Vocabulary Assignment Choices by Nrv988


									Vocabulary Assignment Choices

  1. Create a crossword puzzle using all ten of your words. Please use
      graph paper to help you.
  2. List all the variations of the word for as many as you can. For
      example: academic, academics, academically, academy
  3. Sort this week’s and last week’s words in three different ways. Label
      the groups. Be creative.
  4. Look at your words. List the ones that have multiple meanings.
      Choose 4 and then write down ALL the meanings of those words.
  5. Choose two words. Use the dictionary and the Internet to research
      your word’s history. Ex. Werewolf is from old English “werwulf”,
      which comes from “wer”, meaning “man,” and wulf, meaning, “wolf”.
  6. List antonyms or synonyms for all the words that you can.
  7. Write a story using all of your words. The story should make sense.
  8. Draw a meaningful picture for every word that clearly shows the
      meaning of the word. Label the picture.
  9. Create a poem using all of the words. It can rhyme or not.
  10. Sort your words by parts of speech.
  11. Create similes or metaphors for each word.
  12. Write a song using your words. The song should make sense and you
      need to include the tune that the song is sung to.
  13. Choose 5 of your vocabulary words and for each word list three clues
      that describe the word, without using the word. Make sure to list the
      words that you chose.

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