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									                               SERGIY ZALYUBOVSKIY
                Uriburu 524, 1-A, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina, CP 1027

                                   Date of Birth: July 19, 1978.
                                      Marital Status: Married
                                   Phone: +54 911 5499-3537

Experienced Senior Developer, a specialist in building Web and server applications using
proven Open Source technologies such as Linux based solutions on LAMP platforms
running RDBMS databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MaxDB. I have a considerable
experience working on different platforms – from Windows to UNIX-based Operating
Systems and different Web server versions. As a Developer Programmer, author and
leader of different projects, I'm a recognized specialist by organizations where I've

Work Experience:

October 6th, 2006 – present; Banco Industrial S.A.

Position: Senior Developer Programmer at Front-end Programming Division.
Roles: Programmer, Project Leader, IT Analyst.

      Application programming and development using following technologies:
          PHP;
          Linux Shell (Bourne shell, Korn shell, Almquist shell, Bourne-Again shell, Debian
             Almquist shell);
          Perl/CGI programming experience;
          Python, wxPython;
          VB.NET/ASP programming;
          Database query language SQL on different RDBMS such as MySQL, MSSQL,
             PostgresSQL, Oracle DB, MaxDB;
          HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, AJAX;
          XML, UML;
          SAP PI Administration – starter phase, ongoing learning course;
          Java (JSP, JSTL, Servlets, Web Services);

       Documentation and development management:
           Workflow projects design and management;
           Specifications and project documentation creation;
           Technical documentation design based on corporate business model;
           User documentation design;

      I am one of the developers that is in charge of planning, deploying, configuring, running,
      diagnosing dozens of programs, applications on different machines and servers. As each
      project needs to be previously analyzed, evaluated and then included in development
      schedule plan. I am in charge of this entire process of analysis, detailed evaluation, and plan
      creation. Once project is approved to development by our department, my responsibility
      consists in all necessary documentation creation, such as specific development instructions,
      technical specifications, model development and flow analysis for each project. The whole
      process must be performed following our business model and specifications. Once project
      development is finished, my job also consists in creation of special documentation or users
      instructions to each project.
      During my job as a Senior Developer Programmer at Banco Industrial I developed different
      applications, such as special tools and utilities designed to make easier a general
      development process or other applications to run on servers or client machines. One of such
      applications was a deployment module for all servers on development environment. This
      application replaced a set of the shell scripts which basically were used a scp and dump
      commands to deploy or backup files. It was replaced by a new deployer with Graphical User
      Interface which was able to connect remotely to a server, run a required configuration,
      checking dependencies and then generate configuration file to run deployment remotely from
      clients' machine. Besides of that, outside my direct specialization I developed:
      - A deployment utility to deploy services on application servers;
      - A Jboss starter module to deploy and run Jboss server;
      - A module on a Python language to generate replication and backup scripts to use on server;
      Besides of programming skills I have a strong knowledge of Database data manipulation and
      query optimization, data replication, maintenance, and monitoring.
      - “SZ Universal Encoder” - a flexible anti-spam wxPython GUI program to encode links and
      texts into anti-spam format.
      - “Deployment-Creator” - utility coded on Python to create Cobol compatible deployment

Major Projects:
   Internal Banking Management System PRS: Project provides a framework for collaborative
      banking operations and systems' administration of multi-platform applications with more than
      150 servers and near thousand of internal users’ machines. PRS project aims to bring a full-
      featured application that helps to interact with databases and Cobol-generated data storage.
      System runs on Linux operating system, and programmed using different technologies: PHP,
      CGI, Shell programming, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and Cobol integrated software.
   PRS independent modules development and maintenance. Each module represents set of
      tools for different Bank areas. The following modules were developed by me entirely: Clients,
      Accounting, Security, Fixed-Term deposit, Credit Cards, Insurance, Credits, and Finance
   "AdmPHP" Version Management System: AdmPHP is server software for indexing, backup,
      and managing PRS source code repositories. AdmPHP was initially targeted to be used with
      SSH or Telnet client, but later it was improved with user interface for a wider range of
      operations. Programming languages that were used in this project are follows: PHP, Shell
      script, Cobol, CGI, and MySQL transactions.
   Development of different applications for use on an official website and its Homebanking –
   Design, Development and Maintenance of Contracts' Administration System - ADC (versions
      1 and 2): A system is used to manage and securely store organizational contracts and
      providers related documentation. Full project name is “Contracts Administration System”.
      The project was developed entirely by me from the scratch. Maintenance was assigned to
      Front End division.
   “Other Not Applicable Costs System” (OCNA-Spa.): System management, administration and
      maintenance. The system is developed for perform management of personal credits products
      offered by Banco Industrial to all business market. One of the non-typical to our environment
      systems. Developed to run on Microsoft IIS server with use of VB.NET/ASP.NET, DCOM
      components and Informix Universe Database storage.
   Back-office, Homebanking, Content Management System development and maintenance:
      My area of responsibilities on these projects can be listed as follow:
      - Update and maintenance organizations' web content, and its sub domains content;
      - Development of Homebanking tools and applications;
      - Client-server, and server-server programming;
      - Database update and maintenance;
      - Reports generation and analysis;
      - Clients' orders replying and supervising;

Please take a moment to review other tasks and projects at Banco Industrial S.A.:
    New versions development, complete maintenance and versions update of CBT versions 1
       and 2. Full project name is “Users Training System CBT”.
      Internal project named “E20”. Programming and modifications for 3 rd part applications. Some
       applications were developed by external vendors. This project was intended to extend their
       use and keep such applications up-to-date.
      Back-office programming. A set of tools developed to support all banking transactions,
       human resources databases, communication software, accounting etc. As usual for such kind
       of business our Back-office included a heavyweight IT processing system to cover practically
       all back-end Banks' operations.
      BCRA (Central Bank of Argentine) non-habilitated clients list controlling module development.
      Implementation of hardened, fail-safe proof software modules. Each base module such as
       data validation module or clients Identity validation (linked to external Government
       database) must to be exhaustively tested before its deployment in production. One of our
       main goals was to develop, to test and to deploy such modules.
      QA testing supervision which included program control after its deployment on testing
       servers, along with assistance to QA department.
      Applying Network Security and configuring Network in Development environment.

January 1st 2006 – July 1st 2006; Deluo LLC

Position: Senior Programmer.
Roles: System’s Administrator and Programmer, Project Leader, IT Analyst, Webmaster.

    PHP, Perl/CGI, JSP, and Python programming:
      - Applications development;
      - Systems’ modules development
      - Front End development;
      - Database programming using SQL;
    Application support for LAMP based projects:
      - Development of Perl/CGI, PHP, Linux Shell, and ASP projects (Perl module on Apache
      server or ASP on IIS servers);

    Linux (RedHat), MS-Windows system & network security, maintenance, monitoring:
      - Servers deployment and maintenance,
      - System and database installations;
      - Individual server and cluster deployment;
      - Project general maintenance, Control Version System supervising and server monitoring
      using logs, and log analyzers;
    MySQL, PostgreSQL database data & query optimization, replication operation, maintenance,
      - Secure backup politics, and their identification;
      - Database servers support;
      - Database backups;

Major Projects:
      Project Leader: I participated in development and maintenance of all Deluos' based projects
such as e-commerce module, Tickets support, mail system, Deluo online forum and Knowledge
base. Beside that I was in charge of DNS management and other server services.
      HTTP server’s management and installation. All servers were built on Linux systems with
standard LAMP features: RDBMS databases, with special script-running or application-running
      Users Support: Being out-of-office I was giving support to Deluo users via web applications,
phone, Asterisk services, and messaging system.
September 19th, 2005 – November 1st 2005; Buscate S.A.

Position: Programmer.
Roles: System’s Administrator and Programmer, Project Leader.

    PHP, Perl/CGI programming, Linux shell:
      -Applications development and Front End development;
      - Database programming using SQL language;
    Application support for LAMP based projects:
      - Development of Perl/CGI and PHP projects;

    Linux (RedHat), maintenance, monitoring:
      - Servers deployment and maintenance;
      - Database installations;
      - Applications development to run using PHP, CGI/Perl, C under Linux and shell script;
      - Project general maintenance, Control Version System supervising and server monitoring
      using logs and monitoring software;
    PostgreSQL database data and query optimization, replication operation, maintenance,
      - Database development;
      - Support of several database servers;

Major Projects:
    Banco Nazionale de Lavoro (BNL) remote payment authorization system. The system was
   intended to authorize and perform payment task through Web application. It's a standard
   payment module with implementation of 128-bit encryption communication module, web
   interface, transaction- and authorization module.

September 3rd, 2003 – September, 19th 2005; Infosat S.A.

Position: Developer Programmer.
Roles: System’s Administrator and Programmer, Project Leader, IT Analyst.

    General applications development:
      -Perl, PHP, Python programming;
      -Adobe Flash development;
    Development of client-server GIS applications:
      -JSP, JSTL, Web services, RDBMS interaction;
      -Application server projects based on Jboss, Jetty, Jakarta Tomcat;
      -Publicly available Apache HTTP/Application server software;
    Linux programming:
      -Shell applications;
    Scripting languages programming (PHP/Linux shell, Perl/CGI, Python):
      -Applications development using most popular scripting programming languages;
    Windows administration and programming:
      - ASP, VB, .NET development;

    Server administration and customization, cluster server installation;
    Application support for LAMP based projects:
      - Development of different scientific and experimental projects;
      - Development process control and general work flow control over development team;
    Web development:
       - Graphic design using Adobe Suite and Corel products;
    Linux (Debian & RedHat), MS-Windows system & network security, maintenance, monitoring:
       - Servers deployment and maintenance;
       - System installations;
       - Database installations;
       - Individual computer and cluster deployment;
       - Task distribution, individual jobs assignment to each member of development team;
       - Project general maintenance, Control Version System supervising and server monitoring
       using logs and planed schedule applications;
      MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MaxDB database data & query optimization, replication
       operation, maintenance, monitoring:
       - Secure backup politics, and their identification;
       - Maintain database servers working making periodical backup;
       - Support of various database servers;
      Windows administration:
       - MS Active Directory;
       - MS Exchange;
       - MS DNS Manager;
       - MS Mail Server;
      General IT support:
       - Hardware and software configuration and support;
       - Planned server deployments;
       - IT sector coordination and assessment;

Major Projects:
   Developer and programmer of an official portal of The Intergovernmental Coordinating
      Committee for The Plata Basin Countries. A well known web portal of The Intergovernmental
      Coordinating Committee for the Plata Basin Countries (CIC) with use of different client-server
   PCI Geomatics Web Server development and implementation: It was the first in the world
      successful implementation of this new technology from PCI Geomatics. Later in 2005 it was
      implemented in a “Digital Map” project for The Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee
      for The Plata Basin Countries (Comité Intergubernamental Coordinador de los Países de la
      Cuenca del Plata-Spa.)
   Project “Digital Map” versions 1 and 2, for The Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee
      for the Plata Basin Countries: All the La Plata Basin projects coordinated by this organization.
      All existing projects of CIC can be accessed using projects' database.
   Project Management System PMS: an application which allows Infosats' clients to monitor
      and keep track of their projects on-line. Includes notifications and warnings system.
   Linux administration System: A UNIX terminal running system for server administration with
      low-level access to Operating System. Uses Telnet or SSH protocols to connect.
   Design and development of Forecast video application: It was used on a 7 th National TV
      Channel. An animation design, along with programming. Application design and development
      used to render maps and icons and then to capture the output stream into video file format.

Consulting History:

September 19th, 2005 – present; Infosat S.A.

Position: Developer Programmer.
Role: Independent IT consultant.

    Linux, Shell scripting, Tomcat Application Server 5.5, Java Server Pages, JavaBeans, Oracle
      Enterprise Database 10g, PHP, MySQL, CGI/Perl scripting, programs design, graphics and
        multimedia design knowledge. All mentioned technologies were used in different projects
        during my employment and after that during my followed partnership with Infosat S.A.
       Erdas Apollo Server development: A large-scale project created with the objective to publish
        and make accessible on-line a large amount of satellite imagery. The first demo version of
        working server was presented in February, 2010. The system uses PostgreSQL with PostGIS
        or Oracle Spatial Database servers. There is three main project implementations such as
        Essentials, Advantage, and Professional.

September 19th, 2005 – present; The Intergovernmental Coordinating Committee
for the Plata Basin Countries

Position: Developer Programmer.
Role: Independent IT consultant.

    Programs and applications development;
    Monthly maintenance, backup, security updates, hosting administration;
    Server administration – content update and modification;
    Design and development of portals and client-server services for The Intergovernmental
      Coordinating Committee for the Plata Basin Countries (CIC). A new features development in
      order to maintain portal working and up to date;

December 6th, 2006 – present; B2 Servicios y sistemas

Position: Programmer.
Role: Independent IT consultant.

    Data Management and backup – some of their project are supported remotely by members of
      development team. One of the major markets is e-commerce portals, and content
      management systems.
    IT Business Analysis for Web projects – a detailed evaluation of different projects on initial
      and development stage with consequent documentation creation;
    Development and administration, SEO, CMS – Joomla, WordPress, Web Statistics. Design,
      editing and management of web content.

Formal Education:

1996-2000; Actual Institution name: Kharkov State Academy of Physical Culture; Old
Institution Name: Kharkov State Institute of Physical Education and Sport;
University Specialist Diploma in IT Technology and IT applied to Sport activities.
Cerificate LB BS No: 009099 (ЛБ ВС No: 009099-Ukr.)

1985-1995; Secondary Education at School No50, Makeevka, Donetsk region, Ukraine


       English: high level (IELTS 7.5)
       Spanish: high level
       Russian: native language
       Ukrainian: native language
Courses & Certificates:

UTN-National Technological University, Argentina:
Certified GNU/Linux Operator and Administrator (University based Extension Course) – 48 hrs;
Date: October 15, 2009

Education IT Capacitating Centre, Argentina:
PHP - Object Oriented Programming and Advanced Fundamentals – 12 hrs; Date: October 10, 2009

Interpersonal Communication – 4 hrs; Date: November 19, 2009

Teamwork effectiveness – 4 hrs; Date: November 19, 2009

Team Shared Vision – 3hrs; Date: December 9, 2009

Quality of Services – 2hrs; Date: December 9, 2009

Ability to qualify and analyze customers – 3hrs;
Date: December 9, 2009

PCI Geomatics Software Training – 14days; Date: June-July, 2009

2010 ERDAS Distributor Meeting and Product Training Sessions – 5days; Date: February 1st-
5th, 2010

SAP ERP webinars – 5 days, 4 hours each; Date: March, 2010

Organizational development – 1 day; Date: September 27, 2010

RH133 Red Hat Linux System Administration – 5 days; Date: April 25-29, 2011

SAP BASIS Administration Course – 3 days; Date: June 1-3, 2011

SAP PI Administration Course by SAP Mexico – 5 days; Date: November 21-25, 2011

Prevention of Money Laundering 2012 – 1 day; Date: May 2, 2012.

Computing experience:

Debian/GNU Linux Operator and Administrator (Certified October 2009)
Generic Unix/Linux system administration: AIX, Solaris, Red Hat, etc.
Spanning Tree, Netscreen, etc.
MySQL RDBMS (Replication, Admin, backups, tuning, etc)
PostgreSQL RDBMS (Replication, Admin, backups, tuning, etc)
Oracle RDBMS (Replication, Admin, backups, etc)
Sybase (Admin, backups, etc)
MaxDB (SAP implementation, testing)

Programming Languages:

PHP - Object Orientated (Certified - October 2009);
Perl/CGI - Object Orientated (eg: CPAN WWW::IndexParser);
Python, wxPython - GUI programming;
Java, JSP - Java web development;
LAMP, Shell - System, Back End and Front End interaction;
PHP, Perl/CGI, Python – Back End, server script/CGI programming;
HTML, XML, XSLT, JSP, PHP, ASP – Front End programming;
SQL – database query language for RDBMS;


      Expocomm 2005 (Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sept., Oct. 2005)
      Expomatica 2007 (Buenos Aires, Argentina. Apr., 2007)
      TMDG 2008 (Mar del Plata, Argentina. Oct. 2008)
      Windows 7 Pre-Launch Presentation Seminar for IT Professionals and Developers, Argentinian
       University of Enterprises - UADE (Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sept. 2009)
      Embarcadero Technologies Argentine Tech Days: Database day - (Buenos Aires, Argentina.
       November, 18 of 2009)
      2010 ERDAS Distributor Meeting and Product Training Sessions – (Atlanta GA, USA.
       February, 1st of 2010 – February, 5th of 2010)


Russian Economical Journal “Point of Sales DIY”: four articles with a detailed economic analysis of
Latin American DIY markets. Websites:, Publications’ dates:
from 10/2008 to 01/2009 (inclusive).


   1. Mr. Omar Garcia - President of InfoSat S.A.,, Tel: +54
      11 4322-3489
   2. Mr. Esteban Baldoni – Deputy Manager of IT Systems Department, at Banco Industrial S.A.,
   3. Mr. Oscar Christian Martiñera Rolon – colleague at Banco Industrial S.A.,

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