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									Title                           Increasing Environmental Awareness among Civil Society Organisations

Background                      This project will involve the strengthening of the Cyprus Biological Research Association
                                (CBRA)’s technical and organisational capacities to enable the organisation, through
                                their utilisation of environmental educational initiatives and a training programme, to
                                better educate and increase environmental knowledge and awareness of key members
                                of CSOs who in turn will educate and inform their own CSO members and also the wider
Why is this project important   Environmental concerns such as construction in coastal zones, municipal and industrial
to Cypriots?                    waste problems, erosion, deforestation, decreasing air quality, decreasing water quantity
                                and quality and land loss are increasing rapidly in Cyprus, as in the rest of the world.
                                One of the reasons which could be attributing to the exasperation of the problems is a
                                lack of environmental awareness and ignorance to these dire issues. Therefore,
                                environmental education has now become a vital necessity for increased public
                                awareness of environmental issues and sustainable development. This project will thus
                                aim to further strengthen the organisational and technical capacity of the CBRA to
                                achieve these goals.
Main activities                       o     An environmental workshop through which biologists selected by the CBRA
                                            will conduct training for trainers
                                      o     The development of CD’s and brochures, promotional congress bags,
                                            promotional posters and educational documents
                                      o     Announcement of training through the media
                                      o     Training by ECBA (European Countries Biologists Association) and CYMEPA
                                            (Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association) experts through a series
                                            of seminars, a one day ecological field trip to increase the efficiency of the
                                            seminars, and a round table discussion with CBRA members
                                      o     On-the-job training for one CBRA member at the ECBA office
                                      o     Twelve seminars for six mentored CSO’s and the establishment of a local
                                      o     Distribution of CD’s and brochures, promotional congress bags, promotional
                                            posters and educational documents to the participating CSO members
                                      o     The creation of a new web page for better communication between CSO’s
                                            and between CSO members
Contribution to cooperation     This project will be an island-wide initiative, which, through the contributions made by
and trust between Greek         experts from the CBRA, ECBA and CYMPA, will promote cooperation between the
Cypriots and Turkish            Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities, and with the CSO’s, to become more
Cypriots                        educated on and aware of the damage being inflicted to the environment throughout the
                                island and to endeavour, through collaborative efforts, to strive for a cleaner Cyprus.
What does this project aim to   This project will strengthen the technical and organisational capacities of the CBRA
achieve?                        which will allow the organisation to become more effective in increasing environmental
                                understanding and awareness of CSO key members who will in turn educate their own
                                CSO members, and also the community as a whole, about existing environmental
                                problems and available solutions, encouraging people and organisations to become
                                active supporters and defenders of their environmental heritage.
UNDP’s area of work             Democratic Governance
Who are the project             Cyprus Biological Research Association
Duration                        November 2006 – June 2008
Budget                          CYP 18,785 (approx. USD 42,790)

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