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									Cummins Health Champion Quarterly Dashboard
          Jamestown Engine Plant
           Report Period: Q1 2012
Health Tracks Dashboard Summary
Jamestown Engine Plant
                                                          Engagement Scorecard*
                                                                 Current to Prior
                                                                                             Current to           Current Quarter
                                                                 (Q1 2012 to Q4
                                                                                              Target              Site to Cummins

                         Physical Activity                                                      N/A                       

                         Daily Average Steps                              t                      N/A                       

                         Participation by Level                                                 N/A                       t

                         Health Cash Utilization                        N/A                      N/A                      N/A

                         Enrolled                                         t                      N/A                       

                                                 Key:            Unfavorable         t Neutral         Favorable

                                                                       Quarter Highlights

- JEP had higher participation than Cummins for physical activity and daily average steps
- JEP should focus on increasing over all Virgin HealthMiles participation
 - The Q1 2012 JEP enrolled population and daily average steps are similar to the respective Cummins' averages from Q4

*Engagement Scorecard progress is measured by a + or – 3% change (neutral), greater than 3% (favorable) or less than 3% (unfavorable). Each category is the percentage of
members who obtain a given level or above. Physical Activity – at or above Active; Daily Average Steps – 12,000 steps or more; Participation by Level - Greater than Level 3
**Physical Activity data for Q4 2011 was pulled from the VHM reporting portal and not from the internal VHM reporting database
Virgin HealthMiles Engagement
Jamestown Engine Plant
                                                                                   JEP Statistics
                                                                                          Q4 2011      Q1 2012           Q1 2012 Cummins Total

                                          Total VHM Enrolled                               52%             51%                      64%

                                          Total VHM EE Enrolled                            63%             60%                      74%

                                          Total VHM Spouse Enrolled                        33%             34%                      46%
                 2Physical          Activity Levels: Q1 2012                                               1Daily        Average Steps: Q1 2012
                                                                          Inactive                  100%
                                                                          Not Uploading             90%
                                           83, 7%                         Low Activity              80%
                                                                          Active                                                                                    <7000
                             416, 35%                                     Highly Active
                                                     427, 35%
                                          104, 9%                                                    0%
                               161, 14%                                                                     Spouses Q1    Employees Q1   JEP Q1 2012   Cummins Q1
                                                                                                              2012           2012                        2012

                   Participation by Level: Q1 2012                                                         Health Cash Earned: Q1 2012
                                                                                Level 1
               Cummins Q1                                                       Level 2
                 2012                                                           Level 3
                                                                                Level 4
                                                                                Level 5
              JEP Q1 2012

             Employees Q1
                                                                                                      Not Applicable for Q1 2012

           Spouses Q1 2012

                         0%       20%      40%      60%   80%      100%

 1Participants   that are inactive/not uploading are represented in the <7000 group                                                                                                 2
 22012   Physical Activity data is a measure of the site overall
Virgin HealthMiles Engagement (cont)
Jamestown Engine Plant

                                 Percent Enrolled Population: Q1 2012

                         % Enrolled Total

                          % Enrolled SPs

                          % Enrolled EEs

                                        0%   10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%


            - Half of JEP's population is active or highly active
             - Continue to promote spouse engagement both in daily average steps and
            participation by level where they are slightly lagging behind employees
            - JEP had lower Virgin HealthMiles enrollment in Q1 2012 than in Q4 2011
            - JEP has a lower percent enrolled for employees and spouses as compared to

     Mercer Financial Disclosure

• All estimates in this report are based upon the information available at a particular
  point in time and may be subject to unforeseen and random events. Therefore, any
  projections must be interpreted as having a likely range of variability from the
• The information contained in this document and in any attachments is not intended
  by Mercer to be used, and it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding penalties
  under the Internal Revenue Code or imposed by any legislative body on the
  taxpayer or plan sponsor
• The dashboard results were obtained using a combination of data from Carewise
  and Virgin Health and has been reviewed for reasonability but has not been
  technically audited.

      Data Dictionary
           Metric                                             Definition                                   Page
Eligible                        All employees and spouses who qualify for Virgin HealthMiles.              2

Enrolled/Activated              Employees and spouses that have activated a Virgin HealthMiles account     2
                                and are able to accrue HealthMiles towards earning an incentive.

Virgin HealthMiles              An incentive program administered by Virgin Health in which participants   2
                                receive HealthMiles for participating in healthy activities.

Physical Activity:

              Highly Active     Activity for 300+ minutes.                                                 2
                      Active    Activity between 150-299 minutes.                                          2
               Low Activity     Activity between 60-149 minutes.                                           2
                     Inactive   Activity between 1-59 minutes.                                             2
            Not Uploading       Pedometer has been activated but no activity uploaded.                     2
             Not Classified     Pedometer has either not been activated or only activated for two weeks.   2

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