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Things to consider

There are many things to consider when planning your estate. Before you proceed with having any
estate planning documents produced you and your loved ones should carefully consider the following
questions (where applicable):

1      Who should be the executor of my will? (couple packages will default to your spouse)

2      Who should be my enduring power of attorney? (couple packages will default to your spouse)

3      If my first named executor/attorney is not able to act who would I appoint (ideally you should
       have two backup executors/attorneys)?

4      Other than my immediate family are there any other individuals or entities I would like to leave
       part of my estate to?

5      In the unfortunate circumstances me and my immediate family die together who should my
       estate pass to? (our standard clause for a couple is for the estate to be divided 50% to each set
       of parents, however if for either couple both parents are no longer alive then that 50% is divided
       equally among that will maker’s siblings)

6      If my life partner and I die together who would look after my children? (i.e who will be the
       guardian of you children)

7      Are there any specific wishes I would like noted?

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