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					                    We’re close to it all!
                       When you bring your business to Brooke &
                       Hancock counties, you will have your finger
                       on America’s pulse. That’s because we are
                       located within a 500-mile radius of

                       50% of the U.S. population
                       50% of America’s industrial output
                       50% of America’s retail sales

Brooke and Hancock Counties of West Virginia
northern panhandle
 Life            Table of

                              We                                                 Hancock County
brooke and hancock counties
                                   invite you to take a tour through the
                              Northern Panhandle of West Virginia.                     4   Chester
                                                                                       6   Newell
                              Experience our people and their ethnic culture,         10   New Cumberland
                              our workforce and diverse industry, our tourism         12   New Manchester
                              and recreational highlights and our high
                              educational standards and low crime rates.
                              Hancock County, the smallest of West Virginia’s         14 Weirton
                              counties, is located at the northern tip of the
                              state's Northern Panhandle. The county was
                              formed in 1848 from Brooke County and was
                              named after John Hancock, the first signer of          20 Area Industry
                              the Declaration of Independence. In 2000,
                              Hancock County’s population reached 32,667.        Brooke County
                              Brooke County, just south of Hancock County,           26    Colliers
                                                                                     28    Follansbee
                              was created in 1797, named in honor of the
                                                                                     30    Wellsburg
                              most recent Governor of Virginia, Robert
                                                                                     32    Bethany
                              Brooke. In 2000, the population of Brooke
                                                                                     34    Beech Bottom/
                              County was 25,447.                                           Windsor Heights

                              Bordered by the magnificent Ohio River, the
                              towns of Chester, Newell, New Cumberland,
                              New Manchester, Weirton, Colliers, Follansbee,
                                                                                 Facts and Figures
                                                                                     37    Housing Information
                              Wellsburg, Bethany, Beech Bottom and Windsor           38    Recreation
                              Heights are rich in early settler and Indian           39    Calendar of Events
                              folklore.                                              40    Resource Directory

                              Our area benefits from the cultural events and     Distributed By
                                                                                 Weirton Area Chamber of Commerce,
                              professional sports of Wheeling, WV, Pittsburgh,   Business Development Corporation of the
                              PA and Cleveland, OH. The proximity of the         Northern Panhandle, Hancock County
                                                                                 Convention and Visitors Bureau, and area
                              Pittsburgh International Airport, river            Chambers of Commerce
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       A Community Guide
     S    Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                   Truly at "the top of West Virginia," the city             Established in 1896 and incorporated in
                   of Chester is sandwiched between the
                                                                             1907, the city was named “Chester” simply
                                                                             because it was an easy name to remember.
                   states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Settled                  Prior to that it was called “South Side.”
                   by potters, Chester offers quiet suburban
                                                                             Chester was once home to Harkers Pottery,
                   life—a haven for commuters with easy
                                                                             the oldest pottery in the nation as well as
                   access to two major metropolitan areas.                   the famous Taylor Smith & Taylor China
                   Chester is small in size, big in history and
                                                                             Company, plus numerous smaller potters.
                                                                             American Sheet and Tin Plate began in
                   strong on community pride!                                Chester and became a part of United States
                                                                             Steel Corporation, later moving to Gary,

                                                                             One of the most famous Chester properties
                                                                             was Rock Springs Park which was built in
                                                                             the late 1800’s and showcased a small
                                                                             wooden roller coaster and a large dance hall
                                                                             hosting popular singers, band leaders and
                                                                             actors of that era. A historic marker in the
                                                                             midst of a major highway interchange
                                                                             reminds us of Chester's progress.

                                                                             Today, Chester is immersed in a downtown
                                                                             revitalization project including new
                                                                             sidewalks and refinished storefronts.
                                                                             Boasting a population of 2,600, Chester's
                                                                             residents enjoy boating, fishing and water
                                                                             sports on the Ohio River.

                                                                             area attractions
                                                                             Local attractions include Chester City Park
                                                                             which houses a ballfield, tennis courts,
                                                                             basketball court, pavilion, picnic areas and
                                                                             boat launch/dock. You’ll also find the Jack
                                                                             Owen, Third Street and Lawrenceville

                                                                             annual events

                                                                             Annual events and festivals include a Fourth
                                                                             of July celebration and the Hometown
                                     Top: Chester’s famous teapot            Christmas celebration.
                                         Bottom: Antique press at
                                           National Church Supply

landmarks                                         transportation
In 1938, The Chester Teapot was constructed       Chester is just 49 miles from Pittsburgh and 34
by William “Babe” Devon. The Teapot started       miles from Youngstown. Both areas have much
as a gigantic wooden hogshead barrel for Hire’s   to offer for shopping and recreation. Distance
Root Beer advertising campaign, and later was     travel is made easier with the Pittsburgh
covered in tin.                                   International Airport just 26 miles away.

It was used to sell refreshments, pottery and
gift items. After several ownership changes,      civic groups
C & P Telephone donated the Teapot to the city    Chester is home to several local civic groups
in 1987. The Teapot was painted its original      including the Chester Arts Club, Lions and
red and white colors late in the summer and       Kiwanis Clubs.
the grounds were landscaped.

Since 1990, “The World’s Largest Teapot” rests    churches
on what was Rock Springs Park and adjacent        Sacred Heart
to the Jennings Randolph Bridge into Ohio. The    Chester First United Methodist
Lincoln Highway, Route 30, comes through this     Westminster United Presbyterian
three mile stretch of West Virginia.              First United Presbyterian
                                                  St. Matthews Episcopal
                                                  First Christian
                                                  Church of Christ
education                                         Chester Church of the Nazarene
Judy Pryor Pre-School: 304-387-1548
Little Einsteins: 304-387-2233                    industrial
                                                  Metsch Refractory
Primary                                           Congo River Terminal
Allison Elementary: 304-387-1915                  Chester Tool and Die

Lynn Murray Memorial Library: 304-387-1010        important numbers
                                                  Emergency:                   911
                                                  Police:                      304-387-2820
                                                  Volunteer Fire Department:   304-387-1960
                                                  City Water Department:       304-387-0114
                                                  Post Office:                 304-387-2560

                                                           Hancock County Savings Bank Ad
     S   Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

              In millions of homes across America, the small                history
              village of Newell is reflected in the pieces of               After the Revolutionary War hundreds of white families
                                                                            hurried across the Alleghenies to claim land that had
              colorful Fiestaware ® manufactured at The                     been given to the soldiers. In 1770, pioneers settled in
              Homer Laughlin China Company. This riverside                  what is now Newell. Named for Hugh Newell, son of a
                                                                            tanner, Newell's early history includes the legend that
              community is proud of its heritage in the                     Johnny Appleseed assisted planters in establishing lush
              pottery manufacturing process-from clay to kiln               apple orchards along the Ohio River. These orchards
                                                                            and pastures brought wealth as well as beauty to the
              to the finished product. Newell's 1,600                       industrious farmers of that area. Newell is a village built
              residents raise horses, farm and enjoy fishing                around the clay and brick industry. By 1905, it was
                                                                            necessary to expand the Company's potteries and a site
              and boating on the Ohio River.                                at Newell was purchased where the largest single pottery
                                                                            in the world was built. To reach this new addition, it was
                                                                            necessary to construct a suspension bridge across the
                                                                            Ohio River connecting East Liverpool to Newell. Homer
                                                                            Laughlin developed the town site of Newell and
                                                                            constructed all public utilities.

                                                                            Captain John Porter established the Globe Brick Company
                                                                            in 1892 and produced the first brick used by Andrew
                                                                            Carnegie for lining steel mill ladles at Pittsburgh. At its
                                                                            peak, Globe produced 60 million bricks annually. Globe's
                                                                            Research Center made significant contributions to their
                                                                            industry leading to more uniformity and improvement
                                                                            in ladle brick.

                                                                            area attractions
                                                                            Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort
                                                                            Community Park

                                                                            civic groups
                                                                            Lions Club
                                                                            Rotary Club of Northern Hancock

                                                                            First Christian
                                                                            Newell United Methodist
                                                                            First Glendale Nazarene

                                         Top: Homer Laughlin Museum
                                                                            homer laughlin
                                                Bottom: Fiestaware®         Founded in 1871 by Homer Laughlin, The Homer Laughlin
                                                                            China Company was one of the first whiteware plants in
                                                                            the country, and has been owned and operated by the
         important numbers                                                  Aaron and Wells families since their acquisition in 1897.
                                                                            In 1907, the company moved to Newell and operated
         Chester City Police: 304-387-2820                                  62 production kilns and 48 decorating kilns, providing a
         Fire:                304-387-0795                                  capacity of 30,000 pieces of finished pottery per day, a
         Hancock Co. Sheriff: 304-564-4068                                  full 10% of the dishes purchased in the United States.
                                                                            Specializing in high-fired, lead-free glazes with an Alpha

                                                                            Alumina added body, Homer Laughlin remains the largest

                                                                            domestic pottery employing over 1,100 skilled workers
         Ergon, Inc.                                                        in a 37-acre facility.
         Marsh Bellofram
                                                                            Introduced in 1936, Fiesta® became Homer Laughlin's
         BOC Gases
                                                                            best-selling line, and today one of the most collected
         Homer Laughlin                                                     china products in the world. The reintroduction of
                                                                            Fiesta® in 1986 as a high-fire, fully vitrified, lead-free

                                                                            product redefined the standard for both food service
                                                                            and retail china products.

The Grande Hotel at Mountaineer features quality lodging, gourmet dining, world class spa, a fine jewelry store, a gift shop and many
more attractions and amenities.

Where your life meets the good life!
W  est Virginia hospitality at its very       West Virginia hills and enjoy the pulse        on races from 27 racetracks
best can be found at Mountaineer              pounding gaming excitement of over             throughout the nation.
Race Track & Gaming Resort!                   3,500 slots in the six Speakeasy
                                              themed casinos. Adding to the fun is           Guests will discover a new standard
A new dimension of entertainment              live entertainment on weekends in              of affordable elegance at the Grande
awaits visitors to the Chester, West          Pretty Boy Floyd's bar, Lighthouse             Hotel where 1920's style and grace
Virginia destination resort. Visitors         Lounge and Mahogany Lounge. Two                combine with 21st century comfort.
can experience the thrill of live             simulcast racing parlors provide race          The Grande Hotel addition adds 258
thoroughbred racing set in the rolling        fans with the opportunity to wager             rooms to the already

Savor the fine dining at La Bonne Vie Steak House.                    Bask in the elegance of the Mahogany Piano Bar.

existing 101 lodging rooms at
Mountaineer and also houses La
Bonne Vie, a gourmet restaurant,
a world-class spa, coffee shop,
retail and jewelry store and the
elegant Mahogany Lounge.

A lineup of top entertainers from
marquees around the world
appears at The Harv and the
Grande Ballroom. Mountaineer's
entertainment calendar includes
superstar acts such as Bill Cosby,
Wayne Newton, Paul Anka
and Englebert Humperdinck                 Paul Anka serenades his fans at the 5100 seat Harvey E. Arneault Memorial Theatre and
throughout the year. The                  Event Centre. Mountaineer also has a 1200 seat Convention Center.
destination of choice for many
boxing fans, Mountaineer hosts            Ballroom with many bouts being               foot Grande Ballroom can
championship boxing in both The           televised by ESPN, Pay for View              accommodate 1,200 guests and
HARV arena and the Grande                 and HBO.                                     can adapt to any size gathering
                                                                                       from small parties to large
                                          Relaxation and rejuvenation                  conventions     and    elegant
                                          options       are    diverse      at         weddings.
                                          Mountaineer.         The serene
                                          atmosphere of Mountaineer's two-             The growth and success of
                                          story spa is the perfect setting for         Mountaineer have provided
                                          its full-service beauty salon and            increasing employment with
                                          spa. Services range from Swedish             nearly 1,800 area residents
                                          massages and European facials to             directly employed at Mountaineer
                                          elegant coiffure and manicure                and 3,640 licensed horseman,
                                          services with a full menu of                 trainers, and jockeys deriving
                                          services designed by spa                     their income from the resort.

                                          Mountaineer's spacious fitness
                                          center features state-of-the-art
                                          equipment, saunas, Jacuzzis and
                                          a juice bar. Both indoor and
                                          outdoor pools provide the
       Getting Here                       opportunity for a refreshing dip
 Location: Route 2, Chester, WV           year-round.
 26034; phone: 1-800-804-0468
                                          Mountaineer's Woodview Golf
 Directions: From Pittsburgh, take        Course is nestled in the rolling
 Route 22 west to Weirton, West
                                          Appalachian hills just a short drive
 Virginia. Get off at Exit 2 and follow
 Route 2 north to Mountaineer. From
                                          from Mountaineer. A regulation
 Cleveland, take the Ohio Turnpike        18-hole 72-par course, Woodview
 to Exit 15. Follow I-80 east to          offers bunkered greens and
 Canfield/Route 11 South Exit. Take       fairways, water obstacles and
 Route 11 to downtown East                trees along with a snack shop, pro
 Liverpool (Ohio) Exit and follow         shop, practice green and golf
 Mountaineer signs. From Baltimore
 and Washington, D.C., take I-70
 West to the Pennsyvania Turnpike
 at Breezewood. Follow turnpike           Mountaineer's convention and
 west to the Pittsburgh Interchange       conference center accommodates
 (Exit 6) and head west toward            events ranging from large
 Pittsburgh. Follow I-376 west out        conventions and conferences to
 of Pittsburgh, then take Route 22
                                          weddings and more intimate                   A full menu of services are available at
 West to Weirton.
                                          events. The 16,000-square                    Mountaineer's Spa.

                 Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                                                                                    In 1839, landowner John Cuppy decided to
                         With their motto “Good People Make A Good                  sell 42 lots of his land to establish a town.
                                                                                    The first house was built in the spring of 1840
                         Town,” New Cumberland stands as a pleasant,                and the town flourished. Cuppy named the
                         close-knit residential community of about
                                                                                    village Vernon, although it was first known as
                                                                                    Cuppy Town. Years later several families, who
                         1,099 people. Its residents boast possession               had settled on his land, chose New Cumberland
                         of one of West Virginia’s most beautiful state
                                                                                    as a more appropriate town name. Twenty-six
                                                                                    brick companies once lined the big bend in
                         parks, Tomlinson Run, providing a wide range               the river from northern New Cumberland to
                         of recreational opportunities in a spectacular
                                                                                    Kings Creek.

                         natural landscape buried deep in “the West                 Located on the beautiful Ohio River in the
                         Virginia hills.”
                                                                                    Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, New
                                                                                    Cumberland is incorporated with its own police
                                                                                    department, ambulance service, volunteer fire
                                                                                    department, and water and sewer plants. The
                                                                                    city government consists of an elected mayor
                                                                                    and council. Students attend Oak Glen High
                                                                                    School, one of two high schools in the county,
                                                                                    and the John D. Rockefeller IV Vocational
                                                                                    Technical Center.

                                                                                    Thanks to the generosity of the late Dr. Charles
                                                                                    Swaney, the city enjoys their own public
                                                                                    library, which offers “Story Hour” and other
                                                                                    children’s programs plus tutoring in literacy
                                                                                    and computer operation. The Marshall Home
                                                                                    built in 1887 is a fine example of Queen Anne
                                                                                    architecture and houses the Hancock County
                                                                                    Historical Museum. The county seat of Hancock
                                                                                    County, New Cumberland hosts the courthouse
new cumberland

                                                                                    plus an industrial park and numerous small

                                                                                    area attractions
                                                                                    Local attractions include Tomlinson Run State
                                                                                    Park, Mountaineer’s Woodview Golf Course,
                                                                                    Pleasant Hills Golf Course, Mountaineer Race
                                                                                    Track & Gaming Resort, WVDNR Game/
                                                                                    Hunting Lands, Hancock County Historical
                                                                                    Museum and fishing, boating and watersports
                                                                                    on the Ohio River.

                                         Top: Hancock County Courthouse
                                Bottom: Hancock County Historical Museum            New Cumberland is just 44 miles from
                                                                                    Pittsburgh via WV Route 2 and US Route 22.
                                                                                    Local seniors can utilize the Hancock County
                                                                                    Senior Citizens transportation for medical
                                                                                    reasons, grocery shopping or local trips.

      New Cumberland
                                                            civic groups
industrial                                                  Lions Club, Women’s Club, T.O.P.S. Chapter #441, Keep
                                                            America Beautiful Organization, 4-H Club, Adam Poe Ladies
CM Tech Inc.
                                                            Auxiary #3526, Masonic Lodge, Rebekahs, Boy Scout
Crescent Brick Company (Resco)
                                                            Troop, Camp Fire Boys and Girls
Webster Properties Inc.
A.W. Schrimp Construction Consultants
W.T. Ross General Contracting                               education
PIA Truck Driving School
Chambers Contracting
                                                            John D. Rockefeller Career Center: 304-564-3357
Jamegy, Inc.
                                                            Kidz Korner Pre-School: 304-564-5081
Energy Piping WV
                                                            Little Blessing Pre-School: 304-564-3924

important numbers                                           Vocational
                                                            John D. Rockefeller Career Center: 304-564-3357
Emergency:                          911
City Building:                      304-564-3383
Police:                             304-564-3383
                                                            Swaney Memorial: 304-564-3471
Fire Department:                    304-564-3829
WV State Police:                    304-564-3894
Water Department:
Post Office:
                                                            New Cumberland Christian
Hancock County Courthouse:          304-564-3311
                                                            Church of Christ
                                                            First Presbyterian
annual events                                               Free Methodist
                                                            Immaculate Conception
New Cumberland "Hall of Fame" Induction Ceremony
                                                            New Cumberland Church of Nazarene
Fourth of July Community Celebration & Fireworks
                                                            Trinity United Methodist
Night-Time Lighted Christmas Parade
                                                            Nessly Chapel United Methodist
                                                            Point Pleasant United Methodist
vocational and technical
The John D. Rockefeller IV Career Center, established
in 1981, is Hancock County's only full-time vocational-
technical center. High school and adult students
participate in programs related to auto technology,
auto collision repair, aviation maintenance, building
construction, child care, Cisco networking, electronics,
health care occupations and welding. A wide variety
of adult evening classes are available.

The Center has a partnership agreement with West
Virginia Northern Community College allowing high
school students to receive high school and college credit
at no cost. The Center hopes to offer classes from
WVNCC via satellite in the near future. The Career
Center's newly installed state-of-the-art satellite
system will also provide capabilities for
                 Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                       A small community known by many names,                       history
                       New Manchester is a rural locale attracting                  The quaint community of New Manchester was laid
                                                                                    out in 1810 by Dr. David Pugh with 113 town lots. The
                       those who want a bit of the country life when
                                                                                    Post Office was originally called Fairview. New
                       settling down to make a home and raise a                     Manchester served as the county seat from the
                                                                                    creation of Hancock County in 1848 until the late
                       family. New Manchester borders Tomlinson                     1800’s when it was moved to New Cumberland.
                       Run State Park amidst the rolling hills of
                                                                                    The name of the town has been changed several times,
                       Hancock County exuding its natural splendor                  from New Manchester to Fairview, to Pughtown (after
                                                                                    the founder), and in 1976 reverted back to the original
                       of a hunter and fisherman’s paradise.
                                                                                    name, New Manchester. During its early history, New
                                                                                    Manchester was a thriving town hosting many
                                                                                    businesses, the courthouse, attorneys, hotels, doctors,
                                                                                    drug stores, livery stables, blacksmiths, saddle shops,
                                                                                    casket manufacturers, tannery, two churches, and
                                                                                    many civic and community activities. New Manchester
                                                                                    has transitioned into a growing village promoting safe
                                                                                    and comfortable living in a country-like atmosphere.

                                                                                    area attractions
                                                                                    New Manchester is home to an annual Fourth of July
                                                                                    Parade and Fireman’s Fair. Tomlinson Run State Park
                                                                                    hosts an annual Fishing Derby, Bicycle Race, Hancock
                                                                                    County Fair, Haunted Hayride and Halloween Party.
                                                                                    Pleasant Hills Golf Course is close by.

                                                                                    civic groups
                                                                                    PTA, New Manchester Historical Society, Boy Scouts,
                                                                                    Cub Scouts, Brownies, Campfire Boys and Girls, 4-H
                                                                                    Clubs, Hancock County Senior Center, New Manchester
                                                                                    Neighborhood Youth Center and Fairview Grange
new manchester

                                                                                    New Manchester Christian
                                                                                    Fairview Presbyterian

                                                                                    Tiny Tykes Pre-School
                                                                                    New Manchester Elementary: 304-564-3242
                                                                                    Oak Glen High School: 304-564-3500
                                                                                    Oak Glen Middle School - completed August 2004

                              Center: Cabins at Tomlinson Run State Park
                                                                                    important numbers
                                   Bottom: New Oak Glenn Middle School              Police / Emergency:       911
                                                                                    Fire Department:          304-564-4497
                                                                                    Water Department :        304-564-9587
                                                                                    Post Office:              304-564-5560

      New Manchester
          Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

      S         F orged       by Steel—The city of Weirton                   history
                combines the warmth, security and                            A relatively young city, incorporated in 1947,
                                                                             Weirton's roots date back to the mid 1700s when
                camaraderie inherent in a small town with the
                                                                             pioneers settled in Hollidays Cove. The frontier
                cultural, educational and economic benefits                  settlement was located in a valley where Harmon
                of a metropolitan area. Often described as a                 Creek empties into the Ohio River which is one of
                                                                             the country's major navigable waterways. The
                “melting pot,” Weirton’s ethnic diversity                    fertile valley is far enough away from the mighty
                provides a cultural variety second to none.                  Ohio River to escape devastating floods yet close
                                                                             enough to the river to take advantage of it's fresh
                Consistently rated as one of the safest cities
                                                                             water and cheap transportation.
                in the United States with a reasonable cost of
                                                                             The town that became Weirton had a change in
                living, Weirton borders both the Ohio River
                                                                             lifestyle from farming and small businesses to
                and the Pennsylvania border offering a curious               industry shortly after the turn of the 20th century.
                blend of major industry, tourist attractions and             In the spring of 1909, young industrialist, E. T.
                                                                             Weir, came from his hometown of Pittsburgh and
                recreational opportunities.                                  purchased 105 acres of land. Weir had a sheet
                                                                             steel plant in Clarksburg, WV, but expansion there
                                                                             was impossible so he began his search for property
                                                                             upon which to build a new plant. By the end of
                                                                             1909, Weir had 10 mills operating. From those
                                                                             humble beginnings, Weirton Steel became the fifth
                                                                             largest steel producer in the country. Foreign steel
                                                                             imports and other factors have forced Weirton
                                                                             Steel into an ongoing recovery process.

                                                                             Today's community of hardworking people evolved
                                                                             from that modest beginning. Immigrants from all
                                                                             over the world, but primarily from the European
                                                                             countries where they had experience with
                                                                             industrial type work, came to find employment in
                                                                             Mr. Weir's mill.

                                                                             The influx of workers created a boomtown in the
                                                                             pleasant valley and as Weirton Steel grew so did
                                                                             the community. Four towns emerged during the
                                                                             early part of the century. They merged in 1947
                                                                             and the city continued to grow reaching a peak
                                                                             population of more than 28,000 by 1970.

                                                                             With the incorporation, Weirton became the only
                                                                             city in the United States that sits in one state
                                                                             while its borders touch two other states. The city

                                                                             of Weirton is divided between Brooke and Hancock
                                                                             Counties. City government consists of a mayor
                                                                             and council with a city manager.

                                                                             Along with the Ohio River transportation, the city

                                                                             is blessed with easy access to major highways
                                                                             and rail lines. Also, it is just a 25-minute drive to
                                                                             the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport.

                                                      With the growth, the city's commerce also
                                                      advanced. Today, most of the country's major retail
                                                      stores have located here, but with an eye toward
                                                      economic development, Weirton has plenty of room
                                                      to grow.

                                                      A large industrial park, located just off Three
education                                             Springs Drive interchange, is a new development
                                                      with infrastructure in place. The park has easy
Weirton has 11 top-rated schools including five       access to U. S. Route 22, a major highway that
elementary schools, a middle school, a high           stretches to the east and west.
school, two parochial grade schools and a high
school and a Christian K-12 school. The Hancock       Several other property sites zoned for commercial
County school system operates the John D.             and industrial development exist as well, and there
Rockefeller Career Center where high school           is abundant modern housing to accommodate
students and adults alike learn industrial arts,      continued growth in the community.
and a wide variety of practical skills readily
marketable in the work force. West Virginia           The newest residential developments include
Northern Community College has a campus on            Angeline Estates, South Brook Estates,
Weirton Heights and Jefferson Community College       Heathermoor Drive, Stone Brooke and Weircrest
is just a 15-minute drive away in neighboring         Development. Several geriatric housing facilities
Steubenville, Ohio.                                   are also available in the city and surrounding areas.

Also in Steubenville, is renowned Franciscan
University. There are eight other colleges and
universities within an hour drive of Weirton
including major universities such as the University
of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and
Duquesne University.

weirton schools
Weirton Christian Center: 304-748-2353
Memorial Baptist Pre-Kindergarten: 304-723-3110
Pipino’s Head Start: 304-797-0281
The Children's Academy: 304-723-1560
Haller Park Pre-school and Daycare: 304-748-5400
Pipino’s Neighborhood Center: 304-797-7733

Public Schools
Edgewood Primary: 304-748-7676
Millsop Primary: 304-748-7760
Broadview Elementary: 304-723-2525
Liberty Elementary: 304-723-2818
Weirton Heights Elementary: 304-748-1950
Weir Middle School: 304-748-6080
Weir High School: 304-748-7600
                                                      important numbers
                                                      Emergency:                    911
Private Schools                                       Police:                       304-797-8555
St. Joseph Pre-School and Elementary: 304-723-1970    Fire Department:              304-797-8560
St. Paul Pre-School and Elementary: 304-748-5225      Mayor’s Office:               304-797-8501
Weirton Madonna High School: 304-723-0545             City Manager:                 304-797-8503
Tri-State Christian Academy: 724-947-8722             Water Department:             304-797-8591
                                                      Public Works:                 304-797-8540
                                                      Waste Water Plant:            304-797-8550
library                                               Millsop Community Center:     304-797-8520
Mary H. Weir Public Library: 304-797-8510
Weirton's medical community is second to none.
Highly qualified doctors, surgeons and specialists
abound. They are supported by the modern
Weirton Medical Center, which is an acute care,
240-bed institution located just off U. S. Route     Weirton Medical Center

22 (Colliers Way Exit), 25 miles southwest of the
Greater Pittsburgh International Airport and 30
miles west of downtown Pittsburgh.                     lymph node detection—the latest in breast cancer
                                                       detection lithotripsy, magnetic resonance imaging,
WMC has 187 acute care beds, 20 adult psychiatric      acute hemodialysis for patients with first time
beds and 233 skilled care beds. They feature a         kidney failure, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation
10-bed Critical Care Unit, 28-bed Stepdown or          program, rheumatology service, back and neck
Intermediate Care Unit, Pain Management Center,        surgery program and a community-based diabetes
Women's Health Center and            Industrial        care center.
Rehabilitation Program and Sports Medicine Clinic,
which are operated by the Physical Rehabilitation      The medical-dental staff is comprised of some 170
Services Department.                                   physicians with board-certified physicians in the
                                                       medical and surgical subspecialities. WMC employs
WMC features the latest in treatments,                 more than 1,000 people.
technologies and drugs in its patient care
programs. Other services offered by WMC are a          In fiscal 2003, WMC admitted a total of 8,234
percutaneous coronary intervention program,            inpatients and recorded a total of 183,370
state-of-the-art peripheral vascular surgery, a        outpatient visits. WMC offers health care services
wound treatment program with a 90 percent              in West Virginia to residents of Ohio and
healing rate, stereotactic biopsy and sentinel         Pennsylvania.
In Weirton, it is not all work and no play. The city is   churches
blessed with one of the outstanding community             The proud heritage of Weirton includes being known
centers, especially for a city its size. The Thomas E.    as "the city of churches." The influx of immigrants
Millsop Community Center on Main Street is "The           brought with them not only their languages and
Center of Activity" for the Weirton area. The Center      customs, but also their religions. Today, the city,
offers the community outstanding sports and fitness       which prides itself in its ethnic heritage, has about
facilities, as well as a gathering place for social       40 churches including all the mainline
activities and special events. Basketball, handball/      denominations.
racquetball, volleyball & wallyball, street hockey,
swimming, weight training, martial arts, exercise
room, sauna/steam rooms, health clinics, meeting
rooms, senior citizens socials and special events.        church listing
Families can enjoy swimming, tennis and picnics at        All Saints Greek Orthodox Church
the Margaret Manson Weir Pool on Marland Heights,         Apostolic Lighthouse
and at the Starvaggi Memorial Pool on Weirton             Chapel Hill Wesleyan
Heights, which was a gift to the people of Weirton by     Christ The King Faith Temple
the late local industrialist Michael Starvaggi and his    Christ United Methodist Church
wife.                                                     Christian & Missionary Alliance
                                                          Church of Christ
For the outdoor enthusiast, Weirton has two beautiful     Cove Presbyterian Church
country clubs within its city limits—Williams Country     Evangel Baptist Church
Club and Pleasant Valley Country Club, as well as         First Baptist Church
numerous public golf courses within close proximity.      First Christian Church Disciples
                                                          First Church of the Nazarene
Nearby to Weirton are wilderness areas for the hunting    First United Methodist Church
enthusiast and lakes, rivers and streams chocked full     Grace Community Church
of many varieties of fish just waiting for an ambitious   Harvester Fellowship Church
angler. The family would enjoy Tomlinson Run State        Jehovah's Witnesses
Park, located in central Hancock County about 10 miles    Kings Creek Union Chapel
from Weirton. It has miles of hiking trails, camping      Marland Heights Community Church
and picnic facilities and a large outdoor swimming        Memorial Baptist Church
pool.                                                     Mercy Baptist Church
                                                          Morning Star Baptist Church
                                                          Mt. Olive Baptist Church
                                                          New Hope Baptist Church
                                                          North Side Church of God
                                                          Oakland United Presbyterian Church
                                                          Pleasant Valley United Methodist
                                                          Resurrection Lutheran Church
                                                          Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church
                                                          Shiloh Apostolic Faith Assembly
                                                          St. Joseph the Worker Church
                                                          St. Mary's Byzantine Church
                                                          St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
                                                          St. Paul’s Catholic Church
                                                          St. Peter's AME
                                                          St. Thomas Episcopal Church
                                                          Tri-State Church of God
         Top: Millsop
   Community Center                                       Trinity Lutheran Church
   Bottom: Starvaggi                                      Voice of the Pentecost
       Memorial Pool
                                                          Weirton Alliance Church
                                                          Weirton Covenant Church
                                                          Weirton Free Methodist
                                                          Weirton Heights Church of Christ
                                                          Weirton Salvation Army
                                                          Weirton Seventh Day Adventist
When you choose to do business in Brooke or Hancock County,
logistics become your strongest asset.                                           From fine china to
                                                                                 steel, the diversity of
     ROAD • There is direct access to one U.S. and two major state               the Northern
     highways and it is a short drive to five interstate highways. Fifty-
     eight Motor Carriers serve the area.                                        Panhandle Industry
     RIVER • Access is available through both counties to the Ohio River.        is evident as you
     Low cost river transportation is available to deliver goods to
     worldwide markets, especially markets in the southern U.S.                  travel up and down
     RAIL • The Brooke and Hancock area is fully served by rail, offering        the river. The
     low-cost transportation to anywhere in the country.
                                                                                 following businesses
     AIR • The Greater Pittsburgh International Airport is 25 minutes            represent just a small
     away and is the nation's second largest airport in area and the 13th
     busiest. It offers service from 21 passenger and commuter airlines.
     Airfreight is also available from Pittsburgh International.
                                                                                 sampling of these
     At the edge of Brooke County, the Ohio County Airport is the area's only
                                                                                 industries that
     airport that is able to accommodate large corporate aircraft. Their
     control tower provides for an all-weather facility, with up to 5,000-foot
                                                                                 comprise our
     runways. They offer Jet A and 100LL fuel pumped Monday through
     Friday from 8AM to 11PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM to 8PM unless
                                                                                 economic strength.

     prior arrangements are made.

     Jefferson County Air Park is less than 30 minutes away in Wintersville,
     Ohio. The 3,500-ft. runway, new terminal building and 32-nestled-T
     hangars accommodate both commercial aviation and the general public.
     The current runway extension project - to increase to 5,000 feet will be
     completed by 2006. Winter hours Monday through Friday from 9AM-
     5PM, Daylight Savings Time until 9PM. Two courtesy cars available.
                                                                                 IN THE NORTHERN PANHANDLE
                                                               Hamilton Kettles - Weirton
                                                               Hamilton Kettles has developed a complete line of
                                                               standard steam jacketed kettles, mix cookers and
                                                               custom-fabricated cooking vessels designed to serve
                                                               virtually every need in the broad variety of process
                                                               industries that require highly sanitary stainless steel
                                                               equipment ... particularly in the food, meat, dairy,
                                                               pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

                                                               Hamilton's standard products, kettles and mix cookers,
                                                               are available in a range of capacities from 15 to 2,000
                                                               gallons. These pre-engineered products are assembled
                                                               from a large stock of standard components.

                                                               Hamilton also custom crafts units of any size and other
Ergon-West Virginia, Inc. - Newell                             highly-specialized products to meet precise processing
Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, Ergon, Inc. is built    requirements, one-of-a-kind or in large quantities.
on a foundation of petroleum- related enterprises dating       Each unit is designed with optimum diameter for a
back to 1954. Ergon now has over 2,300 employees and           given capacity to provide the greatest surface area
operates as a crude oil refiner, transporter, and marketer     for faster cooking or cooling.
of process oils and asphalt products. They also
manufacture state-of-the-art industrial computer
products and road maintenance equipment as well as
real estate development.

Recognizing an opportunity to expand into new niche
markets with high-value, engineered hydrocarbon
products, Ergon acquired the Quaker State refinery at
Newell, West Virginia in 1997. The refinery uses very
high-pressure catalytic hydrotreating technology to
process selected Appalachian paraffinic lube crudes,
principally from fields in Ohio, West Virginia and

Ergon has invested heavily in upgrading the processing
and computer control technology as well as increasing
the production capacity of the refinery since the
acquisition. This has been accomplished while reducing
air and water emissions. Ergon has not only expanded
the refinery capacity, but changed the focus to mesh
with Ergon's company wide style of employee
                                                               DTC Services, Inc. - Newell
empowerment coupled with extensive training. This              On the Ohio River, DTC Services offers solutions to
specialty refinery is also fully ISO 9001:2000 certified.      environmental problems and river transportation. With
                                                               Fleeting and Tug Services, they are even able to offer
Production focuses on high-quality, high VI, Group 2           24-hour Emergency Spill Response. Tank and barge
paraffinic base oils, paraffinic process oils, agricultural    cleaning, welding and repairs, chemical recycling and
spray oil base, highly saturated and color stable bright       waste management make it easy for industry to
stock, slack paraffin and micro waxes and petroleum            comply with regulations and benefit from local river
resins. The refinery also produces ultra low sulfur gasoline   transportation. DTC Services also has a Marine
that exceeds the EPA's Tier II 2004 fuels standard and         Chemist and offers Safety Training.
low-sulfur premium diesel fuel. Ergon plans to invest
further to reduce the diesel sulfur to meet the 2006 Ultra
Low Sulfur Diesel requirements with 100% of its diesel

Paraffinic process oils find many uses paralleling Ergon's
naphthenic process oils produced at the Vicksburg, MS
refinery. The addition of these products enable Ergon to
more fully service our customer base developed over
the years for Vicksburg's specialty products. One of the
newest members of the Ergon family of refineries, the
West Virginia facility provides a synergistic complement
to the Ergon team.
Wheeling Nisshin - Follansbee                        Wheeling Corrugating - Beech Bottom
With two fully computerized, state-of-the-art        Division of Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel
coating lines, Wheeling Nisshin has a wide range     Rebuilding the World Trade Center is important and meaningful for all Americans.
of products and flexibility between the two lines.   The effort to rebuild New York's World Trade Center is especially poignant, however,
This makes the company the only steel mill in the    for the men and women of Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation who are supplying
country       producing                                                             vital construction materials for the project.
700,000 tons a year of
all major hot-dip coated                                                           The steel company's Wheeling Corrugating Division
products used for various                                                          won the contract to provide the steel floor decking
automotive, appliance,                                                             that will be used to reconstruct the first building at
building and construction                                                          the World Trade Center site in Manhattan. The
applications.                                                                      contract calls for Wheeling Corrugating to deliver
                                                                                   1.4 million square feet of decking as part of the
Wheeling       Nisshin's                                                           effort to rebuild an important world financial center
Aluminizing           and                                                          and assist in the healing process of a grieving nation.
Galvanizing Line is a fully                                                        The new building, World Trade Center 7, will be a
computerized multi-                                                                two million square foot, 53-story tower. Construction
product line producing                                                             is expected to take three years.
Regular and Minimized
Spangle Galvanized,                                                                An important factor on their side was Wheeling
Galvannealed          and                                                          Pittsburgh Steel's recent success in supplying the
Aluminized Type I, which                                                           decking for another Manhattan landmark, the
                                                                                   Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's Fifth Avenue
has       successfully
operated since 1988.
Product Capacity is
                                                     "Our work on projects like the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Building, PNC Park
400,000 tons per year.
                                                     and Heinz Field in Pittsburgh proves that we are not just a regional company,"
                                                     said Doug Robbins, Wheeling Corrugating GSM for construction products. "We are
The Continuous Galvanized Line is designed for
                                                     a viable national corporation."
producing light-gauge Galvanized and
GALVALUME® products with the most advanced           Wheeling Corrugating is a major producer of steel decking for the construction,
computerized facilities. It was added in 1993 as     highway and bridge building markets and a significant marketer of painted steel
the nation's first high speed, hot dip line          coils, HVAC sheets and coils. It is also a leading manufacturer of steel roofing and
specializing in light-guage coated products.         siding for residential, light commercial and industrial markets.
Production Capacity is 300,000 tons per year.
National Church Supply Co., Inc. - Chester                              developmental incentives
National Church Supply Company has been a family-owned and              Education and Training
operated business since 1915 in the production of church offering          • Governor's Guaranteed WorkForce Program offers training grants up
envelopes. The company's motto, "produce a quality product and               to $1,000 per employee for eligible companies that create a minimum
service second to none," continues. With this mind set, National             of 10 new jobs within a 12-month period
                                                                           • WorkForce Development Program encourages partnerships between
                                       Church Supply has grown               educational institutions and the business community
                                       from a small business               • Small Business WorkForce Program provides a $5,000 to $10,000
                                       located at the rear of a              grant to qualified companies
                                       Chester Credit Union
                                       building into a 54,000           Incentives and Tax Credits
                                       square foot manufacturing           • Corporate Headquarters Credit for relocation of corporate
                                       facility. It remains one of         • Economic Opportunity Credit that offsets 80 percent of taxes for up to
                                       the largest producers of              13 years
                                       church offering envelopes           • "Five for Ten Program" assesses new capital addition at a salvage value
                                       in the world.                         of 5 percent for the first 10 years for qualified capital improvements
                                                                           • Strategic R&D Credit
                                        To better serve customers          • "Sunny Day" Fund
                                                                           • Warehouse "Freeport" Tax Exemption
                                        a second production facility       • West Virginia Capital Company Credit
was opened in 1958 in Venice, Florida to assist factory direct sales.
Continuous quality control procedures ensure complete satisfaction      Financing
along with having outside sales staff strategically located across         • Direct loan programs through the West Virginia Economic Development
the United States.                                                           Authority
                                                                           • Indirect loan programs via loan insurance through participating
                                                                             commercial banks
In 1979, the company branched out into the commercial market               • Industrial Revenue Bonds
by introducing a line of microfiche products into the commercial           • West Virginia Small Business Development Center Loans
field. The production was profitable leaving NCS the leader in             • Linked deposit programs for small businesses
archival storage for businesses and institutions worldwide.                • Tax Increment Financing

The company continues to manufacture and produce boxed set              Grants
                                                                           • West Virginia Economic Development Grant Committee
envelopes but has expanded into Monthly Mailing Services,                  • Federal Small Cities Block Grant Program
Contribution Recording and Reporting, Special Mailings and more            • Governor's Community Partnership Program
technological services. With highly trained staff website design,
church e-mail and E-giving are other features offered to customers,
making National Church Supply a versatile supplier for both                 More information available on the following websites:
traditional and contemporary needs for churches and businesses.             and
brooke and hancock counties
        Making it profitable for you to do business
                 Brooke and Hancock Counties pride         include site development and
                 themselves on being "business             acquisition, assistance with state
                 friendly" and offer substantial           government requirements and
                 incentives such as tax breaks,            programs, grant writing, economic
                 financial resources and employee          research and trends for Brooke and
                 training programs. The Business           Hancock counties and small business
                 Development Corporation of the            counseling.
                 Northern Panhandle will work with
                 your company to gather permits            A Brooke and Hancock County location
                 and paperwork necessary to make           offers a work force of over 500,000
                 your business start-up simple. In         people within 25 miles. The work ethic
                 addition, the BDC will work with you      is strong, and laborers consistently
                 every step of the way to help bring       outperform other areas in terms of
                 in available state or federal financial   productivity,        turnover      and
                 assistance. Our goal is to ensure         absenteeism. Brooke and Hancock
                 that your business receives the           counties can also fill whatever need an
                 maximum benefits available.               employer has for highly-trained
                 Brooke and Hancock Counties will          workers. Area employees are hard
                 exceed your expectations!                 workers who dedicate themselves to
                                                           their jobs. They understand the
                 Services provided by the Business         concept of a fair day's work and reward
                 Development Corporation to                their employers with loyalty.
                 potential and existing businesses
           Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

       S                                                                      history
                                                                              Colliers grew up as a railroad town, but it is
                   Proud of its new Panhandle Trail winding                   said to be the second oldest settlement in
                   through the lowest foothills of the Allegheny
                                                                              Brooke County after Wellsburg. When the
                                                                              railroad was built, Colliers became a thriving
                   Mountains, the cozy community of Colliers is               community with hotels, restaurants, doctors,
                   idyllic for families seeking a quiet, peaceful,
                                                                              pharmacists, grist mills and stores. In the 1912
                                                                              flood, this community was hit very hard, but
                   and secluded way of life.              Colliers Primary    bounced back and grew stronger. Because of
                   School is one of the four Brooke County
                                                                              the railroad, Colliers was the scene of the
                                                                              longest bare-knuckle boxing match between
                   Schools recognized as a West Virginia "School              Paddy Ryan and Joe Goss. The fight was illegal
                   of Excellence!"
                                                                              and was held in Colliers so both fighters and
                                                                              spectators could quickly cross the state line.
                                                                              It lasted 87 rounds and each round was a

                                                                              area attractions
                                                                              Visitors to Colliers will enjoy cycling or walking
                                                                              on the Panhandle Trail.

                                                                              Colliers United Methodist
                                                                              Colliers Christian
                                                                              Colliers Church of the Nazarene
                                                                              Open Door Baptist
                                                                              Old St. John’s Episcopal
                                                                              Old Tent Presbyterian
                                                                              Church of God

                                                                              civic groups
                                                                              IOOF, Rebekah Lodge, Colliers Sportsmen’s
                                                                              Club, Trappers Assistance and 4-H Club

                                                                              RIG Packaging
                                                                              Melex Golf Carts


                                                                              Colliers Primary School
                                                       Top: Panhandle Trail
                                                    Bottom: Harmon Creek

                                                                              important numbers
                                                                              Fire Department:       304-527-1430

                                                                              Post Office:           304-748-6602

             Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                     The riverside community of Follansbee
     S               possesses that rock solid "Hometown                        history
                     Feeling." With the entrance of the town                    Chartered in June 1906, the City of
                                                                                Follansbee, formerly "Old Mingo Bottom,"
                     from the north cut right out of the Allegheny
                                                                                became a municipality. Named for the B. G.
                     foothills, Follansbee welcomes you! Major                  Follansbee family, Follansbee is situated in
                     industry borders the Ohio River in a town                  northern Brooke County, one of West
                                                                                Virginia's smallest counties. The Ohio River
                     with stately homes and safe, desirable                     and quality bottomland attracted both
                     neighborhoods.                                             farmers and industrialists to this area. The
                                                                                lifecycle of the steel manufacturing industry
                                                                                emanated from this small community-coal,
                                                                                coke, tar distillation and steel.

                                                                                Today, a mayor and six council members
                                                                                govern Follansbee. With the new Route 22
                                                                                by-pass and Route 2 expansion enhancing
                                                                                residential development, along with
                                                                                industrial revitalization, the City of
                                                                                Follansbee is growing to accommodate this
                                                                                expansion. From excellent downtown
                                                                                neighborhoods to affordable hilltop housing,
                                                                                the city is proud of its state-of-the-art Police,
                                                                                Fire and Ambulance Departments.

                                                                                Situated on WV State Route 2, Follansbee
                                                                                was the starting point of the most recent
                                                                                Route 2 widening between the city and
                                                                                Weirton. Within minutes of U.S. Route 22
                                                                                and Ohio State Route 7, Follansbee's industry
                                                                                is served by the Ohio River and rail

                                                                                area attractions
                                                                                The "Hometown Feeling" is enhanced by
                                                                                Follansbee's Parks and Recreation. Locally,
                                                                                there are three golf courses, three city parks,

                                                                                and one of the areas largest heated public

                                                                                Just south of the city, you'll find the Brooke
                                                                                Pioneer Trail, three miles of paved railroad
                                                                                grade trail for cyclists, walkers and inline
                 Top: Wheeling-Nisshan Plant bordering the river                skaters. The Brooke County Genealogy
                              Center: Follansbee Dock Systems
                                      supplies docks worldwide                  Society is available for research at the
                                       Bottom: Follansbee Park                  Follansbee Library.

     Follansbee                                                                 civic groups
                                                                                Brooke Rotary, Follansbee Lions, Knights
                                                                                of Columbus, 20th Century and Women's
                                                                                Civic League
industrial                                         Preschool
                                                   Kids Corner Christian Pre-School: 304-527-5437
Follansbee Steel, established in the early         Brooke High Pre-School: 304-527-1410
1800's, is a major manufacturer of marine dock     Little Friends Pre-School and Daycare: 304-527-4600
systems and the "Tin Roof." Follansbee Dock
Systems produces a complete line of docks,         Primary
dock hardware and dock components. They            Jefferson Elementary: 304-527-2250
export the hardware and dock systems               Hooverson Heights Elementary: 304-527-0870
worldwide. Their docks have been used in areas     Follansbee Middle School: 304-527-1942
                                                   Brooke High School: 304-527-1410
as diverse as chemical and coal plants, the
America's Cup Races, state parks, backyard         Library
ponds and waterfronts.                             Brooke County Library Follansbee Branch: 304-737-1551

Follansbee's industry includes: Wheeling
Nisshin, Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel's Coke Plant,
Koppers Industries, Brooke Machine and more.
                                                   annual events
                                                   Community Days Celebration (July)
                                                   Christmas in the Park (Oct)
                                                   Garibaldi Days Celebration (Aug)
Follansbee Church of Christ
First Church of the Nazarene                       important numbers
First Presbyterian                                 Emergency:           911
Follansbee United Methodist                        City Building:       304-527-1330
St. Anthony Catholic                               Police Department:   304-527-1211
Open Door Baptist                                  Fire Department:     304-527-2345
Hooverson Heights Church of Christ

         Verizon is proud to be a part of life
             in the Northern Panhandle.
            Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                     Settled by members of the famous Lewis                    history
    S                & Clark Expedition, Wellsburg possesses a                 Wellsburg is among the oldest towns on the Ohio
                     historical charm and cultural appreciation
                                                                               River and was chartered as Charlestown in 1791.
                                                                               After separation from Ohio County, the first
                     embraced by both visitors and residents.                  county court meeting was held in 1797 in a
                                                                               house built by Patrick Gass of the Lewis & Clark
                     This riverside community has attracted bus
                                                                               Expedition fame. Its name was changed because
                     tours and stops by the Mississippi and Delta              of there being a Charlestown elsewhere in the
                                                                               State. Renamed for Alexander Wells, Wellsburg
                     Queens, while the Brooke Hills Playhouse
                                                                               was one of the most noted shipping points on
                     Players showcase local talent.                            the river, exporting local raised and ground flour
                                                                               as well as whiskey. Glassmaking became a major
                                                                               industry and in its time the Riverside Glass Works
                                                                               Company was a great center of attraction. A
                                                                               paper mill and flour sack manufacturer also
                                                                               added to the industrial climate of Wellsburg.

                                                                               Legend has it that Johnny Appleseed roamed
                                                                               the hills above Wellsburg helping farmers
                                                                               incorporate apple orchards onto their property.
                                                                               The first Grimes Golden apple tree is said to
                                                                               have stood in Wellsburg and is celebrated every
                                                                               October during Applefest.

                                                                               Wellsburg rests along the Ohio River and WV
                                                                               State Route 2. The city is just 10 miles from US
                                                                               Route 22 and 16 miles from Interstate 70. Forms
                                                                               of transportation include Brooke County Cab and
                                                                               the Norfolk Southern Railroad Service.

                                                                               area attractions
                                                                               Visitors and local residents alike can enjoy
                                                                               Brooke Hills Park which includes an 18-hole par
                                                                               3 golf course, a miniature golf course,
                                                                               paddleboats, heated pool, batting cages, rental
                                                                               shelters and camp sites.

                                                                               Also in the area is Brooke Bowling Lanes, located

                                                                               on Bethany Pike and the Brooke County Museum
                                                                               at 600 Main Street which includes a 1788 Log
                                                                               House which is available for tours.

                                                                               Catholic Knights of America/Vancroft Museum,
                                                                               located at 1500 Brinker Road, includes an
                                                                               assisted living facility, private cemetery, Vancroft
                                          Top: Gazebo at the wharf
                                         Center: Wellsburg City Hall           Mansion and Museum, lodge building with a 250-
                                     Bottom: Brooke Hills Playhouse            person capacity banquet hall, a chapel, a retreat
                                                                               house and other historic buildings.

    Wellsburg                                                                  The Brooke Pioneer Trail and Yankee Trail are
                                                                               railroad grade, paved trails perfect for cyclists,
                                                                               walkers and in-line skaters. Wellsburg is also
                                                                               home to four community parks.
annual events                                      Schools
                                                   Wellsburg Primary: 304-737-0133
Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department Bazaar (May)
                                                   Wellsburg Middle: 304-737-2922
Wellsburg Volunteer Fire Department Parade (May)
                                                   Brooke High: 304-527-1410
Fourth Of July Celebration (July)
                                                   St. John: 304-737-0429
WV State Trapshooting Tournament (July)
                                                   Alternative Learning Center: 304-737-2770
Brooke County Fair (Sept)
Wellsburg Applefest (Oct)
Halloween on the Town Square (Oct)
                                                   Brooke County Public Library: 304-737-1551
Christmas Parade & Light Up Night (Nov)

industrial                                         churches
                                                   First Church Of The Nazarene
ADM Milling
                                                   Henderson Chapel AME
Banner Fiberboard Company
                                                   Christian Faith Assembly Of God
Eagle Manufacturing Company
                                                   First Baptist
Merco, Inc.
                                                   Riverview Baptist Chapel
Smurfit Stone Container
                                                   St. John Catholic
                                                   Wellsburg Christian
                                                   Church Of Christ
important numbers                                  First Church Of God
Emergency:                  911                    Christ Episcopal
Police:                     304-737-1121           Brooke Hills Free Methodist
Fire:                       304-737-0812           Franklin United Methodist
City Hall:                  304-737-2104           Presbyterian
Post Office:                800-275-8777           Wellsburg United Methodist
Water:                      304-737-2143
          Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                   The college town of Bethany embraces a                    history
                   diversity of thought and lifestyle, allowing              In 1769, Isaac Williams settled in what is now
    S              both students and full-time residents to
                                                                             known as Bethany. A designated Historic
                                                                             District, Bethany was named by Alexander
                   enjoy the opportunity to grow within a small              Campbell in 1827 so that a Post Office could
                                                                             be built. Campbell served as the first
                   community context. Situated in the foothills
                                                                             Postmaster. In 1840, Campbell founded
                   of the Allegheny Mountains, Bethany's lush                Bethany College, providing land and monies
                                                                             for the first building and serving as the College's
                   vistas attract visitors to view the
                                                                             first president. Bethany is proud to share its
                   spectacular Autumn colors.                                two National Historic Landmarks, the Old Main
                                                                             Building on the Bethany Campus and the
                                                                             Alexander Campbell Mansion, as well as five
                                                                             sites listed in the National Register of Historic

                                                                             Today, with a population of nearly 1,000
                                                                             including students attending Bethany College,
                                                                             the town boasts churches, businesses,
                                                                             community organizations, an artists' gallery, a
                                                                             community recreation association and
                                                                             educational opportunities for all ages. Long-
                                                                             time businesses of the town include Chambers
                                                                             General Store and the College Inn.

                                                                             area attractions
                                                                             Bethany Peace Point Equestrian Center—The
                                                                             Bethany College Board of Trustees have
                                                                             unanimously endorsed the Equestrian Center
                                                                             and have additionally instructed the Dean of
                                                                             Faculty to finalize course curriculum to allow
                                                                             Equine Studies to be included as a major course
                                                                             of study at the college. The completed facility
                                                                             will include a 200' x 100' indoor arena, 100-
                                                                             stall horse barn, dressage arena, outdoor arena,
                                                                             trail system, and a 24-hour veterinarian facility.
                                                                             The Bethany Peace Point Equestrian Center will
                                                                             be open to the general public and individuals
                                                                             will be able to board their horses at the facility,
                                                                             take horseback riding lessons, and enjoy an
                                                                             extensive trail system. The center plans to host
                                                                             over twenty-five events per year, which will
                                                                             attract over 20,000 visitors.

                                                                             Bethany Primary, grades Kindergarten through
                                                                             Fourth, is an important part of the community.
                            Top: Campbell Village Residence Hall             Parents and students from the college are very
                                   Center: Entrance to Bethany
                          Bottom: Peace Point Equestrian Center              involved. The average class size is 14:1; eighty

                                                                             percent of the classroom teachers have a
                                                                             Masters Degree and all are parents themselves.
                                                                             Gifted and Learning Disabled Programs are
                                                                             available. Depending on a student's location, a
                                                                             child can walk to attend Bethany Primary
                                                                             School: 304-829-4333
bethany college                                           civic groups
Bethany was founded March 2, 1840, by Alexander           Bethany Women's Club, Christian Women's Fellowship, Bethany
Campbell, educator, Christian reformer, and               Book Club, Eastern Star and Masons, 4-H Club, Boys Scouts of
celebrated debater. Now more than 160 years               America Troop #76 sponsored by Bethany Memorial Church,
old, Bethany College is a highly contemporary             Bethany Senior Citizens Group and Bethany Community
                                                          Recreation Association
institution based in the tradition of the liberal arts.
                                                          Bethany Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1876 to
Since its inception, Bethany has been a four-year         provide fire and EMS protection to the community. Staffed by
private liberal arts college affiliated with the          over twenty volunteer members, the Bethany Volunteer Fire
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). This              Department responds to over 350 emergency calls per year.
religious body, of which Campbell was one of the
principal founders, continues to support and
encourage the College, although it exercises no
sectarian control. Students from virtually every
religious community attend Bethany. The College           Bethany Memorial
offers a wide array of studies, awarding Bachelor         Church of Christ (Disciples of Christ)
of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in more           St. John Fisher Catholic
than 30 fields of study, many with options for
emphasis. Students also may include as part of
their programs one or more optional minors. The
College's program of liberal education prepares
                                                          annual events
students for a lifetime of work and a life of             Bettie Paul’s Field Day (May)
significance.                                             Bethany Annual Yard Sale (Sept)
                                                          Halloween Festivities (Oct)
Bethany places particular emphasis on leadership          Santa’s Arrival (Dec)
and incorporates pre-professional education in
dentistry, engineering, law, medicine, physical
therapy, public administration, theology and
veterinary medicine.

The approximately 825 Bethany students
represent 25 states, the District of Columbia,
Puerto Rico and 17 other countries.

important numbers
Emergency:              911
Police:                 304-829-4217
Fire:                   304-829-4504
Water Department:       304-547-5133
Post Office:            304-829-4211

                                  Northern Panhandle Life • A Guide To Brooke and Hancock Counties

                                         The quiet villages of Beech Bottom and Windsor              history
                                         Heights border the beautiful Ohio River and boast           In the mid 1700s, as the Native Americans before
            S                            rich histories from farming to coal mining. Both
                                                                                                     them, Europeans were drawn to Beech Bottom/
                                                                                                     Windsor Heights' rich lands for farming. The Ohio
                                         were once "company towns" and remain close-                 River invited transportation and industry. In 1917,
                                                                                                     Whitaker-Glessner built what is now the Wheeling-
                                         knit communities, where friendships last lifetimes          Pittsburgh Steel Corporation followed by the
                                                                                                     Company's "Land Office" building which included a
                                         and some third- and fourth-generation laborers              grocery, drug store, beauty shop and doctor's office.
                                         work for local manufacturers.                               Streetcars (1901 - 1936) impacted the village for
                                                                                                     worker transportation and were reflected in the
beech bottom • windsor heights

                                                                                                     street names: Stop 45 and 49 Hill. Built in a very
                                                                                                     unique way were the "company houses." For the
                                                                                                     most part, four different designs were used,
                                                                                                     alternating them. Also there were multi-family units
                                                                                                     of duplex, a few triplex, plus a quad structure. In
                                                                                                     1952, these company houses were sold to the
                                                                                                     general public and many have been renovated in
                                                                                                     Victorian-period décor. The village was incorporated
                                                                                                     in November 1953. Annexation in 1999 almost
                                                                                                     doubled both area and population. Some riverside
                                                                                                     bottomland is still available for development.

                                                                                                     Born in "The Roaring '20s," today Windsor Heights
                                                                                                     has a population of 550 residents. The community
                                                                                                     came to support the Windsor Power House Coal
                                                                                                     Company. Four of the streets in the community
                                                                                                     are named for young men who lost their lives in
                                                                                                     World War II.

                                                                                                     area attractions
                                                                                                     Community Park
                                                                                                     Brooke Pioneer Trail
                                                                                                     Windsor Heights Senior Center/Community Center

                                                                                                     Christian Life Apostolic
                                                                                                     Community Christian (Disciples of Christ)
                                      Top: Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel’s Beech Bottom Plant            Holy Family Catholic
                                                    Bottom: Beech Bottom Mayor’s Office              Windsor Heights Church of God

                                 education                                                           civic groups
                                 Schools                                                             Lions Club, Scout Troop,
                                 Beech Bottom Primary: 304-394-5341                                  Brooke County Genealogical Society
                                 Wellsburg Middle School: 304-737-2922
                                 Brooke High School: 304-527-1410
                                 St. John's School: 304-737-0511
                                                                                                     important numbers
                                                                                                     Emergency:               911
                                 Windsor Heights Library
                                                                                                     Police:                  304-394-4771
                                                                                                     Fire:                    304-394-5726 (BB)
                                 industrial                                                          Post Office:
                                                                                                                              304-394-5033 (WH)
                                                                                                                              304-374-5830 (BB)
                                 Waldorf Distributing, Wheeling Corrugating Company,                                          304-394-1210 (WH)
                                 Murphy Consolidated Industries, Brooke Industrial Park

                Beech Bottom /Windsor Heights
brooke county schools community wellness center
In 2003 Brooke County Schools Community Wellness Center          with six lanes and a viewing area for 496 spectators. The
opened, offering the residents of Brooke County one of the       fitness room features 25 cardiovascular machines, 11 Cybex
finest athletic/wellness complexes in West Virginia. First and   weight machines, heart monitors, jump ropes, free weights
foremost, the Wellness Center is student-oriented, but the       and dumbbells.
citizens of Brooke County, over 18 years of age, share in the
benefits of this modern facility.                                The goal of the Wellness Center is to provide education,
                                                                 services and programs that will encourage participation in
The indoor swimming pool is a full-size competition facility     healthy lifestyle activities.
The Northern Panhandle’s centralized location makes it
appealing to homebuyers. Its small town atmosphere is
accessible to a world-class metropolitan area offering cultural,
recreational and medical advancements. The proximity to
Pittsburgh enables many Northern Panhandle homeowners
to work in the Pittsburgh area.

There are 28,828 housing units available throughout the
Hancock and Brooke County area with a 77% rate of home
ownership (2000 census).

Yearly property taxes for a $100,000 property in Hancock or
Brooke County would be under $1000 per year, making the
Northern Panhandle very affordable and appealing.

The average sale price of residential properties is about
$85,000, and stays on the market for approximately 170 days.
The area consists of many older established neighborhoods
as well as rural areas offering the opportunity to purchase
property for building. Newer housing developments also offer
high priced homes.

There are many opportunities for investors to purchase
affordable single family and multi-unit buildings for rental
property. These usually have a high occupancy rate.

Hancock and Brooke County REALTORS™ are members of
the Weirton Area Board of REALTORS™ and the Tri-State
Multiple Listing Service. The National Association Code of
Ethics is the public’s assurance that they are dealing with
professionals who have a strict code of ethics and standard
of practice.
     The Northern Panhandle offers a wealth of
     things to do–especially for the nature-
     enthusiast. The Ohio River has become the
     summer recreation of choice for area boating
     and fishing. For walking, running, biking, or
     skating, the Brooke Pioneer Trail and the
     Yankee Trail are paved railroad grade trails,
     and the Panhandle Trail is 3 miles of crushed

     Tomlinson Run State Park to the north provides
     a wide range of recreational opportunities and
     wilderness area of heavily forested hills.
     Developed areas of the park are picnicking,
     boating, miniature golf, basketball and
     volleyball courts, swimming, a campground and
     a group camp.

     Brooke Hills Park to the south offers swimming,
     fishing, picnic shelters, minature golf, 18-hole
     par 3 golf course, and Brooke Hills Playhouse
     for theater productions throughout the summer.

     Brooke County Sportsman’s Club is home to
     the West Virginia State Trapshooting
     Tournament each year and offers pistol, rifle
     and archery ranges, as well as almost 200 acres
     for hunting and three lakes for fishing. Hancock
     County Sportsman’s Club hosts the annual
     I.D.P.A. Pistol Championship and has 58 acres
     with multiple rifle and pistol ranges.

     Sports in the Northern Panhandle are second
     to none. Football, baseball, soccer, basketball,
     tennis, swimming, and wrestling are both school
     and community based.

                  of events
                 Local Activities
February                                           September (continued)
• Home & Garden Expo, Weirton 797-6182             • Hancock County Fair, Tomlinson Park,
• New Cumberland "Hall of Fame" Induction            New Manchester 564-3805
  Ceremony                                         • Chester VFD Fall Bash, Mountaineer
March                                              • Psychic Fair, Mountaineer 800-804-0468
• Psychic Fair, Mountaineer 800-804-0468           • Annual Yard Sale, Bethany
• Craft Fair, Mountaineer 800-804-0468             • Brickyard Bend Festival, New Cumberland
• Greater Millsop Youth Basketball Classic (B),
  Millsop Community Center, Weirton 797-8520       October
• Beech Bottom Lions' Club Easter Egg Hunt         • Every Fri. & Sat., Brooke Hills
                                                     Spooktakular 737-1236
April                                              • Oglebayfest, Wheeling 243-4000
• Antique Show, Oglebay 243-4000                   • Wellsburg Apple Fest 737-2104
• FlowerCraft, Oglebay 243-4000                    • Cigar Show, Mountaineer 800-804-0468
• Upper Ohio Valley Body Building Show             • Cruise Inn -Wendy's 723-0142
  Millsop Community Cntr, Weirton 797-8520         • Craft Fair, Mountaineer 800-804-0468
                                                   • Boo at the Zoo, Oglebay 243-4000
May                                                • Ghouls at the Pool, Weirton 797-8520
• Cruise Inn -Wendy's 723-0142                     • Halloween Hay Ride, Tomlinson Park
• Top of the State Show, Tomlinson Park            • Haunted Hay Ride & Halloween Party,
• Newell Area Clay Festival, Newell                  New Manchester
• Bethany's Bettie Paul's Field Day                • Halloween on Town Square, Wellsburg
• Fire Department Bazaar & Parade, Wellsburg
June                                               • Winter Festival of Lights, Oglebay
• Car Audio Show, Mountaineer 800-804-0468           243-4000
• Cruise Inn -Wendy's 723-0142                     • Weirton Women's Club Craft Show,
• Panhandle Piecemakers Quilt Show,                  Serbian-American Cultural Center,
  J. D. Rockefeller Vocational Technical Center,     Weirton 723-7372
  New Cumberland                                   • Weirton Christmas Parade 748-7212
• Strawberry Festival, Pleasant Valley,            • Christmas Parade & Light Up Night,
  United Methodist Church, Weirton 723-2608          Wellsburg
• West Virginia Day
• Mountaineer Cup IV, Mountaineer                  December
  800-804-0468                                     • Winter Festival of Lights, Oglebay
• Antique & Community Yard Sale, Wellsburg           243-4000
  737-2787                                         • Country Club Estates & Angeline Estates -
• July 4th Celebration, Wellsburg 737-2787           Weirton Luminary Light Up
                                                   • Hometown Christmas, Chester
July                                               • Lighted Christmas Parade,
• July 4th Parade & Fireworks,                       New Cumberland
   Weirton 797-8520                                • Christmas Eve Santa Visits, Bethany
• Fire Works in Chester, New Manchester and
  New Cumberland
• WV State Trapshooting Tournament
• Wheeling Symphony, Weirton 748-5550
• Cruise Inn -Wendy's 723-0142
• Follansbee Community Days 527-1330
• All Saints Greek Festival, Weirton 797-9884
• Pre-1840's Rendezvous Encampment,
  Tomlinson Park

• West Virginia Derby Day, Mountaineer
• Cruise Inn -Wendy's 723-0142
• Peach Festival, St. Thomas Church,
  Weirton 723-4120
• Fireman's Fair, New Manchester

• Cruise Inn -Wendy's 723-0142
• Brooke County Fair, Brooke Hills Park,
  Wellsburg 737-2787
                                                resource directory

     Emergency Numbers for Brooke and Hancock Counties       State Police
     Emergency Ambulance                911                  Brooke County                              (304) 737-3671
     Emergency Fire                     911                  Hancock County                             (304) 564-3854
     Emergency Law Enforcement          911                  TTY/TDD                                    (800) WVA-WVSP

     Non Emergency Numbers for Emergency Service Providers   County Emergency Services Centers
     Ambulance                                               Brooke County                                (304) 737-1757
     Beech Bottom                        (304) 737-1757      Hancock County                               (304) 564-3311
     Bethany                             (304) 829-4504      Brooke County Ambulance / E- Squad           (304) 737-1757
     Chester/Newell                      (330) 386-5505      Crisis Hotline                               (304) 233-1816
                                         (330) 385-4903      Drug Enforcement Administration              (304) 623-3700
     Follansbee                          (304) 737-1757      Weirton Medical Center                       (304) 797-6000
     New Cumberland                      (304) 564-3979      Mental Health Emergency On-Call              (304) 797-6000
     Weirton                             (304) 797-1200      Poison Control                               (304) 797-6100
     Wellsburg                           (304) 737-1757      WV State Police
                                                                   New Cumberland                         (304) 564-3854
     Fire                                                          Wellsburg                              (304) 737-3617
     Beech Bottom                        (304) 394-5726            Follansbee                             (304) 527-3908
     Bethany                             (304) 829-4504      WV Dept Of Health And Human Resources (304) 723-5990
     Chester                             (304) 387-1690      Alzheimer's Day Care Program                 (304) 723-4300
     Colliers                            (304) 797-9646      Brooke County Committee On Aging             (304) 527-3410
     Follansbee                          (304) 527-2345      Brooke County Retired Senior Volunteers
     Franklin                            (304) 737-9851            (RSVP Program)                         (304) 527-4297
     Hooverson Heights                   (304) 527-4339      Brooke County Senior Services                (304) 527-3410
     Lawrenceville                       (304) 387-2425                                                   (304) 737-3300
     McKinleyville                       (304) 737-3195      Brooke - Hancock Nutrition Program/
     Newell                              (304) 387-0795            Meals on Wheels                        (304) 527-1967
     New Cumberland                      (304) 564-3829      Committee For Hancock County
     New Manchester                      (304) 564-4497      Senior Citizens, Inc.                        (304) 564-3801
     Oakland District                    (304) 797-1152      Hancock Brooke Ohio Counties,
     Short Creek                         (304) 394-5220            Victim Assistance Program, Inc.
     Weirton                             (304) 797-8560            New Cumberland                         (304) 564-4277
     Wellsburg                           (304) 737-0313            Wellsburg                              (304) 737-3669
     Windsor Heights                     (304) 394-5033      Lifeline / Weirton Medical Center            (304) 797-6000
                                                             Parenting Education Programs                 (800) 774-2429
     Law Enforcement                                         HealthWays, Inc.                             (304) 723-5440
     Municipal Police                                        Parenting Education Programs                 (800) 280-2229
     Bethany                             (304) 829-4217      Wellspring Family Services,
     Chester                             (304) 387-2820            A Division of Crittenton Services Inc. (304) 748-3768
     Follansbee                          (304) 527-1211      St. Gregory Hospice, Inc.                    (304) 723-2200
     New Cumberland                      (304) 564-3383      Weirton Medical Center Skilled Care Unit (304) 797-6188
     Weirton                             (304) 797-8555
     Wellsburg                           (304) 737-1121      West Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
                                                             Brooke County                         (304) 737-3666
     Sheriff                                                 Hancock County                        (304) 564-3805
     Brooke County                       (304) 527-1430      WV Food Distribution                  (740) 282-2911
                                         (304) 737-3660
     Hancock County                      (304) 564-4100
                                         (304) 387-4100

                                              resource directory

Mental Health Counseling Services                             Nursing Homes
Family Connections                       (304) 723-3423       Brightwood Nursing Center                (304) 527-1100
Family Services Of The Upper Ohio Valley (304) 233-2350       Fox's Nursing Home                       (304) 387-0101
Fox Run Hospital                         (800) 245-2131       Serra Retirement Center                  (304) 723-5363
HealthWays, Inc.                         (800) 774-2429       Valley Haven Geriatric Center, Inc.      (304) 394-5322
The Psychiatric Center /                                      Weirton Geriatric Center                 (304) 723-4300
    Weirton Medical Center               (304) 797-6410
Wellspring Family Services,                                   Senior Citizen Housing
A Division of Crittenton Services, Inc.  (800) 280-2229       Alicia Arms - Chester                    (304) 387-0701
                                                              Dalessio Manor - Follansbee              (304) 527-2990
Drug And Alcohol Counseling Services                          Freedom Place I - Weirton                (304) 797-0050
AA - Alcoholics Anonymous                   (800) 333-5051    Freedom Place II - Weirton               (304) 748-7150
DUI Education Program                       (800) 774-2429    Hancock House - New Cumberland           (304) 564-3907
HealthWays, Inc.                            (800) 774-2429    Unity Apartments - Wellsburg             (304) 737-3707
Narcotics Anonymous - Wheeling Area         (304) 234-7630    Rockdale Village - Follansbee            (304) 527-2090
Wellspring Family Services,
    A Division of Crittenton Services, Inc. (800) 280-2229    Home Health Agencies and Services
                                                              First American Home Care, Inc.           (800) 678-5142
Residential / In-Patient Treatment Programs                   Health Care Solutions                    (800) 637-2342
HealthWays, Inc.                        (800) 774-2429        Murphy's Quality Care, Inc.              (304) 723-2200
Crisis Residential Unit                 (304) 723-5440        Professional Home Health and
Weirton Medical Center                  (304) 797-6410             Home Care, Inc.                     (304) 723-2200
                                                              Tri-State Community Sitter Agency        (304) 797-7016
Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Services                   Weirton Medical Center,
The Lighthouse                        (304) 797-7233               Home Health Services                (888) 962-4584
YWCA Domestic Violence Shelter        (800) 698-1247
                                                              Children and Youth Services
Vocational Programs                                           Community Programs
CHANGE Inc.                               (304) 797-7733      A Child's Place CASA
Social Security Administration                                (Court Appointed Special Advocates)      (304) 737-4444
Steubenville, OH                          (800) 772-1213 or   Black Diamond Girl Scout Council         (740) 633-6464
                                          (740) 282-6265      Boys & Girls Club                        (304) 748-0496
East Liverpool, OH                        (330) 385-9223      Dunbar Community Center                  (304) 797-1591
Veterans' Affairs                         (304) 238-1085      Hancock - Brooke - Ohio Counties
Weirton Job Service                       (304) 723-5752      Victim Assistance Program, Inc.
                                                                   Hancock                             (304) 564-4277
Civic Organizations                                                Brooke                              (304) 737-3669
Newell Lions Club                         (304) 387-3413      Kid Med at Weirton Medical Center        (304) 797-6177
Weirton Co-Operative Ministries           (304) 797-7733      L. B. Millsop Council Of Campfire Inc.   (304) 797-1927
    Weirton Residents Only                                    Mario T. Pipino's Neighborhood Center    (304) 797-7733
Weirton Lions Club                        (304) 748-9723      Northern Panhandle Headstart             (800) 532-3290
Rotary Clubs of the Northern Panhandle:                       Ohio River Valley Council for
    Northern Hancock - Mountaineer Gaming Resort                   Boy Scouts Of America               (304) 277-2660
    Weirton - Millsop Community Center                        Starting Points Center CHANGE, Inc       (304) 797-7714
    Weirton Heights - Holiday Inn of Weirton                  Tri-State Young Marines of Weirton       (304) 723-7071
    Brooke County - Anchor Room in Follansbee                 Thomas E. Millsop Community Center       (304) 797-8520
                                                              Weirton Christian Center                 (304) 748-2353

                                                         resource directory

     Day Care Services                                                 Chambers of Commerce
     For Brooke or Hancock Counties call:                              Chamber of Commerce - Chester/Newell     (304) 387-2025
     Child Care Resource Center                    (800) 585-1603 or   Chamber Of Commerce - Follansbee         (304) 527-1330
         (304) 748-2007                                                Chamber Of Commerce - New Cumb.          (304) 564-3803
                                                                       Chamber Of Commerce - Weirton            (304) 748-7212
     Abuse And Protective Services / Foster Care                       Chamber Of Commerce - Wellsburg          (304) 737-2787
     Hancock Brooke Ohio Counties Victim
     Assistance Program, Inc.                                          Community Government
          Hancock                           (304) 564-4277             Brooke County Courthouse               (304) 737-3662
          Brooke                            (304) 737-3669                 Brooke County Probation Department
     Kid Med                                (304) 797-6177                 (Juvenile And Adult)               (304) 737-3669
     WV Department Of Health and                                       Hancock County Courthouse              (304) 564-3311
          Human Resources                   (304) 723-5900                 Hancock County Probation Department
     After Hours #                          (800) 352-6513                 (Juvenile And Adult)               (304) 564-3311
     WV Youth Advocate Program              (304) 232-1203             Social Security Administration         (800) 772-1213
          Brooke                            (304) 737-3759
          Hancock                           (304) 748-0077             Community Recreation
                                                                       Brooke Hills Park                        (304) 737-1236
     Counseling Services                                               Follansbee City Pool                     (304) 527-2489
     Children's Crisis Response Team               (800) 774-2429      Follansbee City Recreation Director      (304) 527-1330
     HealthWays, Inc.                              (304) 723-5440      Hancock County Parks and Recreation      (304) 564-4243
     Crisis Hotline (Call Collect)                 (304) 234-8161           (304) 387-4121
     Family Connections                            (304) 723-3423      Highland Hills Par 3 Golf Course         (304) 797-7606
     Fox Run Hospital                              (800) 245-2131      Highland Springs Golf Course             (304) 737-2201
     Hancock County Autism Training Center         (304) 564-5317      Marland Heights Pool                     (304) 748-7770
     Hancock/Brooke Cooperative                                        New Cumberland Community House           (304) 564-3860
          School Programs                          (304) 723-5311      Pleasant Hills Golf Course               (304) 387-0068
     WV Division Of Rehabilitation Services        (304) 527-3700      Starvaggi Memorial Pool                  (304) 723-1040
     HealthWays Inc.                               (800) 774-2429      Thomas E. Millsop Community Center       (304) 797-8520
                                                                       Tomlinson Run State Park
     Preventative After Care for Children                                   Office                              (304) 564-3651
     Weirton                                       (304) 748-0080           Pool                                (304) 564-4346
     Wellsburg                                     (304) 737-4665           Campground                          (304) 564-3787
     Wellspring Family Services,                                       Wellsburg Swimming Pool                  (304) 737-2104
         A Division of Crittenton Services, Inc.   (800) 280-2229      Woodview Golf Course                     (304) 564-5765
     Weirton                                       (304) 748-3768
                                                                       Public School Services
     Residential / In-Patient Treatment Programs                       Brooke County Alternative Learning Center (304) 527-1410
     Crittenton Residential Program,                                   Brooke County Board Of Education          (304) 737-3481
          Division of Crittenton Services, Inc. (800) 280-2229         Brooke County Head Start                  (304) 527-2268
     Dunbar Resource Center                     (304) 794-9431         Weirton Head Start Centers                (304) 797-0281
     Family Connections - Brooke Place          (304) 737-2899         Hancock/Brooke Cooperative
     Family Connections - Weirton               (304) 723-3423             School Programs                       (304) 723-5311
     Fox Run Hospital                           (800) 245-2131         WV Division Of Rehabilitation Services (304) 527-3700
     Northwood Behavioral Health Systems (304) 234-3555                Hancock County Board Of Education         (304) 564-3411
     Trinity Health System,                                            John D. Rockefeller IV
     Medical Center West                        (800) 555-TALK             Vocational-Technical Center           (304) 564-3337
     Samaritan House Youth Services Systems (304) 233-9627             PATT Center
     Tipton CenterYouth Services Systems        (304) 233-9627             (Parents And Teachers Together)       (304) 737-9854

                                           resource directory
PERC Center                                              Northern Panhandle Head Start                 (800) 532-3290
    (Parent -Educator Resource Center) (304) 564-3337    PATT Center
Wells Head Start-Newell                (304) 387-1650        (Parents And Teachers Together)           (304) 737-9854
                                                         PERC Center
Parochial School Services                                    (Parent Educator Resource Center)         (304) 564-3337
Catholic Diocese of Wheeling/Charleston (304) 233-0880   Wellspring Family Services,
Tri-State Christian Academy             (724) 947-8722       A Division of Crittenton Services, Inc.   (304) 748-3768
                                                         WV Division Of Rehabilitation Services        (304) 723-5311
Libraries / Literacy Programs / GED Programs
Adult Education Programs - Brooke Co. (304)527-1410      Community Resources
Adult Education Programs - Hancock Co. (304) 564-3337    AIDS Task Force of the Upper Ohio Valley (304) 232-6822
Brooke County Adult Literacy            (304) 737-1016   American Cancer Society                  (800) ACS-2345
Brooke County Public Library                                 or                                   (304) 748-1135
     Follansbee                         (304) 527-0860   American Red Cross
     Wellsburg                          (304) 737-1551       Brooke County Chapter                (304) 737-0631
GED Testing Center                                           Weirton Chapter                      (304) 797-1600
     Brooke County                      (304) 527-1410   Brooke County Health Department          (304) 737-3665
     Hancock County                     (304) 564-3337   Brooke County Special Olympics           (304) 737-3481
LLA Volunteer                           (304) 737-1016   Brooke County Opportunity Center         (304) 737-2859
Literacy Services                       (304) 797-8513   Brooke Wellness Program                  (304) 737-0283
Lynn Murray Memorial Library-Chester    (304) 387-1010   Easter Seal Rehabilitation Center        (304) 242-1390
Mary H. Weir Literacy Program           (304) 797-8513   Easter Seal Society                      (304) 737-0248
Mary H. Weir Public Library-Weirton     (304) 797-8510   Hancock County Health Department         (304) 564-3343
Regional Coordinator Of Adult Education (800) 234-7372   Hancock County Autism Training Center (304) 564-5317
Swaney Memorial Library New Cumb.       (304) 564-3471   Health Care Solutions                    (304) 797-1717
                                                         Kid Med at Weirton Medical Center        (304) 797-6177
Colleges                                                 Mother Care at Weirton Medical Center (304) 797-6161
Bethany College                         (304) 829-7000   Bureau Of Income Maintenance             (304) 232-4411
Franciscan University Of Steubenville   (740) 283-3771   WV Department of Health and
Jefferson Community College             (740) 264-5591       Human Resources                      (304) 843-4120
Kent State University,                                   Catholic Community Services              (304) 748-1081
     East Liverpool Campus              (330) 385-3805   CHANGE, Inc                              (304) 797-7733
Ohio University Eastern Campus          (740) 695-1720   WV Department of Health and
Ohio Valley Business College            (330) 385-1070       Human Resources                      (304) 723-5900
Trinity Health System School Of Nursing (740) 283-7218   WV Division Of Employment Services       (304) 723-5752
West Liberty State College              (304) 336-5000   WV Division Of Rehabilitation Services (304) 723-5311
West Virginia Northern Community College                 Chester / Newell FISH                    (330) 385-0445
     Weirton                            (304) 723-2210   Greater Wheeling Coalition
     Wheeling                           (304) 233-5900       for the Homeless                     (304) 232-6105
     Wheeling Jesuit University         (304) 243-2000   Health Right                             (304) 233-9323
                                                         Housing Authority Of The City Of Weirton (304) 797-8530
Education / Training Programs                            Hancock County Sheltered Workshop        (304) 748-2370
Brooke County Opportunity                                Hancock County Special Olympics          (304) 564-3346
    Center of Wellsburg                (304) 737-2859    Salvation Army - Brooke County           (304) 737-0071
DUI Education Program                  (800) 774-2429    Salvation Army - Hancock County          (304) 748-4310
HealthWays, Inc.                       (304) 723-5440    S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Support Group             (304) 564-3337
Hancock County Day Treatment Program   (304) 387-3799    (Supportive People For Exceptional Children, Interacting,
Hancock County Sheltered Workshop      (304) 748-2370    Advocating, And Learning)

     our extended panhandle
 A short drive from the Northern Panhandle will
 bring you to a wide variety of educational, cultural
 and entertainment facilities and events.
                                                        Wheeling Jesuit University - Wheeling, WV
                                                        West Liberty State College - West Liberty, WV
 Families will enjoy many cultural and popular
                                                        Kent State University Branch - East Liverpool, OH
 activities provided in metropolitan Pittsburgh.
                                                        Franciscan University - Steubenville, OH
 Downtown Pittsburgh is a 45-minute drive from
                                                        Jefferson Community College - Steubenville, OH
 our area. The Three Rivers Arts Festival and
 Regatta are popular events and, of course,             World-renowned Colleges and Universities - Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland, OH
 Pittsburgh is the home of the Steelers, Pirates

                                                        Big City Culture
 and Penguins.

 There are two outstanding symphony orchestras
 available in the area, one in Pittsburgh, the other
 in Wheeling, W.V., which is 25 miles to the south.     Symphony, Theater, Gallery, Museum - Wheeling, WV
 Wheeling also has the world-renowned Oglebay           Symphony, Broadway Productions, Opera, Ballet - Pittsburgh, PA
 Resort and Conference Center. Oglebay has the          Carnegie, Heinz and Warhol Museums, Art Galleries - Pittsburgh, PA
 largest Christmas light show in the country,           Symphony, Theater Productions, Dance Performances - Cleveland, OH
 “Festival of Lights,” and the park abounds in          Art Galleries, Museums, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - Cleveland, OH
 activities all year around.

 Ten minutes to the west, just across the Ohio
 River, lies Steubenville, OH, home to historic Fort
    Steuben and the annual Dean Martin Festival.
                                                        Thoroughbred Horse Racing and Gaming - Chester, WV
             Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming          Professional Nailers Hockey and Greyhounds Arena Football - Wheeling, WV
                  Resort, located 30 minutes to         Greyhound Racing and Gaming - Wheeling, WV
                    the north, provides a resort        Capital Music Hall, Jamboree In The Hills - Wheeling, WV
                                destination that        National Country Music Events, Oglebay Resort and Zoo - Wheeling, WV
                                    rivals casinos      Pete Dye, Robert Trent Jones and Arnold Palmer Designed Golf Courses,
                                  in Atlantic City       and the annual “Festival of the Lights” - Wheeling, WV
                                   or Las Vegas.        Post-Gazette Pavillion (concerts) - Burgettstown, PA
                                                        Professional Sports - Pirates, Steelers and Penguins - Pittsburgh, PA
                                                        Three Rivers Arts Festival, Regatta, Zoo - Pittsburgh, PA
                                                        Zoo, Professional Sports - Indians, Browns and Cavaliers - Cleveland, OH

                                                                                                    Scenic Downtown Pittsburgh

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