SOAPSTone Analysis by Nrv988


									                                                            The Declaration of Independence
                                                                   SOAPSTone Analysis
Directions: Complete the sections of the SOAPSTone organizer.
Describe the Speaker: (Who is/are the writer/s? What details is/are the writer/s revealing? Why is it important for the audience to know who the writer/s

Describe the Occasion. (How does knowledge of the larger occasion as well as the immediate occasion affect what is being written? about?)

Describe the Audience. (What are the characteristics of this group? How are they related to the writer/s? Why is/are the writer/s addressing them?)

Describe the Purpose. (What does/do the writer/s hope to accomplish by this expression of opinion? How would the writer/s like the audience to respond?)

Describe the Subject. (Just a few words. What is/are the writer/s talking about?)

Describe the Tone. (What attitude[s] does/do the writer/s want the audience to feel? How will this/these attitude[s] enhance the effectiveness of the piece?
Choose a few words or phrases that reflect a particular attitude.)

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