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					              Wild Rice Nutrition Facts        Fall Rive r Wild Rice

Wild rice is easy to prepare, and the
texture can be varied to your liking - the
longer it cooks, the softer and fluffier the
grains become. Simmering in broth or
wine gives wild rice a rich, full-bodied
taste, and its flavor can be further
enhanced by adding sliced vegetables,
chopped nuts, or fruit pieces. Wild rice can
be extended by combining it with brown
or white rice. Uncooked wild rice will
keep almost indefinitely when stored in an
airtight container. Cooked, it will keep for
10-14 days refrigerated, or can be frozen
up to six months.

Nutrition That Counts                                                  U.S. Wild Rice Nutrients:
Wild rice is highly nutritious. In fact,                               Based on 1/2 cup cooked wild rice
                                                                       Amount per Serving:
thanks to the optimal conditions under
which it is grown, Mother Nature has                                   Calories                           320
blessed this unusual grain with amazing                                Calories from fat                   10
qualities. Containing more than 12%                                    Total Fat 1g                       2%
protein uncooked, wild rice is significantly                           Saturated Fat 0g                   0%
more rich in protein than common white                                 Trans Fat 0g                       0%
rice or most other grains. It is high in
complex carbohydrates and is a good                                    Cholesterol 0mg                    0%
source of fiber. In contrast, its sodium                               Sodium 10mg                        0%
content is refreshingly low. Wild rice also                            Total Carbohydrate 68g            23%
offers exquisite flavor. No wonder it has                              Sugars 1g                          0%
created such a stir among today's health-                              Dietary Fiber 6g                  24%
conscious consumers! Wild rice is an
                                                                       Protein                           10g
important component of a balanced diet.
                                                                       Vitamin A                          0%
                                                                       Vitamin C                          0%
                                                                       Calcium                            2%
                                                                       Iron                             10%
                                                                       * Percent Daily Values are based on a
                                                                       2,000 calorie diet.

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