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         September 27-28, 2002
                       Ocean City Convention Center
                               Ocean City, Maryland

                                                         Sponsored by
         Service Station Dealers of America and Allied Trades (SSDA-AT)
                                    The Washington, Maryland, Delaware
              Service Station & Automotive Repair Association (WMDA)
                          International Tire & Rubber Association (ITRA)
                               Tire Association of North America (TANA)
         The Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors' Association (MAPDA)
                            The Mid-Atlantic Carwash Association (MCA)
                                          The Mega Show promises to be one of your best marketing opportunities
                                           of the year. Exhibitors involved in all aspects of the service station, auto-
                                           motive repair, car wash, convenience store, and tire industries, along with
                                            other industry related businesses participate in The Mega Show. WMDA
                                                     has hosted an annual trade show for the past 28 years. The Mega
                                                     Show appeals to service stations, convenience stores, repair
                                                    shops, car washes, tire dealers, jobbers, co-branded stations, and
auto parts stores. The attendance for the Mega Show exceeds well over 2500 owners, managers and decision-makers.
The Mega Show is an excellent place for the exchange of information between companies and customers.

                                                                    pendent marketers of branded and        ies; provides programs and services
                                                                    unbranded petroleum products.           to increase operating efficiency and
                                                                    Together with members from a            profitability; and provides educa-
                                                                    broad range of supporting indus-        tional and networking oportunities
                                                                    tries, MAPDA distributors have          for industry members.
                          Service Station Dealers of
                                                                    played a key role in bringing about
                          America and Allied Trades (SSDA-
                                                                    the advancement of the petroleum
                          AT) is a national association com-
                                                                    industry throughout the region and
                          posed of individual and state affili-
                          ate associations representing serv-
                          ice station dealers, repair facilities,
                                                                    Dating back to 1946, and evolving
                          car washes and convenience stores.
                                                                    through several name changes
                          For over 52 years, SSDA-AT has
                                                                    along the way, MAPDA has become
                          worked for the betterment of its
                                                                    a strong and respected trade asso-
                          members as a voice on Capitol Hill,
                                                                    ciation that provides numerous
                          with federal regulators, with the
                                                                    services and education for its mem-     International Tire & Rubber
                          media, in the courts, and with sup-
                                                                    bers. Its unified voice has become a    Association (ITRA) and
                          pliers. Executive Directors,
                                                                    respected clarion among legislators,    Tire Association of North
                          Presidents and active members of
                                                                    government officials, industry lead-    America (TANA) Members of the
                          the state associations attend The
                                                                    ers, and representatives of the busi-   tire industry’s two largest non-prof-
                          Mega Show from all over the United
                                                                    ness community.                         its, ITRA and TANA, are in the
                          States and foreign countries.
                                                                                                            process of voting on a merger plan,
                                                                    MAPDA members are located               which will become official July 1,
                                                                    throughout the mid-Atlantic region      2002. The consolidation will result in
                                                                    and are major distributors of resi-     an international organization (to be
                                                                    dential heating oil, and operators      named at a later date) with a single
                                                                    and suppliers of retail gasoline out-   goal — providing unequaled repre-
                          The Washington, Maryland,
                                                                    lets and convenience stores. Most       sentation and support for business-
                          Delaware Service Station and
                                                                    MAPDA member companies are pri-         es in the tire and rubber industry.
                          Automotive Repair Association,
                                                                    vately held and operated by sec-
                          (WMDA) was established in 1936 as
                                                                    ond-, third-, even fourth-genera-       The merger will end competition
                          a trade association serving inde-
                                                                    tion family members who are active      between the associations for the
                          pendent business men and women
                                                                    in a wide variety of civic groups,      benefit of our members. And the
                          of service stations, repair facilities,
                                                                    community organizations and state       merger will increase our economy
                          convenience stores, and other
                                                                    and local politics.                     of scale by representing tire dealers
                          related businesses. The Association
                                                                                                            and retreaders, tire and tread rub-
                          offers advantages to over 1,500
                                                                                                            ber manufacturers, tire wholesalers,
                          members by developing and deliv-
                                                                                                            distributors and suppliers of equip-
                          ering programs designed to
                                                                                                            ment, and tire and rubber recy-
                          enhance profits and reduce cost.
                          In survey after survey, members of
                          trade associations respond that
                                                                                                             The association will provide mem-
                          their most important membership
                                                                                                             bers with training programs, trade
                          benefit is a good trade show.
                                                                                                             shows, representation in
                          WMDA has the largest association
                                                                    The Mid-Atlantic Carwash                Washington, information about
                          industry trade show in the country.
                                                                    Association (MCA) represents car-       improving profitability and will
                                                                    wash operators and the companies        orchestrate efforts to educate the
                                                                    providing products and services to      public about safety and quality or
                                                                    the industry within the mid-Atlantic    tires.
                                                                    region. MCA members are in the
                                                                    Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and        Participation in The Mega Show will
                                                                    Pennsylvania markets.                   be the first conference and trade
                          The Mid-Atlantic Petroleum
                                                                                                            show for the newly merged organi-
                          Distributors’ Association
                                                                    MCA represents the industry to          zation.
                          (MAPDA) is an organization of inde-
                                                                    state legislative and regulatory bod-
Booth Size              Member Cost*         Non-Member Cost
                                                                                 Floor Plan
10' x 10'                $895.00**             $1,195.00**                                          As of May 17, 2002
10' x 10' (corner)       $925.00**             $1,225.00**
**Discounts given on 4 or more booths reserved.                            Ocean City Convention Center
All outstanding dues and invoices must be paid in full before                 4001 Coastal Highway
Application & Contract is approved.                                            Ocean City, Maryland

Exhibit Schedule
Installation of Displays
Thursday, September 26, 2002 — 12 noon - 5:00 p.m.                                     1511 1510 1509 1508 1507                   1506 1505 1504 1503 1502 1501

Friday, September 27, 2002 — 8:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.                                                                  Aisle

Grand Opening                                                      1419    1319 1219    1119 1019                           719    619       519   419       319   219

Friday, September 27, 2002 — 4:30 p.m.                             1418    1318 1218    1118 1018                           718    618       518   418       318   218

Show Hours                                                         1417    1317 1217    1117 1017                           717    617       517   417       317   217

Friday, September 27, 2002 — 4:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.                 1416    1316 1216    1116 1016                           716    616       516   416       316   216       111

Saturday, September 28, 2002 — 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.              1415    1315 1215    1115 1015
                                                                                                        Island              715    615       515   415       315   215       110

                                                                   1414    1314 1214    1114 1014          #7               714    614       514   414       314   214       109
Dismantling of Displays
                                                                   1413    1313 1213    1113 1013                           713    613       513   413       313   213       108
Saturday, September 28, 2002 — 3:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
                                                                   1412    1312 1212    1112 1012                           712    612       512   412                       107
Sunday, September 29, 2002 — 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
                                                                   1411    1311 1211    1111 1011                           711    611       511   411       Island          106

*Special installation times available for exhibitors with more     1410    1310 1210    1110 1010                           710    610       510   410
                                                                                                                                                                #2           105
than 4 booths.                                                                                                      Aisle                                                    104

                                                                   1408    1308 1208    1108 1008                           708    608       508   408       308   208       103
Booth Furnishings                                                  1407    1307 1207    1107 1007
                                                                                                           #6               707    607       507   407       307   207       102

                                                                   1406    1306 1206    1106 1006                           706    606       506   406       306   206       101

Each booth will consist of a draped backdrop, side draped          1405    1305 1205    1105 1005       905   805                            505   405       305   205
dividers, draped table, two chairs and a vendor name sign.
                                                                   1404    1304 1204    1104 1004       904   804

All additional furniture, carpet and booth decorations may be      1403    1303 1203    1103 1003
rented by requisition to the official decorator.                   1402    1302 1202    1102 1002
                                                                                                                               #4             Island         Island
                                                                                                                                                 #3             #1
                                                                   14 01   1301 1201    1101 1001          #5
Electrical Outlets                                                                                                                                                       Entrance

Electrical outlets will be provided by The Mega Show for an
additional charge. Additional charges apply for electric                                       = ITRA/TANA Scrap Tire Section
ordered on-site.
120 Volts (15 Amps)                   -         $85.00
                                                                                        /      = Sold Booths

208 Volts (20 Amps, Single Phase)     -        $160.00
208 Volts (20 Amps, Triple Phase)     -        $170.00
Additional amperages are available. Please contact The Mega
Show Headquarters for price quote.                                         For further information please contact

Additional Services                                                                        LaKisha Pindell
                                                                                        (301) 390-0900 ext. 104
A Service Kit containing order forms for furniture, labor, ship-
ping, carpet, drayage, and other services will be mailed to                            email:
exhibitors six weeks prior to the show.                                                website:
Water service, telephone service and audio visual equipment
are available through The Ocean City Convention Center.
Please contact The Mega Show Headquarters for additional
information on these services.

Show Specials
All exhibitors are requested to develop at least one exclusive
show special for The Mega Show. Prior to the trade show,                    The Mega Show Headquarters
The Mega Show will promote specials in various promotional
mailings.                                                                    1532-E Pointer Ridge Place
                                                                                  Bowie, MD 20716
    Exhibitor Rules & Regulations
CODES & AGREEMENTS. Exhibitor hereby                keeping, and consistent, with all rules,           occurrence results in cancellation of the
agrees to be bound by the "Rules and                codes and regulations referred to under            Trade Show, the obligations of the parties
Regulations of the Trade Show." Exhibitor           Codes & Agreements above. All demon-               under this Agreement shall be automati-
further agrees to adhere to and be bound            strations and displays shall be confined to        cally terminated and all rental payments
by (i) all applicable fire, utility, and building   booth.                                             under this Lease shall be refunded to
codes and regulations; (ii) any rules or reg-                                                          Exhibitor, less a pro rata share of expenses
ulations of the facility where the trade            EXCLUSION. The WMDA shall have the                 actually incurred by the WMDA in connec-
Show is held; (iii) the terms of all leases         right to exclude or to require modification        tion with the Trade Show.
and agreements between the WMDA                     of any display or demonstration which, in
Service Station & Automotive Repair                 its sole discretion, it considers unsuitable       HANDLING AND STORAGE. The WMDA
Association (WMDA) and the managers or              to or not in keeping with the character of         and the owners or managers of the facili-
owners of said facility, or between the             the Trade Show. The WMDA shall have the            ty where the Trade Show is to be held
WMDA and such managers or owners; and               right to prohibit the use of amplifying            shall not accept or store display materials
(iv) the terms of any and all leases and            equipment or music which, in its sole dis-         or empty crates, and Exhibitor shall make
agreements between the WMDA and any                 cretion, it considers objectionable.               its own arrangements for shipment, deliv-
other party relating to the Trade Show.                                                                ery, receipt and storage of such materials
Exhibitor shall not, nor shall Exhibitor per-       ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLEASE.                           and empty crates. Such arrangements
mit others to do anything to the booth or           Exhibitors shall not sublet the booth or           may be made through the decorator.
do anything in the facility where the Trade         any equipment provided by the WMDA
Show is held, or bring anything into said           nor shall Exhibitor assign this Lease in           CANCELLATION OF LEASE. Exhibitor shall
facility, which would cause a difference in         whole or in part.                                  have the right to cancel this Agreement at
conditions from those previously                                                                       any time by written notice to the WMDA.
approved by the insurance carriers of the           LIABILITY. This Agreement shall not con-           In the event of such cancellation the
WMDA, or the owners or managers of said             stitute or be considered a partnership,            WMDA shall be under no obligation to
facility, which will in any way increase pre-       employer-employee relationship, joint              refund rental payments made by Exhibitor
miums payable by any of said parties for            venture, or agency between the WMDA                and shall have the right to lease the booth
fire insurance and said facility, or any            and Exhibitor. Exhibitor hereby agrees to          to any other Exhibitor. No refund on can-
property therein. Exhibitor agrees to pay           and does indemnify, hold harmless and              cellation by Exhibitor within 60 days of
on demand by any of said parties any                defend the WMDA from and against any               Trade Show.
such increase resulting from a violation of         and all liability, responsibility, loss, damage,
this section.                                       cost or expense of any kind whatsoever             SECURITY. The WMDA shall provide guard
                                                    (including, but not limited to cost, interest      service throughout the closed hours of
SPACE ASSIGNMENTS. The WMDA shall                   and attorney's fees) which the WMDA may            the show, and exercise reasonable care
use its best efforts to locate the booth in         incur, suffer, pay or be required to pay           for the protection of the Exhibitor's
one of the locations designated by                  incident to or arising directly or indirectly      materials and display. Beyond this , the
Exhibitor on the contract, to provide               from any intentional or negligent act or           WMDA, the show facility, or any officer or
physical separation of the booth from the           omission by Exhibitor or any of its                staff member thereof will not be respon-
booths of those competitors from whom               employees, servants, or agents. Exhibitor          sible for the safety of the property of the
Exhibitor has requested such separations            further agrees that the WMDA and its               Exhibitor, his agents, or employees, from
on the contract. Notwithstanding the                respective agents and employees shall not          theft, damage by fire, accident, or any
above, the WMDA reserves the right to               be responsible in any way for (i) damage,          other cause.
change location assignments at any time,            loss or destruction of any property of
as it may in its sole discretion deem nec-          Exhibitor of (ii) injury to Exhibitor or its       ARRANGEMENT OF EXHIBITS. Standard
essary.                                             representatives, agency employees,                 booth back-drop, side rails, decorated
                                                    licensees or invitees.                             with drapes with one table, two chairs and
HOSPITALITY SUITES. Hospitality Suites                                                                 uniform vendor sign are provided without
shall not be open during regular sched-             CANCELLATION OR POSTPONEMENT OF                    charge. Equipment used in a display must
uled hours of meetings, exhibits or other           TRADE SHOW. In the event that the Trade            remain within the confines of the booth.
functions.                                          Show is postponed due to any occurrence
                                                    not occasioned by the conduct of the               CONDUCT. Exhibitor agrees that it and its
EQUIPMENT. Booth equipment provided                 WMDA or Exhibitor, whether such occur-             agents, servants, representatives, associ-
by the WMDA shall be returned to the                rences be an Act of God or the common              ates and employees shall conduct them-
WMDA at the end of the term hereof,                 enemy or the result of war, riot, civil com-       selves at all times with courtesy, dignity
complete and in good condition, normal              motion, sovereign conduct, or the act or           and respect and that they shall refrain
wear and tear expected. Exhibitor shall             conduct of any person or persons not               from any conduct (including but not limit-
have no right, title or interest in such            party or privy to this Lease, then the per-        ed to fighting, profanity, arguing or the
equipment, but only the right to use it             formance of the parties under this agree-          use of loud or boisterous language) that
under this lease. All other equipment shall         ment shall be excused for such period of           could, in any way, be disruptive to WMDA,
be provided by Exhibitor at his own                 time as is reasonably necessary after such         its members, its other exhibitors or its
expense. All draping and decorative mate-           occurrence to remedy the effect thereof,           invitees.
rials used by Exhibitor shall be flame              and in any event for the duration of such
proofed. All booth equipment shall be in            postponement. In the event that such
     Application & Contract                                                 For Office Use Only               Date Received ______________

                                                                            ID# ______________________ ▫ Member                  ▫ Non-Member
                          September 27 – 28, 2002
                                                                            Booth(s) Assigned ____________________________________
                                Ocean City, Maryland
                                                                            Deposit Received __________Balance Paid ______________

Allocation of Space & Deposit                                              To Validate Contract
Space will be assigned in the order that applications are received.        •    Complete Application & Contract.
Phone reservations will be taken on a tentative basis for ten days
pending receipt of completed application and deposit. A $400.00            •    Include a $400.00 deposit per booth space.
deposit per booth must accompany application. If your desired
exhibit space is unavailable, you will be assigned the nearest booth       •    All checks made payable to WMDA.
available to the space you requested. Confirmation of booth assign-
ments will be give three (3) weeks prior to The Mega Show. The Mega        •    The Exhibitor acknowledges that the products listed are
Show reserves the right to modify booth assignments. Final balance              those which will be displayed or demonstrated; The Mega
is due no later than July 31, 2002. Any applications received after July        Show must be notified of any changes in writing prior to
31, 2002 must be accompanied by full payment. All exhibit spaces                show.
must be paid in full prior to exhibit setup.
                                                                           •    Return completed contract and deposit to:
Cancellation                                                                    WMDA (The Mega Show Headquarters)
                                                                                1532-E Pointer Ridge Place
                                                                                Bowie, MD 20716
A refund will be made upon written cancellation before July 31, 2002.           or fax to 301-390-3166
All terms and conditions contained on the Exhibitor Rules &
Regulations page hereof are integral parts of this agreement.

(Please print or type)

Company name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mailing address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________________________________________State: ______________________Zip: __________________________

Telephone: __________________________________________________________Fax: ______________________________________________________________

Contact person: ______________________________________________________________Title: ____________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________________________________________Date: __________________________

Products to be exhibited: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name to appear on exhibitor sign: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

▫ Yes, I will supply a Show Special: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
To help us in assigning you the best possible booth, please list names of companies you do not wish to be near:

Preference in booth locations

First choice:______________________________Second choice: __________________________________Third choice: ________________________________

Payment                                                                 ▫ Check Enclosed ▫ Visa ▫ MasterCard ▫ American Express
Cost of booth(s):                                $ ______________
                                                                        Account # ________________________________________________________
Electrical hook-up (if required): # ____________ $ ______________
                                                      150.00*           Exp. Date: ________________________________________________________
Compliance deposit (if required):                $ ______________
                                                                        Signature:    ______________________________________________________
Deposit enclosed ($400.00 per booth):            $ ______________
                                                                        * The purpose of this deposit is to insure contract compliance. The deposit
Balance due (July 31, 2002):                     $ ______________       will be returned after trade show if all contract specifications are followed.
      Past Trade Show Participants
                                                                        Highland Tank                        Not Just Toys
                                                                        Hunter Engineering Company           Ocean Petroleum
                                                                        Icas Computer Systems, Inc.          Oregon Distributors
                                                                        IMS                                  Paar Melis & Associates PC
                                                                        Innovative Security Systems, Inc.    Part’s Distributors
                                                                        Internal Revenue Service             Parts Inc.
                                                                        International Petroleum Corp.        Parts Plus
                                                                        JCV, Inc.                            Pepsi Bottling Group
                                                                        Jack and Jill/Ice Cream Partners     PetroConsulting, Inc.
                                                                        Jerry’s Subs & Pizza                 Phillips 66
                                                                        KASCO, Inc./BG Products              Plymovent Corporation
                                                                        KONI                                 Precision CertiPro Warehouse
                                                                        Kelly Benefit Strategies             Priceline Gasoline Service
                                                                        Kenyon Oil Company                   ProLease
                                                                        Kimmel Tire Wholesale                Quality Nozzle
                                                                        Klein Candy Company                  Quality Promotions
                                                                        Kratz – Castle Automotive            QuesTech Financial
                                                                           Products                          RCI By DMX Music
ACDelco                            Corporate Benefits Solutions, Inc.   Kunkel Service Company               RUS•Sanis•Arena
AIMS, Inc.                         Creative Ice                         Legg Mason Wood Walker               RYKO Manufacturing Co.
ASE                                Credit Card Center                   MOSH                                 Rair Systems East
AT Systems                         Crown Remanufacturing Inc.           MTC Telecom, LLP                     Retriever Payment Systems
ATK Engines                        Delmarva Desserts                    MTD Services                         Robert Gordon Infrared Heating
ATM Express                        Dodson Insurance Group               Mansfield Oil Company                S & D Coffee
Access Cash International L.L.C.   Dorman Products                      Mark One Premier Manufacturing       SMO Motor Fuels
Air And Vac Service Inc.           Dunbar Alarm Systems                 Maryland Automotive Equipment        SSDA-AT Federal Pac
Air-Serv Mid-Atlantic              EMAC                                 Maryland Department of the           Service Energy L.L.C.
AiroLife                           East Coast Chrome Plating               Environment                       Shades Under the Sun, Inc.
Allied Capital Express             East Penn Mfg. Co., Inc.             Maryland Department of               Signs By: Gulf Industries
Allstate Lien & Recovery Corp.     Eastern Petroleum Corp.                 Transportation                    Snap-On/Sun Tech Systems
Arlington Armature                 Eby Brown                            Maryland Occupational Safety and     Sprint Payphone Services, Inc.
Armor Safe Technologies            Electronic Card Acceptance Corp.        Health Administration             Subway
Arvin Replacement Products         Energy Star Small Business           Maryland Public Payphone & ATM       Success Systems, Inc.
Atlantic Distribution              Environmental Alliance                  Enterprises, Inc.                 Sunoco, Inc.
Automotive Training Institute      Euro Steam                           Merit/Goerlich’s Exhaust             SuperGlass Windshield Repair
Benjamin F. Brown Insurance        Ewing Oil Company, Inc.              Mid-Atlantic Autec                   TECH International
   Agency, Inc.                    Exide Battery Corp.                  The Mid-Atlantic Carwash             Tastee Freez
Besche Oil Company                 Express Mart Franchising Corp.          Association (MCA)                 TeleCheck Services, Inc.
BioClean W.R.S.S. of Maryland                                           Mid-Atlantic Engines Inc.            Ten Hoeve Bros.
Bosal Exhaust                      FFCA                                 Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Properties,   Tenneco Automotive
Brandywine Automotive Centers      FMAC - Energy Finance Group             LLC                               Terry’s Tire Town
Business Development Group         The George Falter Co.                Miller & Hartman                     Tilley Chemical Co., Inc.
Business Resources, Inc.           Ferguson Corporation                 Mitchell Repair Information Co.      Tosco Marketing Company
Butler Capital                     Financial Technologies. Inc.         Mohawk Resources                     Total Convenience Marketing, Inc.
C-Buying                           Flannery & Associates                Morgan Stanley Dean Witter           Triple – C Wholesalers Inc.
CIT                                Fuelman                              Motiva Enterprises, LLC              Tysons Automotive
Cadence Environmental Energy       Full Throttle Sports                 Mottley Air Power                        Products/Bilstein R-2000 Engine
   Inc.                            GE Capital Franchise Finance         Myers Tire Supply                        Flush Systems
Capitol City Engines               Getty Petroleum                      NDC/E Commerce                       U.S. Filter Recovery Services
Car Wash Solutions                 Glas-Weld Systems, Inc.              National Sorbents, Inc.              US Lubes LLC
Cardtronics                        Heafner American                     Nestle U.S.A.                        U.S. Restaurant Properties
Carroll Independent Fuel           Herr Foods Inc.                      Newgate Marketing Co., Inc.          United Wholesalers
   Company                                                                                                   Utica National Insurance Group
Central Insurance Agency                                                                                     Vehicle Cleaning Systems A
Century Distributors                                                                                             Division of Myco, Inc.
Century Small Business Solutions                                                                             Vend Lease Company, Inc.
Challenger Lifts                                                                                             Verizon Public Communications
Checkcare Systems Mid-Atlantic                                                                                   Group
Chesapeake Environmental                                                                                     Vetronix
Classic Car Accessories                                                                                      WASHTECH
Coca-Cola Enterprises                                                                                        WMDA PAC Fund/Legal Fund
Commercial Capital Corporation                                                                               Stan Wahler & Associates
Commercial –                                                                                       The Washington Post
The Community College of                                                                                     Wholesale Communications, Inc.
   Baltimore County                                                                                          E.D. Wilt, Inc.
Compatible Software                                                                                          WURTH USA Northeast
   Systems/Tawney & Davis, PC                                                                                Wynn’s McClelland Dist. Company
Connolly Industries                                                                                          Zep Manufacturing Co.
Cooper-Booth Wholesales Co.                                                                                  Zion Bank
The Cope Co.

         For more information, please call LaKisha Pindell at 301-390-0900 x 104

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