Wooden andriod tablet PC couldn’t use Android, but could teach kids about other tech by mrblack1213


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                                                                          WOODEN ANDRIOD TABLET PC COULDN’T USE
                                                                          ANDROID, BUT COULD TEACH KIDS ABOUT
                                                            2012          OTHER TECH

                                                                     We don’t feel it can ever be too early to release your inner geek, and
                                                                     although this wooden andriod tablet pc won’t run Android (or anything
                                                                     for that matter), it may well help your toddler discover the technology
                                                                     they’re increasing up surrounded by.


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                                                                     components, the camera, memory, CPU and Wi-Fi blocks too fit within
                                                                     the battery block, which as soon as flipped over looks for example a
                                                                     touch-screen phone.

                                                                     As may be the way with Kickstarter, you can find several pledge
                                                                     possibilities to help the Tinker Tablet reach the US$15,000 objective
                                                                     and grow to be a real product. A $50 pledge will locate the regular
                                                                     two-in-one puzzle into your small one’s hands (with delivery planned
                                                                     to the end of November), despite the fact that $100 gets you the
                                                                     tablet puzzle plus a set of application magnets, along with a branded
                                                                     T-shirt and stickers(RCHO™  D50 7” A13 Android 4.0 8GB HD 1.3MP
                                                                     Camera 1.0GHz- 2160P-3D Game Capacitive Wifi Tablet PC).

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