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									                       Issue 4                                      August 2012

                           For people in Rochester Diocese who care about family life;
                                  If you are ONE person you are family to us.

              WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT – THIS M.U.C.H ?

MOTHERS’ UNION COFFEE HOUSE is an e-club which is intended to attract and
cater for people in our parishes who would believe in what Mothers’ Union stands
for but are unable or unwilling, or perhaps, just too young to be interested in the
kind of activity which has been the mainstay of Mothers’ Union for so many
MUCH will be producing a link magazine every other month which we hope will
encourage its members to think about and involve themselves in what MU has
always done - the advancement and encouragement of Christian marriage and
family life in the worldwide context. All contacts and comments will be completely
confidential. The magazine will be distributed by e-mail and may be printed out
for others if you wish.

In our April issue we set out in diagrammatic form some of the positives of the
                                  Worldwide Mothers’ Union. In each of the next
                                  few issues we intend to highlight one of these
  WE BELIEVE :                    and flesh it out a little with more information.
  Families must be                This time we go through the PURPLE window.
  CENTRAL to society:
  strongly supported:             COMMITMENT TO FAMILIES AND FAMILY LIFE
  embraced by Faith
  Groups                          With 4 million members working in 83 countries,
                                  Mothers' Union is passionate about caring for
                                  families all around the world.

                                     Our work is threefold;

      Programmes: a diverse range of programmes meets the needs of people
       within local communities - from entrepreneur training, health education,
       parenting and relationship education provision, to teddies for children
       experiencing stress or trauma - our programmes are designed to meet the
       needs of people at the local level.
      Internationally, nationally and at the local level, our policy work challenges
       root causes of injustice and works for better conditions in society for
       children and families.
      All of our work is underpinned by the Christian faith of our members

(Thanks to the MU website for this information)
                      NEWS PAGE


                  SHARE AND CARE EVENING on 24 May – with special
                  guests – Revd Farai Mutimiri, Dean of Harare, Zimbabwe
                  and his wife Letwin. This was a great event and enjoyed
                  by both members and guests.

                     DISCOVER AND CELEBRATE YOUR GIFT on 28 June
Members from around the Diocese met to showcase what works for them in
their Branches and to share ideas regarding project work both local and
worldwide. Members also viewed the DVD about our Diocese, produced using
the ideas submitted by Branches on postcards for the gift book presented to
our Worldwide President Rosemary Kempsell.

LOOKING FORWARD…………………….                DIARIES OUT !!

on 9 August – from your home or parish to Rochester Cathedral by
5.15pm (See page 3 for more about this great lady, our founder)

ST MARY’S WITH ST PAULINUS, CRAY This MU group has pleasure in
inviting you to their Bring and Buy Coffee Morning (also cakes, cards
and raffle) on TUESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER from 1030-1230 at the Church
centre, (opposite the Church ) High Street, St Mary Cray. All proceeds
to the MU Overseas’ Funds.

SING FOR YOUR SUPPER Finale of our Jubilee celebrations – with
refreshments - at HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, Lamorbey DA15 9AE

           WHAT’S IN THIS ISSUE OF M.U.C.H ?

   M.U. - CONCERN FOR FAMILIES WORLDWIDE                   Page 1
   WHAT DO YOU THINK Your views on page 5
IT ALL – MARY SUMNER, founder of the Mothers’ Union
Perhaps you have noticed how much blue we have used in this issue – this is not
accidental. BLUE is our colour, also for the Virgin Mary, our patron saint. Our
overseas’ members delight in their uniform with its blue touches.

                            (Thanks to Wikipedia for the following information)

                           Mary Sumner (31 December 1828 – 9 August 1921) was
                           the founder of the Mothers’ Union, a worldwide Anglican
                           women's organisation. She is commemorated in a number of
                                             provinces of the Anglican Communion on
                                             9 August.

She married George                             Henry Sumner, the son of Charles
Richard Sumner, the                            Bishop of Winchester and a relative of
Wilberforce. She was just 20 years old. In 1876, when her eldest daughter Margaret
gave birth, she was reminded how difficult she had found the burden of motherhood.
She was inspired to call a meeting of mothers in the parish to offer mutual support. Her
plan was quite radical in its day as it involved calling women of all social classes to
support one another and to see motherhood as a profession as important as those of
men, if not more so. The first meeting was held in Old Alresford Rectory, near
Winchester, but Mary was so overcome by nervousness that her husband had to speak
for her and invite the women to return next week. At that second meeting she had
gathered enough courage to lead her own meeting..
                      THE MOTHERS’UNION WAS BORN.

Rapidly, it spread to the dioceses of Ely, Exeter, Hereford, Lichfield and Newcastle and
then throughout the United Kingdom. By 1892, there were 60,000 members in 28
dioceses, which grew to 169,000 members by the turn of the century. In 1893, annual
general meetings were organised, and, in 1896, the Mothers' Union Central Council was
formed. Mary was unanimously elected president, a post she held into her nineties. In
1897, during her Diamond Jubilee, Queen Victoria became patron of the Mothers'
Union, giving it an unprecedented stamp of approval. Her Majesty the Queen is our
patron to this day. The Mothers' Union set up branches throughout the British Empire,
beginning in New Zealand, then Canada and India. Mary lived to lead the Mothers'
Union to act in rebuilding the heart of Britain after the First World War and saw the first
Mothers' Union Conference of Overseas Workers in 1920.

 Of course, in over more than 130 years since MU was founded, there
  have been many changes and, like all good organisations, we have
     constantly tried to keep up with the needs of society without
 compromising our aims and objects. We are inclusive, welcoming all
  baptized people, (be they single, married, divorced, male as well as
  female ) who believe in what we stand for – Christian marriage and
family life. Our chief executive is a man, and in Rochester Diocese we
 are happy to include a growing number of men amongst our paid-up
  members, with many more supporting the MU through their wives.
                 Why don’t you join them? See page 6

FAMILIES FIRST is Britain’s best-selling Christian magazine emailed
bi-monthly direct to 47,000 subscribers.

A lifestyle magazine from Mothers’ Union, it is for people who care
about families and who want to support families in their community.

 Practical features tackle real life issues about making marriages
loving and lasting, good parenting, and putting Christian faith into
action locally and globally. Every subscription helps raise funds for the
charitable outreach of Mothers' Union.

 A year's subscription of six issues costs £15 with a special discount
price of £9 for Mothers' Union members (UK prices).For more
       What do you THINk?
In our previous editions we asked you to think about
some questions often posed within British society. What
follows is a collection of the answers.

1 In February, our first issue we asked about the role of grandparents
after a divorce in the family. This is a subject which obviously causes
a lot of heartache. One response said:

Sometimes, the older generation feel very sensitive about divorce and don’t
want to ‘interfere’ Give them a little encouragement to share your problems

2 April’s issue saw us deal with the hot topic of “Same Sex Marriage”
and the Church’s attitude to this, which had come into a lot of criticism.
One comment was the following:
   I’ve just looked on the websites and see there is still a kind of backlash
      from people who persist in thinking that the opposition to Gay marriage is
      evidence of prejudice, homophobia, or old-fashioned outdated principles. I
      oppose it because of what the word “marriage” has always meant, however
      imperfectly practiced i.e. the lifelong union between a man and a woman.
      This, in my opinion, has always been particularly emphasised in Christian

3 Influence of the internet and modern communication media –
particularly with regard to children and young people.

              Mothers’ Union has been very involved in this issue in its
2011 project and report called “BYE BUY CHILDHOOD” Reg Bailey,
our chief executive, with other MU representatives, took the issue to
Downing Street and the government is already making this part of its
policy. Find out more on the MU worldwide website ( page 6 for link)
One comment which has come our way about this is
“This is impossible for parents and others to police. Youngsters will be
influenced by their peers – e.g. ‘all my friends have mobile phone, why can’t
I?’ The secret is to have good communication between parents and child,
FROM THE START and standards of right and wrong imparted. There are no
teenage problems which haven’t begun as toddler problem

Towards the end of this trial year for MUCH we will be
asking for your comments about the whole project. We
hope you will respond to that request.
                     M.U.C.H. CONTACTS

Coffee House Editors

JULIA JAMIESON                   

HEATHER SINCLAIR                 

Mothers’ Union Contacts

President: Jocelyn Wright        

Mothers’ Union Administrator
Wendy Smith                      

Worldwide MU Website             

Rochester Mothers’ Union Website 

MU Enterprises Ltd for lovely gifts and cards

I am interested in knowing more about MU. (Please copy and paste to JULIA –
address above)

NAME ……………………………………..

ADDRESS ( for information pack)


e-mail address…………………………………………………………………………..

Phone number : optional …………………

Finally, a prayer to lead us on our way. ( Adapted from
Mothers’ Union “Prayers we Breathe”)

                       Loving Jesus, we pray for our families and the families of
                       our nation, that children may be nurtured in a peaceful
                       environment, and allowed to grow in wisdom and
                       confidence so that they might experience the love of God
                       in their lives. Amen

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