JOB DESCRIPTION

Job title:                  Youth Worker

Reporting to :              Early Years & Childcare Manager

Salary:                     £6,132.75 per annum

Hours of work:              25 hours per week, term time only

Location:                   New OSC, Wittering OSC, C/O Wittering Primary,
                            Church Lane, Peterborough, PE8 6AF


To work with young people by:

   Making contact and establishing relationships with young people involved
    in the play strategy.

   Encouraging and enabling young people to participate in a range of
    personally challenging activities.

   Enabling access to information and personal support, which enables
    young people to develop the confidence and skills to become creative,
    active and critical participants in the wider community.


   Contribute to the development and delivery of a program of imaginative
    activities, encouraging the active participation of young people in
    developing their skills and understanding of others and the world around

   Negotiate with young people and other staff members on their involvement
    in planning and organising activities for young people.

   Assist in the provision of activities for young people that meet their needs.

   Contribute to and promote the program of activities to ensure that
    opportunities are accessible to all who wish to become involved.

   Involve young people in the decision-making processes whereby
    individuals and groups take on responsibilities for themselves and others
    in their project and the wider community.

   Respond to individual and group needs, which include issues affecting
    young people, promoting self awareness and self-esteem.

                                        1                             Youth Worker
                                                                 Wittering July 2012
       Facilitate young people’s learning and their personal and social

       Take part in 4Children’s staff performance management to identify
        priorities and learning needs and to be responsible for the learning and
        development of self.

       Comply with individual responsibilities for staff and young people, in
        accordance with work role, for health and safety in the workplace.

       Follow Child Protection Guidelines and report any concerns using the
        correct procedure.

    Job Activities – Standard Terms Common to all Job Descriptions

       Promote the organisation’s Equal Opportunities policies.

       Promote the organisation’s Investors in People policies.

       In discharging the duties of the post to have due regard to the provisions of
        Health & Safety at Work legislation, as detailed in the Health and Safety

       Undertake such additional responsibilities as required, which are
        commensurate with the grade and responsibilities of the post.

       A commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children,
        young people and families.


    The Centre will be open throughout the calendar year. To ensure that the
    management of the Centre is continued smoothly the management team will
    ensure that the whole day/year is covered by a senior manager at all times.

                                            2                            Youth Worker
                                                                    Wittering July 2012
Person specification

The person specification describes the characteristics (skills, knowledge,
experience and qualifications) that are needed to carry out the duties in the
job description, and will be used as the basis for short-listing and interview.


Education &                       Successful completion a youth work local
qualifications                     qualification/NVQ 2 or equivalent.

Experience, Skills and            Experience of working with young people
Knowledge                          individually and in groups.
                                  Ability to relate well to young people.
                                  Ability to motivate young people.
                                  Commitment to challenging prejudice              and
                                  Ability to develop work with young people to
                                   achieve planned outcomes.

Values and behaviours             Has a professional and positive attitude.
                                  Listens and responds to children and young
                                   people in ways that show courtesy, respect and
                                   understanding of their individual needs and is
                                   respective to change and open to new ways of
                                  Act promptly and decisively to overcome obstacles
                                   and provides solutions whilst maintaining positive
                                   relationships with colleagues.
                                  Practices open and honest two way
                                   communication, listening to others and actively
                                   sharing information.
                                  Contributes to team dialogue/meetings in order to
                                   develop own and team’s performance.
                                  Encourages others, acknowledges their efforts and
                                   making sure those they are working with have all
                                   the necessary information to dot he job.
                                  To be able and willing to undertake further
                                   professional development.

                                      3                            Youth Worker
                                                              Wittering July 2012

                            YOUTH WORKER

1.   Hours of Work
     25 hours per week, term time only

2.   Duration of Contract

3.   Holidays
     Your holiday entitlement will depend on the number of hours that you
     actually work and be pro-rated on the basis of a full-time entitlement of
     28 days' holiday during each full holiday year (including the usual eight
     public holidays in England and Wales).
     4Children will calculate your holiday entitlement that accrues
     (accumulates) as hours worked. Your holiday entitlement will be paid
     on top of your salary each and every month (if you have worked).

4.   Salary
     £6,132.75 per annum for level 2.

5.   Method of Pay
     Salaries are paid by direct debit into the staff members nominated bank
     account on the 15th day of each month.

6.   Place of Work
     New OSC, Wittering OSC, C/O Wittering Primary, Church Lane,
     Peterborough, PE8 6AF.

7.   Trade Unions
     The organisation has a recognition agreement with Unite Union.

                                     4                            Youth Worker
                                                             Wittering July 2012

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