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How did you come to realise your calling as a prophet?

Although an answer for this can be found in the attachment “Testimony of Matthew Gill” I
will give you an account of the precise moment when I was called as Prophet, Seer, revelatory
and Translator :-

 What follows in an account of the time when I was called to as Prophet, Seer, revelator and
Translator, it occurred on the night of the 11th of July 2006. After retiring to my bed and
falling asleep, during this time I saw my brother crying out to me and then I was suddenly
awoke by a bright light that filled the room I was once again visited in my room by the
angelic personage of Raphael, who has become known to me in person over the long period
of time that I have been visited by him. I was commanded to leave my bed and stand before
him I stretched forth my hand he did indeed take hold of it has we have done many times
before. During this time I was taken from my room to what seemed to be a large and spacious
room in this room were many windows large in size which bright light streamed though it
seemed to remind me of a temple. Standing before me was Raphael he stood before me and
spoke to me saying “Thou art chosen as a servant of the most high God to bring about a
work among the children of men. Thou stands in the midst of the Holy Temple of the most
high behold its glory and reverence, they brother is troubled and thou must speak to him do
not hesitate in doing this, that is the command of the Lord”
I looked around and beheld that it was the most beautiful and most glorious building that I
have ever seen in my life. While I stood looking around in amazement Raphael spoke to me
once more “Matthew Philip Gill servant of the Most High God Lord and Saviour of worlds.
The time is near at hand when the Lord Jesus Christ will bestow unto thee the further light
and knowledge that has been promised. I am but a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ and it
is he that has given unto me the keys to bestow upon you to bring about this wondrous
work. I give unto you a warning to purify your self and to make yourself ready to receive
these gifts from the Lord”. As Raphael stopped speaking I heard a loud and glories singing
form the room and I saw the room fill with myriad’s of Angels, Angels upon Angels and they
were all singing praise unto the Christ, as I was trying to take all this in I saw the doors to the
building open and the room was filled with a glorious bright white light, it seemed to me that
the heavens were opening and a bright cloud moved closer toward me, so as to bring me to
my knees. My spirit knew who this was straight away and my whole body filled with a
burning and a feeling that I can only describe as spiritual and heavenly. While I was on my
knees Raphael spoke to and introduced the being in front of me. “Behold the son of God who
bled for the salvation of mankind, behold the Almighty” At this I felt my spirit leap with joy
and my heart beat with great joy, for the Lord Jesus Christ was before me. I looked up and
beheld the Saviour within what seemed to be a cloud he then spoke to me I cannot do justice
to the feeling that filled my spirit or how the saviour sounded he spoke to me as a man but his
voice carried great weight and power as to humble but to make me calm what follows is what
I was told by the Christ. “Behold my servant Matthew, thou art known unto me and I know
all your works. Thou have been faithful in fulfilling all things that my servant Raphael has
commanded thee. Thou has been steadfast in keeping the commandments of the father and
for this thou has been chosen to fulfil a great work upon the earth” As he the Saviour said
this I became aware that I had questions to ask of him and he must have known this as he
stopped and beckoned me to ask so I did, I asked the saviour why I was chosen for I was
guilty of sin and failure in many parts of my life and I was quick to anger and I knew that I
had done things that I was ashamed of. With this the saviour spoke to me again saying “I
know all things, but of all the things that thou has repented of I remember them not, for as
your sins were as red as blood though the gift of repentance thou art made white and pure.
I bled for the sake of all men that they might be made pure and clean. Thou art clean in
the presence of thy Lord. My servant Matthew Thou will be taught many things that have
not come to thee as yet, but will be made known unto you though the power of the Holy
Priesthood. Honour they wife and child for they were given to you in the pre- mortal world
to be strength unto you listen to their council and uphold their honour. This is all I will
speak unto you, be obedient unto me and all will be well with thee, in and through the
name of the Father I leave you. Amen.” At this stage I was filled with the spirit and I could
no longer hold back my emotions and I started to sing along with the angles that were
gathered. Once again the doors opened to the temple and this time I saw six people walk in I
knew who they were without having to search for the answer, they were, Peter, James, John,
John the Baptist, Joseph Smith and a man that I knew I had never seen or heard of before.
They walked together as if they were life long friends they seemed to be real brothers and
showing it, and although Jesus was with them there seemed to be no over reverence of him
rather they walked with him and that was a real eye opener for me. As they approached the
Christ came to me and held me at the shoulders and then hugged me, I hugged him back and
started to cry. He then said, “Matthew Today here in this Holy Temple of Zion you will be
given all the keys that are necessary to fulfil your mission as Prophet amongst the children
of the father upon the earth. Remember that I love you and that the father loves you and
we will always be with you, until the very end” he then kissed me on both cheeks and after
this he stood aside and the rest all took turns in introducing themselves. At this point Joseph
Smith stood in front of me and he gave me a hug and the started to talk to me. He told me
that he was there as he held the keys to call another in his stead and to seal upon them the
work to be done. At this point Raphael stood in front of me and began to talk to me
“Matthew I will now revel unto you the name by which I was known in the world. My name
is Enoch. The same Enoch that was taken wit h the people of the city of Zion to the
heavens. This place is the very temple that sits in the city of Zion” upon hearing this I asked
why he was called Raphael and not Enoch he said the following “Raphael is the name that
was given to me in the temple. It is my real name the name given to me by the father.
Remember what you were told in the temple” At this I knew what and why he was using the
name given to him by the father. Upon him finishing speaking the Angelic personage whom I
did not recognise strode over to me and he said “Hello. Matthew. At last the time is soon at
hand and my people will be brought out of the dark in to the light. At last the time is come.”
 With this we both walked back over to the group and Joseph smith asked me to kneel, I did
this and then myriads of angels gathered around me and laid their hands upon my head. As
they laid their hands on my head Joseph smith began to bless me and bestow upon me all the
keys that were relevant to the office of Prophet; he then bestowed upon me the office of
Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Translator. Joseph also sealed upon my head all the keys of the
kingdom that were necessary for the work to be done, he gave me the authority to act in the
name of God and set me apart in the high priesthood. Once he had finished they all removed
there hands from off my head as I stood up they stretched forth their hands and I took turns in
shaking all of them until it came to the one who had spoken to me but who I did not
recognise, he stretched forth his hand and when I took hold of it I knew who he was, he said
that his name was Jeraneck and that he was the prophet who had placed the gifts that were to
come to us in heaven when his time was over, and it was as though I already knew this before
holding his hand. He smiled the sweetest smile and embraced me. He then asked me to kneel
again and he laid his hands on my head along with all the others that were present. I cannot
recall all the words, which were spoken, and I am forbidden to write all of them. All I can say
is that he told me that the records of his people must be translated and he charged me to do it.
When he had fished I stood and took turns shaking all the hands that were there once again.
Then John the Baptist then approached and gave me the authority to baptise. After all this I
arose and stood before him he embrace me and I shook the hands of all present. Upon this
Joseph stood before me and told me that now I was to get the work done. He told me that I
had all the keys to get it done and I had no excuse to stand around and do nothing. Then the
Christ approached and once again held me and told me to progress the work.

Then the doors flung open and people filled the room and Angeles filled the room. I could
tell the difference between the two they looked different in some way. As the room filled it
seemed that I could not move. When the room was full they all raised there hand in the
hosanna shout, this was done three times and a light gathered and the saviour and all gathered
apart from Raphael were all gone. Raphael took my arm and a light gathered around us. I then
found myself in my room standing in font of him. He then said to me. “You have now been
given all that you require to further the work. Soon the records will be with you. Get the
work done. Do not worry about Vicki she will come to a realisation in her own time. She
will join with you. Keep your mind centred on the work. Now go to it.” With this he was
gone and I was now at the realisation that h I was fully endowed to be the Lord's mouth piece
upon the earth and I was in possession of all the keys I need to do this work. (Taken from the
Book of Prophesy and Revelation Page 35)

How long were you in the LDS Church & what led to your separation from that church?

I was in the LDS (Utah) church since birth. As to answer the question as to why I left well,
once I started to have the experiences that I had from the age of 12 and people started to
persecute me for them it became harder for me to stay. Different people within the church say
that they came to a decision in different ways as for me I was told to leave by the Lord when I
was called to the office of Prophet and that was good enough for me. I did not leave because
of a falling out with any one only a falling out over whom god had chosen to speak to.

How did you come by the plates of the Book of Jeraneck & how did you translate these?

 I was told that I would receive records when I was called as a Prophet. Then on the night of
the 13 of July I had a vision in an account of this is found below:-
One night the Lord opened my mind to a vision, a vision the likes I have never had before. It
was the night of Sunday the 13th I had said the family evening prayers and Vicki had gone to
sleep and I stayed kneeling by the bed and said my personal prayers, asking if the Lord was
ready to bestow upon us the gifts that he had promised us and if now was the right time to
prepare for the coming of those gifts I knew God would answer my prayers as he had done on
previous occasions.

That night I had the most profound vision I have ever had and one that has been repeated to
me every night until this point. In the vision I was shown Stonehenge, after seeing this from
the air I found my self on the ground looking at Stonehenge from a distance and in the middle
of the stone circle floating in the air was the personage I saw in the temple in heaven, he stood
there illuminating the whole area around him so much that the grass looked like it would
catch fire it was that bright and intense the stone work took on an almost marble look as the
glory and power of the almighty shone forth upon the land. I looked up and saw him standing
there. Without my saying a thing he said the following to me “the Lord has heard your
prayers. Bring thy self and thy servants unto this place and the secrets of the gospel of the
Lord and the gifts that the Lord has promised thee, will be made known unto thee” at this
point the vision faded from my mind and I awoke from my sleep and lay in bed reflecting on
what I had just seen. I awoke the next the morning and went about my normal business not
giving it much thought, that night I had the same vision with the same words. I have made up
my mind after talking about it to Vicki that if this happens again I will go and do what I am
being asked; I do not wish to try the Lord. (Taken from the Book of Prophesy and
Revelation page 37)

Now what follows is what happened when I and my Elders when to Stonehenge. Also you
will see the accounts of the Elders who were with me:-

Following is a description of the events that happened on 19th of August at Stonehenge. On
the morning of the 19th of August my dad and I arose at about 5'oclock and we prepared our
selves for the journey down to David’s to pick him up. Upon picking him up we started our
journey down to Stonehenge. On our journey the conversation turned to the events of the last
couple of days and upon the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to its validity.
We all had a spiritual time travelling down to Stonehenge and had many chances and
opportunity to testify of our love for the Saviour and of the gospel. The Lord had blessed our
journey down and we arrived early and on time, no traffic, no waiting to get in.

As we arrived I saw the stone monument from the car sitting on top of the hill. We drove
down the road and in to the valley and entered the car park; once again the Lord blessed us
with no traffic and no queues. We entered and walked though a tunnel that led under the road
and came out just in front of the monument. We all walked out of the tunnel and toward the
monument David suggested that we say a prayer and ask the Lord to be with us and bless us. I
led the prayer and asked God for help and for the spirit to guide our day. Upon the conclusion
of this prayer we all stood and walked around the monument, it was spectacular, truly
wonderful, you could feel that the place we were standing was once blessed by the Saviour
and was once a very holy place the spirit was overpowering for me and I could feel the
presence of the Lord as I looked at this ancient monument. Upon looking at the monument
and the sky above me I saw nothing unusual apart from a large group of birds sitting upon the
stone monument as I looked at the monument I thought that I saw someone run past me and
then I saw another and another, people running here and there. It was as if they seemed to be
running from something. At this point Jeraneck appeared next to me and he directed me to
look to my right away from the stone monument. He then said to me “Behold was the last
great prophet of this land. My hour is up and soon I will see the face of the lord and
saviour” I looked and there stood Jeraneck. He stood with his back to me he was looking out
over a valley. He held a staff in his left hand and what seemed to be a small chest in the other.
I walked over to him as directed to by the angelic Jeraneck and stood next to him looking at
him I saw that he had tears in his eyes and that he looked tired and drawn. I then noticed what
he was looking at I saw spread out before me hundreds upon hundreds of dead people, and
many more still in the throws of battle, I have never seen the likes of it before in my life. I
have seen films that depict great battles but this; this was different in the extreme. I then heard
Jeraneck say “Oh how the great have fallen. Oh how the power of the lord god has fallen
from you and the devil has power over you. Oh my people, what have you done? Oh my
Lord, my God, have mercy upon this land” Upon his finishing this he turned and started to
walk toward the monument. The angel of the lord then said to me “Behold the last of the
children of god that lived upon this land. Behold the last moments of the great prophet’s
life here upon this land. See before thee the last and great temple of God that was built
upon this sacred island of the sea. Soon the power of the Lord will be withdrawn from this
land and the light of the Saviour will be withheld and the land will be in darkness until you
receive the records of which I have written and finished” as I looked I saw Jeraneck walk in
to what I can only describe as the most magnificent temple that I have ever seen, it seemed to
glow with a brightness that I have never seen in a building before. The building was nothing
like a modern temple it was built like a wedding cake one layer upon another, it was flat on
top with holes that seemed to let the water run from the roof, this gave the outside a water fall
appearance. The windows were not like windows that you or I know them as they seemed to
be made of glass but it was not clear it seemed to be rippled and bumpy. I saw Jeraneck walk
in to the temple and two doors shut behind him I know that these doors were made of gold no
doubt about that he walked in side and the doors closed behind him upon his doing this I saw
another door close behind me I looked around and I saw a fence that was made of wood
surrounding the temple upon the fence there were small towers and within the towers were
two men armed. As the door shut behind me Jeraneck in angelic form stood next to me and
then he walked in front of me and said, “Now witness the end of the days of my people.
Before your eyes you will witness the end of the people of god upon this sacred ground” As
he ended I heard a great noise like thunder and it seemed to get loader and loader until I could
see looking through the wood blockade a great horde of people approaching the temple they
looked bloody and battle hardened. As they approached some fell by way of arrow from the
watchtowers. But eventually they came upon the blockade and eventually the blockade fell.
And horde came through the narrow gap. They approached the door and eventually they
broke down the door and entered the temple. I looked and beheld that they filled the temple
killing as they went women and children. I the saw in the middle of the temple Jeraneck he
stood there in a private chamber surrounded by many papers and metal records. He stood
there holding the wooden chest I had seen before, and then a light filled the chamber and I
saw the Christ in the very chamber I could not hear what was been said but Jeraneck handed
the chest to the saviour and then the saviour placed his hand upon his head and he was gone, I
then saw Jeraneck face his murders he fought bravely with his sword but eventually fell to
overwhelming odds. I then saw the hoards overrun and destroy the temple and then the vision
closed and I was standing buy the rope that enclosed the stone monument site looking over
the land. Jeraneck; then stood before me and told me what I had seen. “Matthew thou was
called to this place to witness the final days of my people upon this land. The chest that
thou saw contains the records of my people that lived here upon this land and their dealing
with God. The records will be given to thee soon in no less than 3 weeks from this date.
They will be given unto they father. Take heart thou art a servant of the most high and thou
has been obedient in coming here this day. The Lord is mindful and will reward thee
accordingly. The land upon which thou stand is holy ground and the Lord has decreed that
upon this ground there will be once again a temple built upon it. Remember to keep thy
council and be faithful and only tell those whom the Lord will inspire thee to tell. I leave
these words with thee and depart unto my Lord, in his name amen.”
The vision then closed and I found that I was standing still looking out among the dead and
decaying people. My dad and David stood beside me and held me so that I did not fall but I
knew that this time I did not need to be held so much. I told them what had happened and I
told them that I had seen a temple and the prophet and I described it to them in detail. We
took one last look around and we left the place.

On the way home we all talked about what had happened we all testified that we had felt
something and knew that the place was special and very spiritual. The thing that we all said
was that at the same time I was having the vision the birds fell silent and they flew away.
According to David and my Dad, the sun also came out and the wind stopped blowing, as if
the lord had calmed the wind and silenced nature. I know what I saw and I will never deny it,
I await the coming of the records that have been promised, what the lord wishes us to do with
them I don’t know yet but I will await there coming and do as directed by the lord. In the
name if Jesus Christ amen. I have been asked by David smith to add his account of what
happened that day. After going to the lord in deep prayer he has given me the permission to
include it in this book. What follows is his account:

Today Matthew, Philip and I went to Stonehenge. We left early so we could make good time.
We weren’t sure what was going to happen although I’m sure that the lord had given Matthew
some information on what might happen. We got there and at first we just started walking.
The sight which is the oldest historical place recorded in Britain, was for me a very spiritual
place. After a while Phil Matthew’s dad and I left Matthew on his own as we both felt that
was what we should do. While away from us Matthew was show what once stood on this old
historical site. He was shown that Jeraneck was killed here. Matthew was also told that there
would be a temple built on this site one day a temple built to the most high god.

Going around Stonehenge I felt the spirit. It is defiantly a place of God. After seeing many
great things there and witnessing the birds bend to the will of the Saviour, and hearing what
Matt had to say we started home. On our way back the road that we had travelled on to get
here was full of traffic, it was on a stand still. It was a good thing God got us there when he
did it was as though God helped us miss all that traffic. The last thing I will say on this matter
is that the one thing Matthew was told at Stonehenge was that the records of Jeraneck people
would soon be with us. Matthew was told that it would be no less than 3 weeks and that Phil
would be given them to give to the servant of the lord Matthew Gill and then I will be asked
to witness them and to scribe for him. In the name of Jesus Christ amen. (Taken from the
Book of Prophesy and Revelation page 42)

Now as to how we came by the plates it was the Morning of Saturday the 23rd of September. I
was still getting myself and my son ready when I heard my Dad shout from down stairs
asking me to come quick. Of course not knowing what was going on I proceeded to finish
getting Levi my son ready form the day. I made my way down stairs and as I did so my eyes
met my wife’s and I could tell that something was amiss. I then turned and looked at my dad,
he was holding in his arms a medium sized wooden box with detailed engraving on it inlaid in
gold. At seeing this I ran the rest of the way down the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom of the
stairs my mom told my dad and me to go into the dinning room and look at it. This we did.

When we were alone I opened the box and found in the box a medium sized leather package
and another smaller package wrapped in leather. I proceed to open the medium sized package
and unwrap it. When it was unwrapped we beheld before our eyes plates of brass bound
together with three rings running down the spine. Upon looking closer we found that the
pages were thin enough to make a sound when you moved each one. Upon each one there was
writing in total there were 24 plates. After looking at the plates my dad took hold of the
smaller package and started to unwrap it while doing this he felt that I should do the rest. I
proceeded unwrap and found a pair of silver rimmed glasses with triangles in them made of
glass, my mind was then filled with an acknowledgment of what they were, the Urim and
Thummim. After looking at them we left the room and proceeded to tell everyone what we
saw. We then called David Smith and he came over to witness what we had seen which he

As for who left them outside our house, the answer to this came a few hours later when I was
given vision of a man in a purple blue hooded robe dropping them of outside the house and
praying before leaving. During the translation process we found out and we came to know
who had left them. It was the son of the last Prophet Jeranecks son who had left them for he
was promised that he would live to do this work of delivering up the plates.

For your information I have attached the witness of David smith and also a dream my mom
had days before the records came.

Do you have a Urim & Thummim? Do you still have the plates? Do you have witnesses
who have seen the plates?

The answer to all of the above is yes. The witness statements can be found in the

Does the church have the same structure as the LDS Church with a First Presidency and
Twelve Apostles?

In short no. I have attached once again a copy of one of the pages of our Handbook which
tells you how the church is structured.

Do you regard The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ as being the only true church?

Yes. But every LDS church claim this, we have to find out for ourselves what is true.

Do you accept the validity of baptisms performed by other LDS groups such as the main
LDS Church?

Firstly no we do not accept baptism performed by any other church other than ours. However
I do not understand what you mean by “The main LDS Church” I presume that when you say
this you are referring to the LDS church of UTAH? If this is so why do you assume that this
is the main one? Is it because of there size? On what basis are they the Main LDS church?
Please let me stress we are not a brake of the LDS church, far from it. We do not believe they
are the true church; they have no basis to say this apart from tradition. Once again I would be
interested in knowing why you refer to them as the main LDS Church…you might want to
remember that if you are basing this statement on pure numbers that this is not a basis for
truth or righteousness.
Do you practice baptism for the dead for those who died before the founding of The
Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ & do you practice other temple ordinances such as
endowment & sealing?

It is sufficient to say that we do have temple ordinances. However those ordinances are based
upon ordinances performed by the Prophet Joseph Smith and also modern revelation given to
the church. It is not permitted to go in to much detail. However I can say this that only those
chosen to partake in the temple work can participate, we do not embrace the idea that all
members of the church however long they have been members. It is not a case of them being
worthy but weather the lord has chosen them.

Do you regard monogamous marriage as being for time or eternity?

As a church we embrace the idea of marriage for time and eternity. However let me say that
we differ from the LDS (Utah) church in as much as we do not believe in a worthiness based
temple attendance. Rather, we believe that those chosen by God to attend the temple are
afforded these blessing and those only, as in Joseph Smiths day.

How many members does your church have?

We are very small in number but bare in mind we have only been established for just over a
year. We are not a liberty to say exactly how many we have due to data protection and
membership privacy but suffice it to say it us under 100 people. However numbers
themselves to not constitute weather or not a church in true.

Scriptures of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ

Please note that we do not use any LDS (Utah) scriptures. We use the following:- The
Inspired Version of the Bible, The 1830 Book of Mormon, The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants,
The Book of Jeraneck and the Book of Prophecy and Revelation.

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