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									Job Description
    Job Title:          Head of Business Technology
    Responsible to:     Director
    Grade               Transformational Grade

Job Purpose

     To lead, direct and manage the Business Technology Division in accordance with the City Council’s
      corporate priorities and the Business Plan.

     To assist the Director in providing the strategic direction in respect of the overall Business Technology
      service delivery and management of the City Council.

     To identify, assess and deliver technology solutions to support the Councils Transformation agenda.

Key Accountabilities

Strategic Management

     To deliver high quality and efficient IT services to support the City Council in delivering business as usual
      and transformational change.

     To act as the main point of contact to the Council’s Directorates and to advise them on how technology
      can facilitate the achievement of their priorities.

     To share in the development and resolution of the strategic cross-cutting issues through active
      participation in inter-departmental Management team working.

     To work as a full member of the Departmental Management Team in the formulation and implementation
      of the Departmental and Corporate Plan for the City Council as a whole.

Implementation, Quality and Innovation

     To lead and manage an effective, high performance and customer focused IT service that is continuously

     To implement an IT strategy for the City Council that fits in with the Authority’s agreed long-term strategic

     To ensure corporate working and effective team building in order to provide system information, analysis,
      support and advice to officers in their operational and strategic roles.

     To maintain a high level of market intelligence and key developments in order to assist the Director in
      formulating the most effective, innovative and forward looking IT practice.

Performance and Business Change

     To consult effectively with the other Directorates of the City Council to ensure effective delivery of the
      transformation agenda, ensuring business requirements and priorities are understood and equating
      essential requirements with resources available.

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   To make arrangements to provide support and IT advice to Elected Members.

   To ensure effective IT management and regular monitoring of performance and quality standards to
    facilitate the transformation agenda and adjust as necessary.

   To be accountable for managing required process changes and business transformation.

Resource Management

   To ensure that the staff within the Business Technology Division are organised, receive appropriate
    training, and are informed, managed and motivated to deliver a high quality and cost effective service.

   To assist the Director in demonstrating proactive and innovative resource planning and service
    development to ensure that all functions within the Business Technology Division are maintained and

   To be responsible for the management of the Division’s multi-million pound budget.


   To maintain effective communications to ensure that key stakeholders, both inside and outside the
    Directorate, are appropriately informed and involved.

   To ensure that the Business Technology Division fosters positive relationships with its own staff,
    customers, members, the rest of the Directorate, other directorates, outside partners and the media.

   To establish and maintain effective working relationships with key partners and stakeholders in
    Government, private, voluntary, community and education sectors to identify and share new ideas and
    innovations and deliver these as solutions to the business.


   To report to the Director and work closely with Leader, Cabinet and Members to ensure a ‘one Council

   To operate in an open manner and ensure that the Director is kept informed on key issues.

   To promote a culture of opportunity, achievement, responsibility and personal growths, throughout the

   To promote the transformation agenda particularly insofar as to achieve Value for Money across the

   To develop trusting, productive and value added relationships with key business stakeholders.

   To actively promote diversity in the provision of services in accordance with the City Council’s policies
    and procedures.

Finance and Staffing Dimensions

Direct Budget: The post will also have responsibility for influencing annual capital spend of £4m; £7.2 m
gross revenue expenditure and supporting the Council’s overall gross spend of £824 million.

Staff: Approx 150

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Key Results Area

   To develop and maintain an IT strategy and implementation plan to support the Authority’s
    transformation agenda, that is in line with customer requirements and within budgetary targets.

   To work closely with senior managers and other key stakeholders to understand their priorities and
    drivers, identifying and implementing effective IT solutions and supporting change management.

   To continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the business processes across the Division.

   To explore opportunities for collaborative working with key partners.

   To implement and maintain a performance management and monitoring system within the Division in line
    agreed corporate frameworks.

   To increase customer satisfaction levels across the Division, in line with ongoing and annual satisfaction

   To develop professional and motivated workforce in line with the Authority’s stated vision and values.

   To manage the Corporate and Division IT budget within budgetary targets maximising economies of
    scale in procurement, where possible.

This job description is non-contractual and provided for guidance only. As such it is liable to
change in accordance with the changing needs of the Council, the development of the role
and the development of the post holder.

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Person Specification

 Job Title:             Head of Business Technology
 Responsible to:        Director
 Grade                  Transformational Grade

Minimum Essential Requirements - Evidenced by: a: application form b: test c: interview

                                                                                      a   b   c
 Knowledge             Relevant business or IT qualification                         
 Qualifications        Understanding and awareness of the sensitive nature of a              
                        political environment
                       An in-depth knowledge of IT and how technology can                   
                        support transformational change
                       Knowledge of project management methodologies                        
                       Understanding of business strategy formation, business               
                        capabilities and value management
                       Detailed knowledge of key functions of service                       
 Experience            Extensive record of success in strategic management and              
                        achieving sustainable improvements, sometimes in
                        challenging circumstances, with the ability to translate
                        strategic objectives into operational plans.
                       Experience of transformational business change                       
                       Ability to lead, motivate and develop the team, and ensure           
                        they maintain a culture of change that is team based,
                        performance driven and maintains the motivation of staff.
                       Extensive exposure to a client facing environment, good              
                        business or technical domain experience and experience
                        of acting as a key relationship manager
                       Proven success in developing effective working                       
                        relationships, partnerships with other agencies and
                        communicating and influencing others.
 Skills/Abilities   
                       Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to establish          
                        positive relationships with staff at all levels, Elected
                        Members and external agencies, groups and individuals,
                        that generates confidence, respect and trust.
                       A high degree of commercial acumen and strong business               
                        & strategic IT capability
                       Ability to convey clear vision and manage strategically              
                        within a corporate context and to strict deadlines
                       Highly developed networking, advocacy, oral, written and             
                        presentation skills
                       Ability to work effectively within the democratic process,           
                        with the political acumen and skills to develop productive
                        working relationships that command confidence, respect

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                     and trust
                    Ability to maximise resources and manage budgets                     
                     effectively in a financially disciplined environment
                    Demonstrable experience and ability of successfully                  
                     operating and negotiating with outside agencies on behalf
                     of the Council.
                    Ability to implement creative and imaginative approaches             
                     and identify new options for service development
Personal Style      A strong leader with energy and flair, credibility in the field       
                     of Business Technology and a passion and determination
                     for promoting culture changes required to raise service
                     standards in Stoke-on-Trent. This includes a personal and
                     professional commitment to open communication, open
                     mindedness, equal opportunities and diversity.
                    A clear strategic and lateral thinker, able to be clear and           
                     make effective decisions in a complex and challenging
                    The ability to demonstrate a track record of motivating and          
                     inspiring staff in order to deliver a change agenda and
                     improve service delivery.
                    High degree of personal and professional probity, integrity           
                     and credibility that sustains the confidence and trust of
                     Members, staff at all levels and external partners and
                     stakeholders that foster a positive reputation for the
                    An inclusive team worker who can foster partnerships,                 
                     work collaboratively across boundaries and achieve
                     performance and results through others.

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Conditions of Service
 Job Title:           Head of Business Technology
 Responsible to:      Director
 Grade                Transformational Grade

Working Hours: Normal office hours are 37 per week, however officers at your level are expected to
work according to the exigencies of the service. It will therefore be necessary for you to undertake
additional hours, as and when required, without additional remuneration, in order to properly
discharge your duties and responsibilities, subject to the provisions of the Working Time Regulations.

Annual Leave Entitlement: Your annual leave entitlement is 28 days increasing to 31 after five
years’ continuous local government service, plus 8 public holidays, 2 extra-statutory and 2 local days.
The above entitlement will be calculated pro rata depending upon hours of work

Sickness Absence: This will be paid at basic levels. This means that any enhancements normally
received for shift work, weekend working etc will not be paid on days when you are absent from work
due to sickness

Pension Provisions: For occupational pension purposes you will have the choice of:-

       a.      Joining or continuing in the Local Government Pension Scheme.
       b.      Arranging your own personal pension provision approved by the Inland Revenue.
       c.      Joining S2P (State Second Pension Scheme).

Essential Car User Allowance: An essential user lump sum allowance is payable in this post. This is
non contractual and paid at the sole discretion of the council. We may withdraw it but we will write to
you one month before we do. Authorised business mileage is payable in this post at a rate
determined by the council and currently at the NJC rates for essential car users.
Assisted Car Purchase Facilities: These facilities are available up to £15,000 subject to Officers
meeting the minimum mileage criteria of 500 business miles and subject to affordability (where

Notice Period: The appointment will be subject to three months notice on either side.

Probationary Period: New entrants to Local Government service are subject to a probationary
period of 6 months during which you are expected to establish your suitability to the post.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring: New entrants are required to provide details of ethnicity and
disability for the starter forms to enable the City Council to monitor its progress towards being an
equal opportunities employer.

Medical Examination: Your employment is subject to medical clearance being given by the
Council's Medical Adviser. Initially, this will take the form of a medical questionnaire.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act: The post is subject to the Exceptions Order of the Rehabilitation of
Offenders Act 1974 and if you are shortlisted you must disclose any criminal convictions, bindovers or
cautions received, which are not spent.

Relocation and Commuter Scheme: The city council’s scheme of Relocation and Commuter
Scheme applies to this post and where you meets the stated criteria, financial help will be provided in
accordance with the provisions of the scheme.

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Political Restrictions: This post is subject to political restrictions in accordance with the provisions of
the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.

Ayslum and Immigration: According to the Immigration, Asylum, Nationality Act 2006 you must (if
appointed) provide proof of current and valid permission to be in the United Kingdom, and valid
permission to do the type of work offered.

Your continuing employment is subject to you having leave to remain and work in the United Kingdom
by having a valid work permit. Should your work permit fail to be renewed at a future date, the
authority would have to terminate your contract with immediate effect.

Trade Unions: As your employer, we support the system of collective bargaining in every way and
believe in the principal of solving industrial relations problems by discussion and agreement. For
practical purposes, this can only be conducted by representatives of the employers and of the
employees. If collective bargaining of this kind is to continue and improve for the benefit of both, it is
essential that the employee’s organisations should be fully representative. Therefore, it is
recommended that employees become a member of a trade union represented on the relevant
national joint council.

A full list of the trade unions appropriate to the type and nature of employment is available from HR

Other Conditions of Service: Any other conditions of service are as per the Scheme of Conditions
of the National Joint Council for Local Authorities Services as amended by decisions, rules and
regulations of the City Council.

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