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					                                             FOR PRESS RELEASE
                                               September 14, 2012

Pureforms, Inc. is releasing a new tool that work with Adobe’s Acrobat. This tool will
enable databases’ data to be merged into Acrobat Forms, without programming. It is one
of the first products that utilize the new capabilities in Acrobat 5.

The product is called PF-Printmerge. It uses a simple 3-step process to create a single
Acrobat’s pdf form file, using your form’s template and data. It is similar to mail merge
in a word processor application. The 3 steps are: login to your database; open your form’s
template; create a mapping in seconds via simple drag-n-drop process. Once done, you
just click the “Start Merge” button, take a break and come back later for the result.

Details and features options can be found at the product’s web page at:

Free Utitility
PF-Printmerge includes utilities to join multiple pdf files into one pdf file via a simple
mouse click; to view form’s fields; and databases’ utilities. These utilities are also found
in the free evaluation version; they do not have any limitations and do not expire.

Pricing and Availability
PF-Printmerge is available for enterprise-class database platforms – Microsoft SQL
Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Sybase and Informix. Each of these platforms includes the
Microsoft Access platform at no additional cost. All shipping platforms share a common
code base, i.e., only one file to download.

The basic product, the Microsoft Access platform cost $499. It includes support for over
10 additional desktop-class data sources at no additional cost. The desktop-class data
sources supported include dBase (Goldmine, Act!2000), Foxpro, Paradox, Lotus-123,
Excel, Outlook, XML and Text files.

A features-complete and functional version is now available for download. Prices range
from $499 to $1999, but there is a 50% discount off each database platform’s listed
price if pre-order before its respective final release date. All prices are subject to
change without notice. Details can be found at:


Acrobat is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Pureforms, PF-Printmerge are trademarks of Pureforms, Incorporated.

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