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					                       the    CSS
JULY 2012                                                                                      IN THIS ISSUE

                                                     socializing and a balloonist
            CSS Olympics and                         entertained the crowd with balloons
                                                     and giant bubbles. Thank you to
            Family picnic                            Georgetown Prep for the generous
                                                     donation of the use of their beautiful
            Community Support Services, Inc.         facilities and the many volunteers
            proudly held the 7th Annual CSS          who make the CSS Olympics                Graduation
            Olympics and family picnic on June       possible!                                The Marcia D. Smith School celebrated
            23rd, 2012.                                                                       the graduation of four students who
                                                                                              aged out of special education services
            Athletic events throughout the day                                                in June. Parents, friends, and staff
            included foot races, jumping events,                                              gathered for the ceremony held at CSS
            soccer kick, throwing events,                                                     as the graduates filed in wearing cap
            volleyball and free-throw shooting.                                               and gowns.
            Each athlete was recognized for their
            achievements at an award ceremony
                                                                                                                   Page 2
            with a medal given by Kevin Kane,
            founder of the event, and three
            enthusiastic volunteers.

            Kevin Kane and his friends fundraise
            throughout the year, recruit
            volunteers and secure the space at
            Georgetown Prep. The event has
            become an integral part of the CSS
            community and has been the
            motivation for sports and athletic                                                Ocean City
            activities throughout the year. Kevin                                             Sixty adults supported by CSS traveled
            Kane and Luis Lopez co-chaired the                                                to Ocean City, Maryland in June to
            event and volunteers provided all the                                             enjoy a classic summer vacation,
            behind the scenes preparation as well                                             complete with time on the beach,
            as cheered on the athletes. Julian                                                boardwalk fun and games, boat rides,
            Gbaba, CSS staff, opened the                                                      good food and friends. The individuals
            festivities with a beautiful rendition                                            went in two groups, each spending a
                                                                                              half-week at the beach.
            of the Star Spangled Banner. The
            CSS basketball team and alumni of
                                                                                                                    Page 5
            Georgetown Prep enjoyed the
            competition at the annual basketball
            scrimmage. County Executive Ike
            Leggett and County Council Member
            Phil Andrews spoke to the crowd of       .
            about 300 athletes, family members,
            staff and friends. Everyone enjoyed a
            picnic lunch and ice cream truck,
The Marcia D. Smith Class of 2012

The Marcia D. Smith School              The graduating students Joshua Van
celebrated the graduation of four       Brunt, Jeffrey Keyser, Kayleigh Mc
students who aged out of special        Connell and Scott Astrove will enter
education services in June. Parents,    CSS adult services, funded through
friends, and staff gathered for the     the Developmental Disabilities            Kayleigh Mc Connell
ceremony held at CSS as the             Administration. All four transitioning
graduates filed in wearing cap and      youth will continue with the daily
gowns. Speakers at the graduation       schedule developed by the school
included Kristin Farragut, Education    program including work sites and
Director, who began the ceremony        community activities. Direct support
with nostalgia for the good times had   staff will continue to support each
by Joshua, Jeffrey, Kayleigh and        student in pursuing vocational and
Scott. Kristin also presented a slide   other life goals. Replacing the school
show set to music highlighting the      bus will be new forms of
students’ experiences at the school;    transportation, such as Metro Access,
engaging in employment                  for their travels to day services, but
opportunities and community             otherwise their schedules continue
learning activities. Susan Ingram.      relatively unchanged.
CSS’s Executive Director, gave an                                                 Scott Astrove
inspirational message to the            Everyone enjoyed refreshments and
audience explaining the history         picture taking after the ceremony.
which led to the naming of the school   The ceremony was a momentous
and the pioneering work contributed     occasion for the students, and
by Dr. Smith which has enabled          hopefully also a time for the
individuals with autism to be           committed parents in attendance to
successful in community work and        reflect on what an important role
life. Dr. Marcia Smith, spoke to the    they have played in their child’s life,
assembled crowd with praise for the     how hard they have worked to get
hard work each student has              through the system as it currently
accomplished within community and       exists, and that their child’s futures
work settings. Melissa Kenshalo,        hold many possibilities. The four
MCPS Placement Specialist,              graduates enjoyed the ceremony,
presented each student with a           smiling at the attention and love         Joshua Van Brunt
certificate and expressed her sincere   heaped upon them. They have each
congratulations for the students.       moved on, with appropriate
Kasey Pope, Smith School graduate       individualized supports, to adult life
of 2011 and currently receiving         in their home community.
support from adult service with CSS,    Community Support Services, Inc.
enthusiastically welcomed the           congratulates them on their
graduating students to the CSS adult    achievements and wishes them best
program. Each graduating student        of luck in their future endeavors.
presented their parent with a single
yellow rose in appreciation of their
support over the past 21 years.
 Daniel Orcullo, classroom teacher,     Congratulations class of 2012!
performed “The Climb” by Miley
Cyrus on his guitar with everyone                                                 Jeffrey Keyser
invited to sing along.

                                                               are working on preparing healthy

                   Dairyton                                    Normandie
                   Lisa Leeney works for the hair              Mitchell Lassen and Adam Metz
                   stylists at Lux Studio, washing and         reside at Normandie. Mitchell is in
                   drying towels at a local Laundromat         the gardening crew, and rolls and
                   several times per week. Amy                 delivers the Gazette on Wednesdays.
                   Rappaport volunteers at the CSS             Adam enjoys a group which works
                   thrift store and Fridays she picks up       on functional academic skills; music
                   donations from Starbucks and brings         and speech therapy on Thursdays;
Lisa Leeney
                   them back to CSS where she is               and art therapy. Mitchell is in the
                   learning how to organize and count          celebration group on Mondays, takes
                   the donations. Lisa and Amy also            art class on Tuesdays, cooking class,
                   roll and deliver the Gazette every          music therapy, Fun Clinic and
                   Wednesday. Lisa and Amy take                basketball. At home, Adam likes
                   gymnastics classes at Gym America           spending his free time playing board
                   and baking class on Tuesdays with           games, puzzles, and reads while
                   Adam Rast.                                  Mitchell enjoys healthy cooking,
                                                               walking in the park and going to the
                   Clarks Square
                   Jamie Zargham and David
                   Huntzinger volunteer at Our House
Amy Rappaport      in Olney, MD, a nonprofit
                   organization that teaches work skills
                   to teenage boys who are homeless,
                   orphaned or abandoned. Our House
                   is located on a farm and their job
                   duties consist of transporting barrels
                   and wood. They also roll and deliver
                   the Gazette every Wednesday.
                   Jamie is also in job training skills
                   classes at CSS where he is currently
                   learning how to shred paper. Jamie
                                                             Adam Metz
                   and David enjoy their Vis Arts class in
                   Rockville, MD and soccer practice at
Jaime Zargham
                   the Soccer Plex, in Rockville, on
                   Monday afternoons. Jamie’s favorite
                   sport is basketball and likes to watch
                   NBA basketball games for
                   entertainment. David recently
                   started horseback riding and enjoys it
                   so much that when he falls he is
                   eager to get right back on. David’s
                   favorite thing to do is to watch
                   movies and will watch any genre or
                   type. At home, Jamie and David
David Huntzinger   participate in household chores and       Mitchell Lassen

                  Seneca                                                Winding Creek
                  Jeremy Perlman and John Carroll reside at             Shannon Dooley and Julie Ricketson work
                  Seneca. For work, both Jeremy and John are            at Woodmont Grill, Monday through Friday,
                  on the gardening crew, roll and deliver               in Rockville, and have been at the same
                  Gazette on Wednesdays and clean                       location for 18 years. They clean tables and
                  throughout CSS. John also works at the                roll silverware before the restaurant opens.
                  Food Bank where he packs food and serves it           After they leave Woodmont Grill, Shannon
                  every Friday. Jeremy’s favorite thing to do is        usually goes to Lake Forest mall to eat lunch
                  to listen to music and listens to a half an hour      and then on to her afternoon job at Rogers
                  of music in the morning and a half an hour in         Consulting where she cleans the kitchen,
                  the afternoon, for his breaks. Jeremy takes a         conference rooms and offices. Julie enjoys
                  Healthy Cooking class with Adam Rast on               researching concerts in the paper that she
                  Tuesdays; he has open gym time where he               would like to attend and then purchases
Jeremy Perlman    walks around and gets exercise on                     tickets, with the help of her support staff --
                  Wednesdays; and he is in a fitness group.             her favorite shows are outdoor concerts.
                  John takes art and music class; goes                  Both ladies enjoyed the prom and Olympics
                  horseback riding; and bowling. John usually           events and are active in classes. Julie and
                  eats lunch at Boher Park and walks around             Shannon enjoy visiting family members
                  the trails after his lunch. On Sundays,               regularly and are included in special family
                  Jeremy goes swimming with his parents.                activities.
                  John’s favorite thing to do is listen to music
                  and anything art related.
John Carroll

                  Cyrus Bahadori and Robbie Provorny live at
                  Sugarloaf. For work, Cyrus works at the
                  Wilson Parrot Foundation, Monday through
                  Friday, where he feeds the rescue birds,
                  cleans their cages, sweeps and mops. Robbie
                  is on the gardening crew Mondays, Tuesdays
                  and Thursdays; and volunteers at Bethel City
                  of Hope where he cleans the church. Both
                  Cyrus and Robbie roll and deliver the Gazette
                  every Wednesday. Cyrus takes art therapy; is
                  learning to put a healthy snack together such      Shannon Dooley
                  as washing fruit, and making a fruit snack
Cyrus Bahadori
                  bowl; and swims -- which is his favorite
                  activity. Robbie takes a cooking class with
                  Adam Rast, takes art class at Vis Art and
                  enjoys doing puzzles and games on his Ipad.
                  Robbie is also learning computer skills such
                  as typing an online journal and will send a
                  daily email to his parents with his journal
                  updates. Both Cyrus and Robbie cook, clean
                  and do laundry at home.

Robbie Provorny

                                                                     Julie Ricketson
Ocean City, MD Summer Vacation 2012!

Sixty adults supported by CSS traveled to         individuals with a private charter at no
Ocean City, Maryland in June to enjoy a           additional cost.
classic summer vacation, complete with time
on the beach, boardwalk fun and games,            Individuals and their staff enjoyed sitting
boat rides, good food and friends. The            under the umbrellas, reading, and watching
individuals went in two groups, each              the surf. Rob Hoyt on the other hand
spending a half-week at the beach. Both           frolicked through the water and covered
groups enjoyed sunny, clear weather, which        himself in the sand.
enabled them to make the most of the
recreation and sport activities popular at        For evening, OC vacationers headed back to
Ocean City.                                       their rentals to fire up the grills and enjoy
                                                  cookout fare amongst their friends. Big
A beach vacation wouldn’t be complete             backyards at some of the rentals allowed
without iconic boardwalk fun and games, like      individuals and staff to enjoy pickup games
mini-golf and go-cart rides. For these            of soccer, volleyball, and baseball while
pursuits, Ocean City vacationers traveled to      others grilled healthy chicken sausages,
Thunder Lagoon & Viking Golf on Fenwick           salmon and Allen Barnes’ famous ribs grilled
Island, DE, just north of Ocean City. The park    for a whole day! Craig Roberts took over
offers water attractions like a lazy river and    making ribs the second half of the trip but
water slides, a mini-golf course, and a go-cart   admits he’s not a true grille master like Allen
track for those seeking high-speed thrills.       and opted to boil them first, then grill. The
 This year, Jeremy and Patrick zoomed             beach day would not be complete without
around the track in sheer delight! For            the sizzling music and dancing that can be
individuals seeking bigger rides and waves,       found at Seacrets nightclub, located in the
Jolly Roger’s Park was the perfect                Seacrets Resort. Tourists, staff, and CSS
experience. Robert Hoyt, Thomas Frasche,          individuals mingled and danced to music and
Casey Moore and staff flew down the water         enjoyed tropical drinks at this favorite
slides several times and had a hard time          nightlife spot; the perfect ending to a fun and
walking from dizziness!                           relaxing beach day. Thomas Frasche had the
                                                  best time of all when ordering a Pina Colada
Back at Ocean City, individuals explored the      mocktail and couldn’t have been more
historic Ocean City Boardwalk, built in 1902,     thrilled with the experience. Kevin Palacious,
by taking a tram down the 2.5 mile long           first timer to OC, was delighted when a
stretch. If you purchase an unlimited pass for    young lady came over and danced with him.
$6, you can hop on and hop off all day long
along the beach and boardwalk. Donald             The Ocean City vacation is not possible
Black, David Ganoe and their staff opted for      without the generosity and support of
early morning bike rides on the boardwalk         donors, whose donations enable 60 people
instead. Donald used his bike bell to alert       each year to attend this cherished annual
walkers as he raced the others down the           getaway. You can dig deeper into the Ocean
path. They had a blast! Afterwards, as a          City experience by checking out Ocean City
secret well-kept from the other beach goers,      photos on the CSS Facebook page, or enjoy a
they enjoyed breakfast on the beach.              slideshow of photos on the CSS YouTube
                                                  page. If you participated in the Ocean City
Another thrilling Ocean City adventure some       vacation, you can add your photos to the
enjoyed was the OC Rocket, a high-speed           Facebook as “fan photos” and share these
boat ride that has become a favorite of OC        memories with CSS supporters and
beach regulars and this year was no               participants.
exception. For those who do not prefer a
high-speed pace, Talbot Street Watersports
also offers other, more leisurely, boat rides
such as the Assateague Adventure. Several
of this year vacationers went on the
Assateague Adventure and were able to
come up close to a single pony while seeing
several others from a distance. Talbot
Street Watersports generously provided

                                     Spotlight on Staff: Amavi Ahianor


Amavi is a Senior Assistant full Program director with CSS. She is originally from Togo and has lived in Cameroon and France. Amavi moved to the US
in 1999 and had originally intended to pursue a degree in computers. When Amavi started working at CSS, in 2002, she discovered that she belongs in
this line of work and has changed her major to social work. She currently attends The University of Maryland’s part-time program where she is
pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Amavi is responsible to oversee and support the individuals receiving residential and day services from CSS at five or
more residences; to provide training on the job to staff; to ensure that services are in compliance with the individual plan; and to support staff to meet
each individual’s self-directed goals. In Amavi’s free time she likes to swim; go to the movies -- with one of her favorites being the Tyler Perry's Madea
films; and read books and is currently reading Disease-Proof Your Child Feeding Kids Right by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

                                  Spotlight on Supported Employment:
                                          The Manor Care of Kensington

                                                          Paul Van Putten and Zack Silverman

These two men have been working for the Manor Care of Kensington since May of 2012. The Manor Care of Kensington is a residential living facility
for individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and other types of memory impairments. Paul works three days a week and Zack works two days a
week. Both men clean windows, vacuum the floors, and do laundry.

The volunteer coordinator says the two men are doing very well and she is happy with their job performance. Paul and Zack enjoy the work and are
mostly independent with their job duties while getting support from their job coaches.


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