PAC Minutes JUNE 2012

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					           Minutes of Parent Advisory Committee – Forest Park School
                                  Recorded by Tanya Stone

Date: June 12, 2012                   Place: Forest Park School Library

In Attendance: Emily Smith, Jodi Crawford, Jacquie Poulin, Lana Coghlan, Katy Dougan, Leanne
Shahi, Andrea Miller, Robyn Campbell

Call to order by: Jodi Crawford at 7:10pm

Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting: Katy Dougan, Lana Coghlan
Approval of Agenda: Emily Smith, Katy Dougan
Correspondence: none

Executive Reports:

Comments from the Chair: none

Treasurer’s Report:

              Approx.funds raised for 2011-2012 year from licensed events as follows: Pizza-
               $9,600, Meat Draw-$700. Total: $14,000.

              Next year a more efficient method of delivering monies to teachers will be
               implemented. Each teacher will receive an individual money card to draw upon
               instead of submitting receipts each time a purchase is made and then awaiting the
               Treasurer to issue a cheque.

Teachers’ Report: none

   Fundraising Report: see attached outline for Year 2012-2013

   Bingo Report: none

Hot Lunch Report: none

Principal’s Report: see attached. In addition: kindergarten enrollment up to 48 with an
       additional 13 out-of-catchment requests.
Old Business: none
New/Other Business:
. New Forest Park School Website: Has calendar, recent events;, may post PAC minutes and any
other PAC documents PAC would like.
. Pizza Fridays:
       New schedule of volunteers to be drawn up in September to assist Cindy Savage and
Lana Coghlan. Adding Leanne Shahi, Tanya Stone, Andrea Miller and Ann Yeung . Lana and
Cindy to continue with doing the ordering etc.
. PAC Info Board: suggestion that info be reviewed and updated.
. Monthly Outline of Proposed Events for 2012-2013: see attached
       Tentative plan to run PAC “Picnic on the Field” from 4:30-6:30 then School     Open
House from 6:30-7:30. PAC may have a table with cookies and drinks at    the Open House.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30pm                          Next Meeting: Sept.12, 2012

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