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									                                    9270 Siegen Lane, Suite 604 Baton Rouge, LA 70810
                                        Office: 225.767.2227     Fax: 225.767.1221

                                        Useful Phone Numbers

         **Please go to for all non-emergency maintenance requests**

                                            Emergency Numbers
All General Emergencies                                                                             911
Baton Rouge City Police Department                                                             389-3800
Ascension Parish Sheriff Department                                                            473-0654
Baton Rouge Fire Department                                                                    354-1400
Gonzales Fire Department                                                                       644-5307
Child Find                                                                               1-800-426-5678
EBRP Sheriff's Office                                                                          389-5000
Louisiana State Police Troop A                                                                 754-8500
Poison Control                                                                           1-800-256-9822
Cell Phone Emergency Number for Louisiana State Police                                      *LSP or *577

                                   Phone Numbers for Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Water Company                                                                      925-2011
Entergy                                                                                 1-800-ENTERGY
Lake Beau Pre’ Clubhouse (gate clickers, parking passes, and security system)                  246-7063
Secure One Alarm Systems (Nicholson Lakes)                                                     751-9663
Recycling                                                                                      389-5194
River Parish Security Systems (Summerwood Villas)                                              647-6177

               Phone Numbers for Denham Springs and Surrounding Areas

DEMCO                                                                                          665-8932
         24 Hour Outage Reporting Emergency Services                                     1-800-262-1160
City of Denham Springs – Water and Gas                                                         667-8330
         (Southpoint ONLY; Westminster and Forest Ridge Gas)
MoDad Sewer (Forest Ridge, Park Ridge and Southpoint)                                          665-2949
Town of Walker - Gas (Woodland Crossing)                                                       664-3123
Ward-2-Water (Westminster, Woodland Crossing, and Fontainebleau)                               665-5188
Wastewater Treatment – Sewer (Woodland Crossing)                                               673-3156
Waste Management (Forest Ridge, South Point, Westminster, Woodland Crossing)                   664-8802

                        Numbers For Prairieville and Surrounding Areas

Entergy                                                                                 1-800-ENTERGY
Baton Rouge Water Company                                                                      925-2011
ATMOS                                                                                    1-888-286-6700

                                            Numbers For Zachary

DEMCO                                                                                          665-8932
       24 Hour Outage Reporting Emergency Services                                       1-800-262-1160
Baton Rouge Water Company                                                                      925-2011

                                               Helpful Numbers

Bell South                                                                               1-888-757-6500
Cox Communications                                                                              615-1000
Baton Rouge General Medical Center                                                              387-7000
LSU Medical Center Earl K. Long                                                                 358-1000
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center                                                    765-6565
Summit Hospital                                                                                 752-2470
Woman's Hospital                                                                                927-1300
Dept. of Public Safety                                                                          925-6006
Social Security Office                                                                    1-800-772-1213
Animal Control                                                                                  774-7700
Time, Temperature, and Weather                                                                   387-5411

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